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John A. Lancaster confronts America's sensitive sociopolitical issues through direct, straightforward reasoning and factual evidence.


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The Other Problem with Fauci
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Poverty: Natural or Normal?
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More Political Theater About January 6th
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Here's Why People Don't Like Fauci
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A New Underclass
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A Forgotten Anti-Socialist Novel
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Regulation: Another Way to Mandate Vaccinations
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The Irony in Fauci Day
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This May Be Why "To Kill a Mockingbird" Was Banned
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A Brief Reflection on Walter E. Williams
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Hypocritical Politicians? Gasp!
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The Mark Twain Trick
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Covid-19 Doesn't Undo Carson's Intelligence
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Ex-Prime Minister Garbles Rights
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Problems of Palimony part 2: Profit
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Intelligenz is Desperately Needed: The VP Lockdown Delusion
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Why Rights Matter: Feedback on the Presidential Debate
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Problems of Palimony part 1: Introduction and Contracts
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Pedophilia and Cuties Go Hand in Hand
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Pedophile Made Into Martyr Because of Politics
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The Nazi Germany and USA Comparison is Absurd
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Are Non-Maskers Murderers? One Politician Thinks So.
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Occupy Nulu is Does NOT Help Black People
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