The Hat-Trick Copywriter

As the Hat-Trick Copywriter, I'm podcasting about all things black business and writing copy. I see writing copy for black entrepreneurs, activists, and educators as a specialised area even when it doesn't appear obvious. Sometimes black entrepreneurs work to fit in, but I believe 'fitting out' is where the real gold is.

That's why when I work for you, I ground my marketing advice in solid research that crosses into potential 'blue oceans'. It's about making new markets, setting new standards as well as building and blending in.

When I'm podcasting, you will hear my Black Copy journey, including building my projects in health, education, sports, and political arenas. I've got an interesting backstory that I shall puncture with business growth stories as I go along. Hopefully, and despite the apparent dryness of what a copywriter might be, I will keep your attention.

Considering it is essential, not a lot of people know what copywriting is. With online businesses growing so fast, it's time to learn about how all the marketing components work together and why copywriters like me are more valuable than you might think.

So strap yourself in and take a punt on an intellectually engaged black woman who wants to inform and entertain you whilst we build our businesses along the way.

I'm not saying I've got a few tricks up my sleeve, but I am called the Hat-Trick Copywriter.


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