• Meet Klaus Mitchell

    The Founder and Co-Director Plant Based News is sharing his Vegan journey and how he became an important media presence in the vegan world.

    55m | Mar 21, 2023
  • Meet Dr. John Tanner

    Get to know Dr. John Tanner and his journey to plant-based eating and his thriving vegan business. He explains how and why he got a sudden cardiac arrest, how he barely survived, and what he's doing now to give back to the world.

    1h 6m | Mar 14, 2023
  • Welcome to The Glen Merzer Show

    Filled with freewheeling discussions, liveliness, and health information, The Glen Merzer Show Podcast will move you towards the vegan lifestyle if you're not there already.

    This podcast is for open-minded individuals who are interested in veganism, climate change, and the destructive effects of animal agriculture, and also enjoy healthy cooking, theater, and culture.

    Glen Merzer lives with the philosophy that he has two reasons to write: to make people laugh and to make people vegan. He has the same two reasons to podcast.

    1h 17m | Mar 7, 2023
The Glen Merzer Show