The Green Tent [TGT]

Yudai, the host of The Green Tent, is a friendly Japanese camper who goes camping on weekends. In this podcast, he talks with other campers and explores their stories.

He started this channel The Green Tent, also abbreviated as TGT, simply from his curiosity towards other campers why they like camping. He holds the podcast in Japanese, and English if a guest is an English speaker.



大人の無計画アウトドア実習 – 俱留尊山登山×キャンプ編 –
Show Details1hr 3min
[続編] あの時の一人旅 – バックパッカーが覗くヨーローッパ -
Show Details58min 1s
An Inspiring Backpacking Trip in Alaska – Hiking the Crow Pass Trail –
Show Details50min 59s
A Spectacular Beach Camping in Hawaii - Trekking on the Kauai Island -
Show Details55min 47s
ハワイの秘境ビーチキャンプ – 絶景カウアイ島でトレッキング×キャンピング –
Show Details56min 41s
修行としてのキャンプ!? – 山奥のキャンプで想うコト -
Show Details56min 8s
A Bicycle Trip in Japan – from Yokohama to Miyazaki –
Show Details45min 18s
あの時の一人旅 - バックパッカーが覗くイギリス&ヨーロッパ –
Show Details44min 41s
The Voice from France – Camping at Music Festivals in Europe vol.2
Show Details57min 26s
ヨーロッパでの音楽フェス&キャンプ編 -ザ・ 男旅 -
Show Details31min 34s
キャンプ歴30年 ~ キャンプの楽しみ方の変化 ~
Show Details39min 2s