The In and Out Podcast

Professional Basketball Player and former communication major & writing minor at UC Davis -Brynton Lemar hosts the In and Out podcast. The In & Out podcast is a one-of-a-kind show that dives into the culture of sports for all ages. Brynton Lemar who plays at the highest level of professional basketball in Europe, will explain what it takes to become a professional basketball player to have a successful career. Through his journeys and experiences, there are many uplifting stories that will help you realize there is more to basketball than what you may think. The In & Out podcast will discuss the mental frame of sports while highlighting different perspectives of anxieties, overcoming fears and social pressures. That is only the tip of the iceberg of what we will discuss but rest assure, there will be plenty of laughs as well. Let's get In & Out!


Trevis Simpson: Professional Basketball Player/ Former UNCG Guard
Show Details51min 14s
Olivier Betu: Pro Guard, Music Producer
Show Details47min 24s
Season 2 Coming SOON!
Show Details1min 56s
Damian Jeszke: European Pro Basketball Player, First International Episode
Show Details41min 57s
Professional Basketball Trainer/Coach & Mentor Luther Bellamy
Show Details35min 30s
Christian Onwuka: San Diego State University President, More Than Just An Athlete, Can't Play Forever
Show Details34min 53s
Pro Guard & San Diego St. Alum, Trey Kell Part 2: Learning From College, Maturing As a Player, Playing Overseas
Show Details39min 9s
Pro Guard & San Diego St. Alum, Trey Kell: Beginning of Basketball, High School Basketball, Doubts vs Confidence
Show Details21min 2s
Pro Guard & UC Davis Alum, Darius Graham: Challenges of Basketball, Political Side of Sports, Mental Aspect of Basketball
Show Details20min 46s