Boost Your Credit Scores for FREE! - First-Time Homebuyers

Season 2 | Episode 4
18m | Feb 5, 2024

#creditscore #creditrepair #firsttimehomebuyer

Hey there, it's Robert! In this video, I'll talk about FICO scores, including FICO Score 9, FICO Score 8, and Vantage Score 3.0. I'll show you how these models can give you different credit scores, especially when it comes to home loans. We'll dive into credit models like FICO Classic V5, FICO Classic V4, and FICO V2.

I'll stress the importance of keeping your revolving credit balances low and paying them off regularly. We'll also explore revolving lines of credit and using free tools to keep an eye on your credit. Plus, I'll explain how the statute of limitations on debt varies from state to state.

Remember, handling your credit wisely is crucial because it affects everything we do as Adults.

00:00 Intro

01:28 Understanding Credit Scores

04:44 The solution isn't more Debt

12:37 Free Credit Plan Review

17:12 How Long to Re-establish a credit history | FHA Loan

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#creditscore #creditrepair #firsttimehomebuyer

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