• Hey! Top 32 WRs!

    In today's episode, I go through the NFC West previewing each team and giving my prediction for the final NFC West standings. I follow that up with my rankings of the top 32 WRs in the NFL. Follow, rate, and review! Tell a Friend! Tell an enemy! Tell a frenemy!

    17m | Aug 8, 2022
  • Hey! AFC North Preview!

    In today's episode, we take a trip around the AFC North. I give my thoughts and predictions on how I expect that division to play out, and then we dive into my top 32 RB1 rankings! Follow, rate, and review! Any 5-star reviews will be read on air and shouted out!

    26m | Aug 4, 2022
  • Hey! Top 32 Starting QBs!

    Join me as I go through the NFC North and give my predictions on it's outcome as well as ranking the top 32 starting QBs going into this season!

    35m | Aug 1, 2022
  • The Football Fanatic Pocast Trailer

    Join us Monday, August 1st for the inaugural episode of The Football Fanatic Podcast!

    0m | Jul 28, 2022
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