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The Garden Weekly is a weekly e-mail letter that highlights 7 Christian videos, podcasts, and articles from around the internet every week, plus commentary on why they are important. Our goal is to help you think about scripture, God, and your Christian walk more deeply.

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Pay Attention to Jesus | Hebrews Bible Study Part 7 | 2:5–9
Show Details26min 15s
Pay Attention to Jesus | Hebrews Bible Study Part 6 | 2:1-4
Show Details21min 27s
Angels Are Servants, Not Inheritors | Hebrews 1:7-14
Show Details32min 7s
The True King is Coming | 2 Samuel 7:1-17
Show Details30min 23s
Kiss the Son | Psalm 2 | The Garden Weekly Bible Study
Show Details26min 53s
The Firstborn Son | 1:4–6 | Hebrews Bible Study Part 4
Show Details29min 24s
The Worthy Son | 1:2b–3 | Hebrews Bible Study Part 3
Show Details26min 4s
God Speaks, Are You Listening? | 1:1–2a | Hebrews Bible Study Part 2
Show Details26min 3s
Hebrews Part 1 — Introduction and Structure
Show Details16min 19s