The Healthy Empath

Helping guide empaths, sensitive souls, healers, and healers-to-be on their healing journeys and into their wholeness.

Join empath and intuitive healer, Mike Marschhausen, to learn about all things health, healing, and spirituality.

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17. Become an enlightened empath and develop your psychic senses with Samantha Fey
Show Details53min 37s
16. Conscious Discipline and Raising Humans Kind with Family Psychologist Ashleigh Warner
Show Details55min 6s
15. EXPANSION, bio-integration, and oppression with TahKole
Show Details1hr 6min
14. Reality as a reflective mirror, how do our bodies work? Are spirit guides real? and more with Tyler and Riok
Show Details1hr 14min
13. Channeling, advice for empaths, and messages from Si Si with Stephanie Light
Show Details1hr 2min
12. Neuroscience, brain entrainment, spirituality, and the four wheels of life with Jeffrey Gignac
Show Details51min 50s
11. Ascension cycles, soul typing, entities, and sensitivity superpower with Dr. Karen Kan
Show Details1hr
10. Shaming culture and the gifts of shame, evolutionary psychology, and much more with Dr. Keith Witt
Show Details1hr 3min
09. Male & Female Rage, Primordial Wounds, Practical Astrology, and more with Wise Woman, Loralee Scaife
Show Details1hr 24min
08. Rewiring ourselves for abundance in a chaotic world with Keith Norris
Show Details57min 59s
07. Letting Go of Spiritual Perfectionism
Show Details22min 34s
06. What's the deal with Law of Attraction? Near death experiences w/ mysterious voices, and embracing the spiritual journey with Mat Belair
Show Details1hr 3min
05. Food Relationships, Darkness Retreat, Messages from Mother Earth, and more with Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan
Show Details1hr 17min
04. A Return to FEEEELING
Show Details17min 38s
03. Talking birth trauma, what is trauma? What is therapy? with Damian Orvananos
Show Details47min 6s
02. What is a healthy empath?
Show Details15min 27s
01. Spiritual divorce, fractals, and healing with Joyce Haddad
Show Details53min 19s
Introduction: The Healthy Empath Podcast
Show Details4min 6s