The Friday Night Lights Podcast

A podcast focused on the NBC show Friday Night Lights. Clear eyes :: Full hearts :: Can’t lose

The podcast dedicated to Friday Night Lights. Each week after an episode of Friday Night Lights airs on television the guys break down each episode by talking through the major plot points, things that were funny, and things that just didn't make sense. Sprinkled with a blend of insight and humor, along with regular interviews of cast/crew, this is the podcast is the one you've been looking for.


FNL Awards – The Buddies!
Show Details57min 12s
5×13 :: Always
Show Details53min 4s
5×12 :: Texas Whatever + Jeff Rosick (Buddy Jr.)
Show Details59min 22s
5×11 :: The March – Stacey Oristano Interview
Show Details57min 27s
5×10 :: Don’t Go – Plus interview with Angela Rawna
Show Details1hr 5min
Interview with FNL Director of Photography Todd McMullen
Show Details33min 51s
5×9 :: Gut Check
Show Details41min 43s
5×8 :: Fracture
Show Details37min 25s
5×7 :: Perfect Record
Show Details44min 28s
Interview: Liza Richardson – FNL Music Supervisor
Show Details44min 28s
5×5 :: Kingdom
Show Details44min 28s
5×4 :: Keep Looking
Show Details39min 34s
5×3 :: The Right Hand Of The Father
Show Details44min 53s
5×2 :: On The Outside Looking In
Show Details48min 26s
5×1 :: Expectations
Show Details46min 18s
4×13 :: Thanksgiving + Madison Burge Interview
Show Details1hr 15min
Jurnee Smollette Interview
Show Details16min 44s
4×12 – Laboring + Brad Leland Interview
Show Details1hr 27min
4×11 – Injury List + Zach Gilford Interview
Show Details58min 12s
Derek Phillips Interview (Billy Riggins)
Show Details27min 21s
4×10 :: I Can’t + D.W. Moffett Interview (Joe McCoy)
Show Details1hr 2min
4×9 Lights Of Carroll Park
Show Details38min 32s
4×8 The Toilet Bowl :: + Ernest James Interview
Show Details1hr 8min
The Hiatus-Cast
Show Details58min 46s
Lamarcus Tinker Interview
Show Details32min 59s
4×7 :: In The Bag
Show Details48min 47s
4×6 :: Stay
Show Details51min 35s
4×5 :: The Son
Show Details45min 12s
Televison Discussion
Show Details39min 13s
4×4 :: A Sort Of Homecoming
Show Details31min 38s
4×3 :: In The Skin Of A Lion
Show Details44min 28s
4×2 :: After The Fall
Show Details33min 51s
4×1 :: East Of Dillon
Show Details35min 22s
3×13 Tomorrow Blues – Season 3 Finale! + interview with Whitney Hoy
Show Details46min 52s
3×12 Underdogs
Show Details32min 41s
3×11 A Hard Rain Is Gonna Fall
Show Details28min 32s
3×10 The Giving Tree podcast
Show Details18min 22s
3×9 Game of the Week podcast is HERE!
Show Details20min 40s
3×8 New York, New York
Show Details32min 52s