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The Happy Birthday Podcast

The number 1 podcast dedicated to all things birthdays


Episode 60 - Birthday Nudes
Show Details1hr 7min
Episode 59 - Before Rock Was Gay
Show Details57min 54s
Episode 58 - Big Bags of Soup
Show Details52min 43s
Episode 57 - Ted 3
Show Details58min 13s
Episode 56 - Rush Hour (special guest: Phil Braun)
Show Details59min 32s
Episode 55 - Sexton, The City
Show Details1hr 4min
[BONUS] Jaki, Josh and Jay Try to Remember What Happens in Porky's
Show Details1hr 8min
Episode 54 - Lotta Heroin In Baltimore (special guest: Sinful Jebidiah)
Show Details53min 32s
Episode 53 - Birthday Prison
Show Details59min 36s
Episode 52 - Tall Blart
Show Details53min 8s
Episode 51 - Chris Comedy (special guest: The Megan and Whitney Show)
Show Details58min 56s
Episode 50 - Slaying Selena + Afterbirth
Show Details1hr 34min
Episode 49 - PoMo
Show Details55min 59s
Episode 48 - Hootin' on Bobos
Show Details58min 45s
Episode 47 - Bill Engvall Moment (special guest: Edy Modica)
Show Details46min 22s
Episode 46 - Man's Head Pinecone
Show Details49min 2s
Episode 45 - Leatherhead
Show Details51min 14s
Episode 44 - American Bi Sons
Show Details47min 16s
Episode 43 - Teeth of Wool (special guest: Gerko)
Show Details54min 44s
Episode 42 - Celebrity Birthday Theory
Show Details45min 34s
Episode 41 - Ancestral Banjo Recipe
Show Details46min 2s
The Marco Boogers 55th Birthday Patreon Compilation Extravaganza
Show Details42min 15s
Episode 40 - Based and Beatle Pilled (40th Birthday Spectacular)
Show Details1hr 8min
Episode 39 - Gettin' High with the Hogs (special guest: Jay)
Show Details38min 32s
Episode 38 - PEETAH GRIFFIN (special guest: Andrew)
Show Details44min 7s
Episode 37 - Sorry 'bout Your Hog + Afterbirth
Show Details51min 55s
Episode 36 - Backpack and The Bear (special guest: Mike)
Show Details44min 45s
Episode 35 - e-RedBox (special guest: Kayte Jarl)
Show Details48min 52s
Episode 34 - Christopher Lumbus Day (special guest: Mel)
Show Details41min 28s
Episode 33 1/3 - Money of Nothing (special guest: Phil Braun)
Show Details45min 49s
Episode 32 - Chipolté (special guest: Ross Johnson)
Show Details45min 8s
Episode 31 - The Sauce is the Boss (special guest: sinful jebidiah)
Show Details47min 53s
Episode 30 - Patreonathon
Show Details47min 46s
Episode 29 - (special guest: Nick Phlegar)
Show Details42min 20s
Episode 28 - Hank The Horn (special guest: Grey9er)
Show Details44min 10s
Episode 27 - Support the Trouxps (special guest: Tony Dutcher)
Show Details45min 23s
Episode 26 - Tickle Me Tuesdays (special guest: Lizzy Acker)
Show Details40min 43s
Episode 25 - LIVE at BBW
Show Details48min 1s
Episode 24 - Spill The Bings (special guest: old fortune cookies)
Show Details45min 9s
Episode 23 - Arby's Eyes (special guest: Garrett from Purrington's Cat Lounge)
Show Details42min 6s
Episode 22 - Pokémon GO to the Bathroom (special guest: Joe the Lifeguard)
Show Details42min 46s
Episode 21 - Tourist Park Shenanigans (special guest: the Mayor of Marquette)
Show Details50min 53s
Episode 20 - The Small C (season one grand finale)
Show Details1hr 13min
Episode 19 - Ronald Appreciation Day (special guest: Mike)
Show Details39min 47s
Episode 18 - The Rug of Rock (special guest: Phil Braun)
Show Details39min 57s
Episode 17 - Cadillac of Clowns (special guest: Amanda)
Show Details30min 50s
Episode 16 - A New Leaf (special guest: Josh)
Show Details28min 39s
Episode 15 - Bind Torture Sing (special guest: Tyler from Most Excellent Records)
Show Details33min 21s
Episode 14 - Tony Shapiro (special guest: Andrew)
Show Details30min 59s
Episode 13 - Stevie Ray Romano (special guests: Drew and Matt)
Show Details33min 36s
Episode 12 - King's Cake (special guests: Micaela and Jeni)
Show Details44min 20s
Episode 11 - Inaugural Coat (special guests: Alex and Devon)
Show Details38min 52s
Episode 10 - Dirt Rat (special guest: Gerko)
Show Details38min 39s
Episode 9 - Roast Horse (special guest: Kayte)
Show Details29min 28s
Episode 8 - (special guest: Ben from Cudighi Records)
Show Details36min 23s
Episode 7 - Dry January (special guest: Sycamore Smith)
Show Details31min 22s
Episode 6 - The Wrong Day (special guest: Greg "Mark" Maguire)
Show Details30min 38s
Episode 5 - NO BIRTHDAYS
Show Details11min 1s
Episode 4 - Reusable Toilet Papers (special guest: Claire)
Show Details29min 21s
Episode 3 - Prophecy Pro (special guest: Nick)
Show Details28min 30s
Episode 2 - Butter M&M's (special guest: Sierra)
Show Details26min 22s
Episode 1 - Porcelain Patisserie (special guest: Jay)
Show Details26min 40s
Episode 0 - Imitation Shell
Show Details25min 4s