The Gamernauts

The Gamernauts - Tune in to hear our thoughts on the latest gaming news, releases and so much more!

The B&S Experience returns over a decade later with a new name and format! Billy and Sean originally started The B&S Experience in 2010 as a fun side project on Audioboo (now Audioboom) during their college years as a way to share their thoughts on life, movies, music, and most importantly… video games!

Now much older (and wiser!) Billy and Sean are now known as... The Gamernauts!

Headphones recommended for all the chocolatey goodness that awaits inside. 


The Gamernauts #10: Our Top Ten Games of 2021!
Show Details3hr 8min
The Gamernauts #9: We Will Rate Your Manhood
Show Details2hr 34min
The Gamernauts #8: The Definitive Edition
Show Details2hr 9min
The Gamernauts #7: We Got COVID!
Show Details2hr 3min
The Gamernauts #6: Do You Hear That Sound?!
Show Details1hr 50min
The Gamernauts #5: Play Outer Wilds ASAP!
Show Details2hr 3min
The Gamernauts #4: It's-a me, Chris Pratt!
Show Details2hr 11min
The Gamernauts #3: What is Deathloop?!
Show Details2hr 33min
The Gamernauts #2: ManBearPig
Show Details1hr 30min
The Gamernauts #1: Bigg Boss
Show Details2hr 31min