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The Hustler's Kickback

The hustlers kickback is a hub for black creatives highlighting entrepreneurship, deep conversation and streetwear. featuring fun new interesting people perspectives and conversation. Based in Atlanta, GA. founded in April of 2020 The Hustlers kickback is run by 16 year old Christian Elahee who describes himself as an creative and visionary. Started with the intent of simply of chasing a dream of a place where black creatives can conversate, collaborate and overall have fun! Targeted towards black youth ages 16-22 overall The Hustlers Kickback aims to educate entertain and empower black youth into the best version of themselves.


photography- a glimpse into Cason jones
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Days and decisions...
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A zaki blaque conversation...
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Episode 2- raven Heyward collaboration!
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The Hustler's Kickback Episode 0
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