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The GREY Cave

On this Show, we tackle mainly hip hop and hip hop culture but also everything from pop culture to niche interest. There are no boundaries when it comes to topics in the cave!


Lil Nas X Responds To Backlash, NF Story and Best Storytelling Songs
Show Details1hr 28min
Lil Nas X Montera Reaction, Derrick Jaxn Scandal, FlightReacts On AIr Drama
Show Details59min 45s
The Weeknd Boycotts the GRAMMYS & Eminem Cancelled By TikTok?
Show Details1hr 34min
Meek Mill & 6ix9ine Beef & Timeless Music Artists From This Era
Show Details2hr 46min
Super Bowl Talk, Cardi B 'Up' Stolen Allegations, Lil Uzi's Diamond Forehead
Show Details1hr 41min
Silento Charged For Murder of His Cousin, T.I. & TIny face serious allegations & More
Show Details1hr 43min
Trey Songz Punched A Cop, RIP 6 Dogs & 18Veno, Kanye Yells at Chance the Rapper
Show Details2hr 9min
Trump Pardons Wayne & Kodak, 50 Cent vs Young Buck, DJ Khaled & Fat Joe Opens OnlyFans Account
Show Details1hr 59min
Azalea Banks & Her Dead Cat, Chief Keef Checks YBN Almighty Jay, SOHO KAREN SAGA
Show Details1hr 58min
Dr. Dre Has a Brain Aneursym, Kanye & Kim Divorcing, R.I.P. MF DOOM
Show Details2hr 10min
Eminem Disses Everybody, LIl Wayne sells Drake and Nicki's Masters, Famous Dex Checks Into Rehab & More
Show Details1hr 19min
Meek Mill vs. DJ Akademiks, The Genius of Mario Judah, FKA Twigs sues Shia Labeouf & More
Show Details2hr 7min
Casanova, G Herbo and A Boogie in Trouble, Meek Mill in Hot Water, Chance the Rapper Sued by His Manager
Show Details2hr 14min
Tyson vs. Jones, Jake Paul vs. Nate Robinson, Quando Rondo's Mental Health & More
Show Details2hr 17min
Quando Rondo & Meg Thee Stallion Diss Tracks, Jeezy vs. Gucci
Show Details1hr 46min
Another Rapper Killed, Obama Comments on Rap Music, Candice Owens and More
Show Details1hr 29min
Show Details1hr 42min
Tory Lanez Speaks, Kanye on JRE, Tyson confronts Boosie
Show Details1hr 10min
Reacting and Chatting
Show Details58min 43s
More Crisis in 2020
Show Details1hr 9min
The Trump, Rihanna and Tory Lanez Episode
Show Details49min 41s