The Friday Night Lights Podcast

A podcast focused on the NBC show Friday Night Lights. Clear eyes :: Full hearts :: Can’t lose


FNL Awards – The Buddies!
Show Details57min 12s
5×13 :: Always
Show Details53min 4s
5×12 :: Texas Whatever + Jeff Rosick (Buddy Jr.)
Show Details59min 22s
5×11 :: The March – Stacey Oristano Interview
Show Details57min 27s
5×10 :: Don’t Go – Plus interview with Angela Rawna
Show Details1hr 5min
Interview with FNL Director of Photography Todd McMullen
Show Details33min 51s
5×9 :: Gut Check
Show Details41min 43s
5×8 :: Fracture
Show Details37min 25s
5×7 :: Perfect Record
Show Details44min 28s
Interview: Liza Richardson – FNL Music Supervisor
Show Details44min 28s
5×5 :: Kingdom
Show Details44min 28s
5×4 :: Keep Looking
Show Details39min 34s
5×3 :: The Right Hand Of The Father
Show Details44min 53s
5×2 :: On The Outside Looking In
Show Details48min 26s
5×1 :: Expectations
Show Details46min 18s
4×13 :: Thanksgiving + Madison Burge Interview
Show Details1hr 15min
Jurnee Smollette Interview
Show Details16min 44s
4×12 – Laboring + Brad Leland Interview
Show Details1hr 27min
4×11 – Injury List + Zach Gilford Interview
Show Details58min 12s
Derek Phillips Interview (Billy Riggins)
Show Details27min 21s
4×10 :: I Can’t + D.W. Moffett Interview (Joe McCoy)
Show Details1hr 2min
4×9 Lights Of Carroll Park
Show Details38min 32s
4×8 The Toilet Bowl :: + Ernest James Interview
Show Details1hr 8min
The Hiatus-Cast
Show Details58min 46s
Lamarcus Tinker Interview
Show Details32min 59s
4×7 :: In The Bag
Show Details48min 47s
4×6 :: Stay
Show Details51min 35s
4×5 :: The Son
Show Details45min 12s
Televison Discussion
Show Details39min 13s
4×4 :: A Sort Of Homecoming
Show Details31min 38s
4×3 :: In The Skin Of A Lion
Show Details44min 28s
4×2 :: After The Fall
Show Details33min 51s
4×1 :: East Of Dillon
Show Details35min 22s
3×13 Tomorrow Blues – Season 3 Finale! + interview with Whitney Hoy
Show Details46min 52s
3×12 Underdogs
Show Details32min 41s
3×11 A Hard Rain Is Gonna Fall
Show Details28min 32s
3×10 The Giving Tree podcast
Show Details18min 22s
3×9 Game of the Week podcast is HERE!
Show Details20min 40s
3×8 New York, New York
Show Details32min 52s