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The Honest Generation Podcast

A conversational podcast where students and young people of Galway tell their story and explore topics of interest with integrity and realness. Open, honest and fun.


Ayrton Walshe - Troubled childhood, Bullying, Benefits of exercise, Battling Depression
Show Details1hr 12min
Rachel Trench - Self Harm, Counselling, Anxiety, Self Talk
Show Details1hr 10min
Kim and Emma - Dieting, Body Dysmorphia, Eating Disorders
Show Details52min 26s
Ben Butler - Diagnosed Mental Health Disorders, Medication, Sexuality, Gender Roles in Sex, Lad Culture, College During Covid
Show Details1hr 3min
Conor Nolan - Anorexia, Lad Culture, Mental Health, Recovery
Show Details1hr 4min
Rhianna Flaherty - Changing College Courses, Music, Partners Liking Photos On Instagram, Only Fans
Show Details1hr 4min
Tara O'Neill Chambers - Leaving Cert, College Experience, Mental Health and Relationships
Show Details1hr 20min
Emma Waters - courses, college, male attention
Show Details58min 50s
Episode 1 - Introduction and my story
Show Details34min 11s