The Happy Times

Welcome to the podcast about life experiences, anxiety, depression, and the road to The Happy Times.


Listen to this if you have Imposter Syndrome
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Listen to this if you want to make 2022 YOUR year
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Listen to this if you need a tough love reminder
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Listen to this if you are in a slump
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Listen to this if you have a fake friend
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Listen to this if you want to feel better when you're alone
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Listen to this if you can't find love again
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Listen to this if you feel ignored
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Listen to this if you feel alone in a crowded room
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Listen to this if you are addicted to feeling sad
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Listen to this if you wake up feeling crappy every day
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Lisen To This If You Are Scared Of Your Future (Marriage, Having a Baby, Weddings)
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I feel like I am always being watched ... My Social Anxiety
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Listen to this if you are trying to "WIN" at life
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TikTok Relationships Sucks - Jaden Hossler & Nessa Barrett
Show Details21min 33s
An Important Chat with Matthias James Barker
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Why 'Influencer Routines' Don't Work For You
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it just somehow gets better
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Listen to this if you are crying on your bathroom floor
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Why You Keep Falling In Love With The Wrong People
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Listen To This If You Are Losing A Best Friend
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Why You Need To Change Your Life
Show Details26min 47s
The Hardest Part About Falling In Love
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If You Have Anxiety About What You Want To Do In Life & The Future
Show Details34min 39s
If You're Looking For A Sign THIS IS IT
Show Details24min 34s
I Can Feel Your Pain | Physical vs Emotional Empath
Show Details20min 16s
My Tips To Surviving This Never Ending Pandemic
Show Details16min 26s
Why I Am Always Tired & You Might Be Too
Show Details15min 16s
The Hard Truth About Long Distances Relationships & 5 Tips To Make Them Better
Show Details26min 51s
Self Criticism, Overthinking & Heartbreak with Matthias J Barker
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My Voice Memos | dealing with election anxiety
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Listen To This If You Feel Guilt Of Past Mistakes
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Why You Need To Listen To Your Gut
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My Voice Memos | it's okay to be sad
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Why You Need To Start Dating More
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Listen to this if you are scared of therapy
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Listen to this if you have a toxic friend
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5 Healthy Bad Habits
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My Anxiety Attacks: two years later
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a message for the boys (and girls too)
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Listen To This When You Are Crying And Need To Sleep
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What It Was Really Like Trying CBD Oils For My Anxiety
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Seeing My 17th Therapist Since I was 16 Years Old
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Listen To This If You Feel Depressed
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Listen To This If You Are Scared Of Failing
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Listen To This If You Feel Lost In Life & Need Help
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It Doesn't Get Better, Alphas On Social Media & The Hard Truth Of Life Today
Show Details41min 28s
Creating New Goals, Truth About My Relationship & What To Do During Quarantine
Show Details22min 20s
Unfiltered Conversation With Jesus & Sarah | Ending Relationships Because Of Quarantine
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I Am Still In Love With You
Show Details2min 3s
Dear Instagram Models... Please Shut Up
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Falling In Love With A Broken Heart
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Listen To This If You Need To Keep Going
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Listen To This If You're Single This Valentine's Day
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Seeing a therapist for the first time in 7 years
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Listen To This If You Need To Slow Life Down
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Listen To This If You DON'T Like Being Touched
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Why I Was In The Hospital
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How To Survive Being Single During The Holidays
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How To Not Be A Complete Mess In Life
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Listen To This If You Suffer From Seasonal Depression
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You Need To Start Being Selfish
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Listen To This When You Want To Give Up
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It's Time I Finally Said This
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It's Time We Talk About Money
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Breaking Up With Toxic People
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Listen To This When You Feel Pressured
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Listen To This When You Feel Unloved
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What Should I Do After College? | Back To School
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Let's Talk About Life Improvement with San
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Listen To This If You Are Scared Of Freshman Year
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Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?
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Listen To This If You Need A Pep Talk
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Listen To This After A Mental Breakdown
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How My Dog Changed My Life
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Why A Goodnight Text Can Get You A Date
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Ask Yourself "Is It Worth It?"
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Why Influencers Are Becoming Irrelevant
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Listen To This If You Spend Too Much Time On Social Media
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Let's Talk James Charles & Cancel Culture
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I took the 16 Personalities Test
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Listen To This When You Need A Reality Check On Beauty Standards ft. Taylor Efford
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Trying Japanese Psychology | YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS
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Listen To This If You Can't Get Over An Ex
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Slow the F*CK Down! | Insider on the upcoming book! (ThoughtCatalog Interview)
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Listen To This If You Don't Know Your Life Purpose
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Listen To This When You Feel Like Everything Is Too Much
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Listen To This When You Feel Left Out
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Listen To This If You Feel Dumb
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The #1 Thing That Ruins Relationships w/ Sam & Monica
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Saying Goodbye To The Happy Place
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Listen To This When You Need Focus
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Listen To This When You're Scared Of Love
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Listen To This When You're Heart Broken
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Listen To This When You Feel Stuck And Frustrated
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Listen To This When You Want An Escape From Reality
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Let's Get Uncomfortable EP. 2 **DISCLAIMER: ENDING IS VERY SCARY**
Show Details30min 41s
Why Does She Make Me Feel Insecure?
Show Details21min 24s
10 Reasons To Stay Alive
Show Details27min 32s
Dying With Or Without You
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Listen To This If You Are Lost & Lonely
Show Details6min 35s
The Dark Truth w/ Elle Mills
Show Details30min 38s
The Chase Is Over (a little poem)
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Let's Talk About Sex (it's not weird) | Let's Get Uncomfortable Ep.1
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YouTubers Faking Mental Health (and Getting Away With It)
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Show Details21min 9s
Listen To This When You Are Stressed Out
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Jealous Of Other People's Success
Show Details20min 39s
Seeing My Ex Girlfriend For The First Time
Show Details22min
Listen To This When You Need A Friend
Show Details19min 46s
Why a 22 Year Old YouTuber Needs An Intern | Featuring Harmony (my intern)
Show Details34min 46s
Dear Joey - You're Having A Mental Breakdown
Show Details20min 20s
Stop Listening To Beauty Gurus | Staying Motivated, School, Eating Habits
Show Details28min 19s
Don't Sh*t Where You Eat | Instagram Questions
Show Details24min 24s
The Dangers Of Someone Liking You
Show Details22min 17s
Why Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend Doesn't Trust You
Show Details18min 30s
Cheating On His Girlfriend (Wolfie Raps - My Thoughts)
Show Details14min 17s
You're An A$$hole
Show Details12min 50s
The Motivational Podcast
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Listen To This When You Are Sad And Need To Sleep
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How To Turn A BAD Day Around
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Being Led On | Relationships & Friendship Struggles
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You Matter
Show Details3min 32s
How To Tell If You Have Toxic Friends w/ Jesus
Show Details56min 51s
Our Elaborate Plan To Get Girlfriend W/ Jesus
Show Details48min 58s
I Was Too Young To Love
Show Details20min 33s
My Live Anxiety Attack
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Don’t Be a B**** About It
Show Details45min 50s
Let's Talk About Sex
Show Details26min 6s
Using A Gay Dating App ft. Jesus
Show Details43min 24s
Getting Catfished By A Guy ft. My Best Friends
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Falling In Love
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'Just Be Happy'
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Self Love
Show Details22min 26s
Getting Cheated On
Show Details19min 44s
Whatever Happens, Happens
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