the girls who gather podcast

a podcast spotlighting women’s stories, from a diverse range of backgrounds and stages of life, highlighting the ways they are building community, empowering other women, and walking out their calling. 


confronting and overcoming illness — with Vanessa Jones
Show Details38min 5s
nourishing the body and soul — with Rachel Snyder
Show Details32min 22s
perspectives of self-worth — with Megan Hoffman
Show Details50min 12s
attending to pain and trauma — with rhiannon bell
Show Details42min 35s
practicing mindfulness and meditation — with yael shy
Show Details38min 5s
healing is a journey — with taylor palmby
Show Details40min
trauma & trust - Tina Choi
Show Details39min 45s
identity & internet - Gisel Marmolejo
Show Details43min 40s
personhood & practice - Camisha Kibble
Show Details45min 52s
starting & sustaining - Haley Bossart
Show Details36min 46s
neighborhoods & narratives - Joanna Taft
Show Details43min 39s
empowerment & empathy - Sarah Little
Show Details46min 56s
creativity & capacity - Echo Chen
Show Details42min 26s
platform & positioning - Elena Taber
Show Details41min 37s
origins & obstacles - Lauren Franco
Show Details57min