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The Courts or The Culture
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The Content of Party Politics
Show Details35min 44s
Liberal Anti-Politics
Show Details21min 54s
Politics and Infinity
Show Details20min 58s
Trump, COVID, and Human Rights
Show Details34min 28s
Beware of "First Black" Power Holders
Show Details25min 33s
Plato, Trump, and the Long Culture War
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Freedom's Ecology
Show Details23min 58s
Bloomberg's Charity Slaves
Show Details16min 32s
Fear of Rittenhouse and Poking the Bear
Show Details24min 24s
Beware of Private Populism
Show Details18min 46s
Rights and Housing Ft. Shahid Buttar
Show Details14min 47s
Irami Interprets the Dem Convention (immediately)
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Moon & Davis (COVID Class)
Show Details17min 11s
Obama, Harris, and the Williams Sisters
Show Details36min 4s
Beware of Voteps!
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Clinton: Lewis Was a Useful Negro
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Biden, Cotton, and 1619
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Against Online K-12 Education
Show Details17min 48s
Homeschooling in the Funky House
Show Details20min 46s
Re-Opening Public Schools
Show Details42min 28s
Real Estate Agents and Structural Racism
Show Details28min 16s
Monuments: Their Use and Abuse for Justice
Show Details24min 12s
Cultural Interventions for Democracy
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Defund Police and Sexual Assault
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History is NOT Over
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Police Brutality is a FORM of Black Vulnerability.
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It's Defund Police, Not Defund Public Safety
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Protest, Curfews, and Control
Show Details21min 12s
Quarantining with Racists
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