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The Fryer Side Trio Podcast

A comedy podcast like no other, well, that's a lie. We have great talent on this show such as Big Guy Dylan, (the funny one) EJ, and the producer, editor, creator, greatest man alive, and self-absorbed egotist, Gabe.


Episode Seven: Return of the Kings and Narcolepsy
Show Details15min 27s
Episode Six: Super Mario... Recast?!
Show Details42min 31s
Episode Five: Dylan's (literal) Soapbox
Show Details38min 26s
Episode Four: THE END!! Of Lactose Matriarch
Show Details37min 59s
Episode Three: Back to School
Show Details25min 29s
YIAY The Board Game: Game Night Episode 1
Show Details19min 2s
Episode Two: TVs and Nerf
Show Details26min 9s
Episode One: Introduction and F9
Show Details21min 25s