An Order of Shadows

Season 8 | Episode 7
1h 24m | Feb 20, 2024

In this episode we continue our exploration of stories collected by legendary British ghost researcher Ruth Roper Wylde, but with a particular focus on Ghost Monks!

Also on this episode: indecent exposure, one swinging hotel, and words lose all meaning

Story Time Codes:

Redfern Avenue, Kenilworth (06:24)

Oakhill Park, Outer London (16:23)

Dalston Hall, Cumbria (29:55)

Pickering Castle, North Yorkshire (39:50)

Crossraguel Abbey, Maybole (51:32)

RAF Chicksands, Bedfordshire (1:00:13)

Rushley Lane, Winchcombe (1:08:50)

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