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The Gnomes Are Alive

Dedicated reporter Jenna Torres and her wacky sidekick Tobias Murton investigate Lavaster Labs, a network of mysterious masterminds whose "strictly scientific" operations are affecting their town in unusual ways - like garden gnomes coming to life! Interview by interview, they uncover unfolding romances, unearthly substances, revenge plots, and ultimately, Lavaster Labs' true mission. Will Jenna and Tobias be able to stop them before it's too late?


Episode 4: That Pasty “Paisley” Punk
Show Details20min
Episode 3: Tobias the Trashbag Master
Show Details16min 30s
Episode 2: Sophie with the Good Stuff
Show Details11min 2s
Episode 1: A Liar Named Colin
Show Details8min 8s
The Gnomes Are Alive Trailer
Show Details55s