Unlock The Gratitude In Your Brain & Heart - David Trotter (ep. 878)

44m | Feb 5, 2024

From the interview:

"Wanting what I have. For me that is that is the key to gratitude and that may not be a very unique way to describe it, I don't know. A lot of people might think of it that way but that for me that's what that's what unlocks the Gratitude in my brain and in my heart. It's not to say that I can't desire to have other things or pursue other goals. But if I want my wife, if I want my kids, not somebody else's kids, if I want my clients, if I want my podcast, then I'm thankful, right? If I wanted your podcast, then I'm not going to be thankful, right? You didn't mean I'm always going to be striving and not feel at Peace."


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