The Hat-Trick Copywriter

Writing is not outside how we talk, think for ourselves and grow as a black people. I'm gonna say it plain, the Hat-Trick Copywriter is on it from a black business, health, political and educational perspective with a lot of skills in the mix.

The thing is, considering it is so important, not a lot of people know what copywriting is. With online businesses growing so fast, it's time to learn about how all the components work and why copywriters like me are truly necessary.

Plus, I'm building my business and telling you my journey about where I've come from, what you need to know, and where I'm going. If I do this right, you're coming along with me so strap yourselves in.


Podcast 8 - Black Breast Cancer
Show Details12min 26s
Podcast 7 - From White to Black
Show Details15min 31s
Podcast 6 - Poetry in Copywriting
Show Details15min
Podcast 5 - Short and Long Copy
Show Details15min 3s
Podcast 4 - Why do you need a Copywriter?
Show Details13min 29s
Podcast 3 - My Goals
Show Details12min 39s
Podcast 2 - Why the Hat-Trick Copywriter Name?
Show Details7min 38s
Podcast 1 - Introduction
Show Details9min 17s