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The SportsEthos Atlanta Hawks Podcast

A show hosted by Brad Hardin, this is the official SportsEthos Atlanta Hawks podcast. The Hawks are a young team ready to soar, and we'll cover every alley-oop, behind-the-back pass, 35-foot three-ball, and every piece of team news as it breaks!


Hawks Media Day 2022 Recap
Show Details45min 25s
Jockeying for Position in the Eastern Conference
Show Details59min 30s
How Does the Mitchell Trade Affect The Hawks? With David Bracey
Show Details51min 17s
2022-23 Season Schedule Release for Hawks and Power Rankings
Show Details35min 16s
Most Impactful to Hawks' Success this Season
Show Details45min 3s
Red Pill Episode w/Bossman
Show Details45min 3s
Summer League Recap, Hunter Extension, and John Collins Saga
Show Details42min 16s
Huerter Trade and Free Agency Recap, Collins Trade Theory and Summer League
Show Details31min 36s
Dejounte Murray in the ATL
Show Details31min 19s
AJ Griffin is a Hawk and John Collins Still Is One, Too
Show Details23min 44s
John Collins Trade Rumors Heating Up Before Tonight's Draft
Show Details29min 47s
Hunter Extension Talks, Who is Gone Between Capela and Collins?
Show Details48min 16s
Trade Season Talk
Show Details39min 28s
Hawks and All Rookie Podcast Collab
Show Details54min 10s
Hunter for Gobert or Mitchell
Show Details43min 15s
Evaluating the Evaluation Year with Glen Willis
Show Details53min 52s
And That's a Wrap on 2021-22
Show Details24min 52s
This Is It Hawks...What Are You Going To Do?
Show Details25min 41s
We Got a Series!
Show Details32min 30s
Hawks Outdone By Their Turnovers and Jimmy Butler
Show Details24min 32s
Well It's Just Game One
Show Details22min 25s
Playoff Hawks!
Show Details32min 23s
Hawks Rout Hornets, Head to Cleveland
Show Details22min 49s
Play In Hawks
Show Details30min
Time to Beat the Heat!
Show Details29min 49s
The Final Test Before The Play-In
Show Details28min 54s
Hawks Clinch Play-In Spot
Show Details29min 14s
Hawks Outpace Indiana to Move Above .500
Show Details27min 25s
Play-In Game Previews
Show Details23min 25s
Consistently Inconsistent
Show Details31min 32s
Putting Some Games Together
Show Details30min 22s
Disappointing is an Understatement
Show Details36min 16s
Racing Against The Clock
Show Details39min 36s
1-1 Out the Gate but Heading the Right Direction
Show Details31min 17s
The Final Stretch
Show Details23min 36s
Finishing Strong
Show Details28min 46s
Calling Out The Hawks
Show Details20min 47s
ESPN Hawks Lose Again; Trade Deadline Conversation w/ David Bracey
Show Details45min 5s
TNT Hawks Showed Out, Hawks fall short in Toronto, & Luka vs. Trae Part 2
Show Details31min 14s
Winning Streak is Over but Winning Ways Here to Stay?
Show Details37min 30s
The Defense We Have Been Praying For! Hawks Extend Streak to 6 Games!
Show Details25min 21s
Hawks Make It 4 In A Row in the Queen City
Show Details25min 39s
Three In A Row! Run It Back? With Pat Benson Jr.
Show Details45min 22s
Keep Stringing Them Together
Show Details21min 22s
Show Details35min 31s
48 Hours...Without Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy
Show Details26min 16s
Frustration Boiling Over for the Hawks
Show Details47min 18s
Team Win in Sac Town for the Hawks!
Show Details21min 15s
Show Details24min 21s
2022 Will Bring Hawks Better Luck
Show Details22min 6s
The COVID Revolving Door for the Hawks
Show Details20min 25s
Stepping Up When Needed
Show Details33min 21s
Bad News Hawks
Show Details28min 37s
More Urgency Please
Show Details38min 25s
Please No More Friday Night ESPN Games
Show Details31min 21s
Teamwork Makes The Dream Work
Show Details21min 32s
Hawks Public Service Announcement
Show Details25min 25s
Can We Make It 6 Straight?!
Show Details23min 37s
Hawks Extend Streak to 3!
Show Details23min 27s
Show Details17min 44s
Hard Times Don't Last Forever
Show Details25min 33s
Keeping it 100
Show Details39min 19s
Turned The Corner and Ran Into Brooklyn
Show Details32min 45s
Too Early to Panic
Show Details19min 41s
Trick or Treat
Show Details26min 53s
Tale of Two Games
Show Details22min 10s
Making a Statement Opening Night
Show Details29min 36s
Finally, Regular Season Ball!
Show Details51min 1s
What We "Know" About the Hawks Today
Show Details35min 39s
Do NOT Overreact
Show Details31min 1s
Hawks Media Day!
Show Details1hr 5min
The Wishlist Episode
Show Details31min 16s
Who Is It Going To Be?
Show Details42min 40s
Prediction Time for the 2021-22 Hawks Regular Season
Show Details34min 20s
Wow It's Been A Year of Hoop Ball Hawks
Show Details26min 19s
Hawks Summer League Action!
Show Details17min 59s
John Collins Watch is OVER! THE GANG IS BACK!
Show Details25min 15s
John Collins Watch and Trae's Big Bag
Show Details24min 34s
Hawks Draft Reaction
Show Details28min 51s
NBA Draft, Rumors, and Hawks Slander
Show Details39min
The NBA Draft Already?!
Show Details34min 49s
A Magical Season Comes to an End as Hawks Fall in 6
Show Details44min 44s
With Both Teams Missing Stars, Hawks Fall, Trail 3-2
Show Details23min 11s
No Trae, No Issues as Hawks Tie Series 2-2
Show Details26min 40s
Injuries Begin to Arise as Hawks Fall Behind 2-1
Show Details30min 26s
Transition Defense Lacking, Hawks Drop Game 2
Show Details25min 20s
Hawks Overtake Bucks Late, Grab Game 1
Show Details31min 52s
Do You Believe Now? Hawks Beat Sixers!
Show Details1hr 12min
Game 7 Pregame - It's Execution Time!
Show Details19min 56s
It Wasn't a Dream It Really Happened
Show Details33min 36s
Prayers Answered
Show Details50min 26s
Put Up or Shut Up Time
Show Details22min 31s
Turning it Back Up for Game 3
Show Details19min 24s
Game 1 Win vs. Philly/Game 2 Preview
Show Details31min
On to the Eastern Conference Semifinals
Show Details56min
Hawks Take Both at State Farm Arena, Lead 3-1
Show Details38min 31s
Winner at Home, Hawks Up 2-1
Show Details19min 15s
Game 2 Recap and Here Comes Game 3
Show Details42min 11s
Trae Floats Hawks to 1-0 Series Lead
Show Details37min 13s
Is It Sunday Yet?
Show Details54min 25s
Show Details26min 16s
Show Details21min 10s
On the Right Side of History
Show Details19min 33s
They May Not Know Now...But They Will
Show Details20min 26s
Are We Healthy Yet?
Show Details24min 13s
The Home Stretch
Show Details32min 35s
Next Hawk Up
Show Details1hr 1min
Stay The Course
Show Details46min 50s
Block Out The Noise
Show Details39min 32s
Lemon Pepper Lou | Hawks Cooling Off
Show Details57min 16s
Show Details1hr 4min
2nd Half of the Season Preview
Show Details37min 27s
March Madness Begins With Lloyd Pierce Being Fired
Show Details51min 34s
It's Been A Cold & Rough February
Show Details1hr 31min
Time for Self-Reflection
Show Details28min 56s
Team Win vs. Toronto & Early Season Discussion W/ Mr. ATL Player Development
Show Details1hr 20min
It's Put Up or Shut Up Time
Show Details43min 33s
Hawks vs. Lakers Recap
Show Details29min 37s
Wizards Recap, 4 Game Homestand Preview, and Current State of the Hawks
Show Details36min 11s
There Is Something Different About This Team
Show Details46min 17s
Weekend Trip Up North
Show Details36min 39s
My Oh My Have The Tables Turned!
Show Details43min 35s
Look Good, Play Good Except for A Season High in Turnovers
Show Details31min 11s
Hawks Go Winless in West Coast Trip
Show Details36min 55s
Show Details35min 3s
Things Just Keep Piling Up...
Show Details38min 16s
Young Problems?!
Show Details1hr 10min
Odd Game, Odder Day in Even Odder Times
Show Details35min 50s
Went from NSYNC to Out of Sync
Show Details1hr 8min
You Win Some, You Lose Some
Show Details1hr 1min
Growing Pains
Show Details1hr 1min
Three and Oh but... | Hawks vs. Nets Preview
Show Details53min 30s
State of the Hawks Franchise W/ The Athletic's Chris Kirschner
Show Details53min 1s
Hoop Ball Hawks & Hoop Ball Grizzlies Collaboration
Show Details1hr 5min
Undermanned? Next Man Up! Hawks Win!
Show Details45min 1s
Ice Trae and the Hawks Bring Cold Front to Windy City
Show Details39min 51s
No Deal with John Collins | Preview of Hawks Season Opener
Show Details35min 30s
Preseason Ends in Dramatic Fashion!
Show Details55min 1s
Review of Preseason Game 3 vs. Grizzlies | Who to Draft in Fantasy Basketball from Hawks | Postseason Award Odds
Show Details1hr 24min
Preview on the Southeast Division & Preseason Game #3 vs. Memphis
Show Details55min 31s
The Slow Progression is Still Progress: Preseason Game 2
Show Details43min 33s
Show Details1hr 13min
What A Time to Be A Hawks Fan
Show Details1hr 11min
Hawks Training Camp Begins | How Many National TV Games?!
Show Details50min 21s
Great Expectations for the Hawks
Show Details48min 19s
Review of the Hawks 2020 Free Agent Class
Show Details1hr 22min
Review of the Hawks 2020 Draft Class | Free Agency Outlook
Show Details1hr 20min
Initial Draft Night Reactions with NBA Today & HoopBall Mavs
Show Details1hr 2min
Let the Offseason Games Begin!
Show Details46min 55s
Hawks Basketball Returns Soon! | Nate McMillan | Jrue Holiday Scenario
Show Details48min 10s
Show Details1hr 7min
Draft Day...Devin Vassell? or Okoro? Or Haliburton? Edwards?
Show Details1hr 1min
Player Development Discussion W/ Mr. ATL Player Development
Show Details55min 13s
Pacers-Hawks Connection
Show Details24min 49s
MLK Jerseys | Playoffs? The Playoffs?
Show Details22min 25s
Grand Opening Grand Closing? | Welcome Landry! | Jerami Grant to ATL?
Show Details20min 2s
Winner's Mindset | Everybody Loves Clint | Killian Hayes
Show Details29min 48s
The Hawks Bubble Bowl Begins!
Show Details22min 16s
Are We Giannis Ready? | Free Agent Smoke | Collins Sum 2 Prove?
Show Details50min 48s
Capela Healthy | Giannis to ATL Campaign 2021 | Issac Okoro
Show Details24min 28s
Trade Up? | Devin Vassell Analysis | The Elephant in the Room
Show Details21min 17s
NBABoycott | RumorsRumorsRumors | IGot6onIt?
Show Details23min 27s
NBA Lottery | Season Recap | Numbers Don't Lie
Show Details30min 30s
An Introduction to the Show
Show Details3min 1s