Ep. 6 SUDTANA Products

16m | Apr 9, 2021

Hi everyone and welcome back to the Healthy Hair Journey Podcast, I’m your host Curly Chris a curly hair enthusiast and this Episode 6. I am really excited for this episode as I am able to share my experience and results using some new products by Sudtana. So if you are looking for products which are 100% natural with organic ingredients, vegan, cruelty free and sustainable then Sudtana is the company for you. I am so excited to have this opportunity to have partnered up with Sudtana to share my review of a couple of their products they sent me.

In this episode I will be focusing on two of their hair care products, the Bergamot, Coconut and Sesame Hair Mask Oil and the Bergamot, Mint and Tumeric Scalp and Roots Revival Treatment.

So I’ll discuss a bit about who Sudtana are as a company ,how they started and their mission. I’ll give you some information about the products and about the amazing natural ingredients they use along with their benefits. I’ll share how I easily used the products in my hair care routine and how I applied them and discuss what my hair was like before using Sudtana’s products and my results afterwards. At the end of this episode I will also be sharing my 15% off discount code for Sudtana which you will be able to use on their website.

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