• Best Practices for Utilizing AI in Your Law Firm

    While the legal field has historically been hesitant to adopt new technology, AI is now slowly sweeping into law firms. Integrating AI programs can dramatically boost a firm’s efficiency and reduce costs by assisting with many tasks including legal research, document drafting and review, and even automated client communication. There is a clear upside to implementing AI, but legal professionals must also be aware of the risks and ethical concerns that come with its use.

    In today's episode, hosts Christine Bilbrey and Jamie Moore welcome Damien Riehl, to discuss best practices for utilizing AI in the law firm. 

    Damien Riehl is a lawyer, technologist, and lead product designer at vLex with experience in complex litigation, digital forensics, and software development. A coder since 1985 and for the web since 1995, Damien clerked for the chief judges of state and federal courts, practiced in complex litigation for over a decade, has led teams of cybersecurity and world spanning digital forensics investigations, and has led teams in legal-software development.

    Co-Chair of the Minnesota Governor’s Council on Connected and Automated Vehicles, he has helped recommend changes to Minnesota statutes, rules, and policies — all related to connected and autonomous vehicles. Damien is Chair of the Minnesota State Bar Association's working group on AI and the Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL).

    At SALI, the legal data standard he helps lead, Damien develops and has greatly expanded the taxonomy of over 14,000 legal tags that matter, helping the legal industry's development of Generative AI, analytics, and interoperability.

    At vLex Group – which includes Fastcase, NextChapter, and Docket Alarm – Damien helps lead the design, development, and expansion of various products, integrating AI-backed technologies to improve legal workflows and to power legal data analytics. 

    This podcast has been approved by The Florida Bar Continuing Legal Education Department for 1.0 hour of General CLE credit including 1.0 hour of Technology CLE credit. Course # 8473. 



    50m - May 24, 2024
  • Why Books are Still Relevant in the Practice of Law

    The ABA 2023 Tech Survey highlights that 56% of respondents regularly utilize fee-based online services for legal research, with an additional 21% using them occasionally. Surprisingly, 12% never utilize these resources. Despite the abundance of technological options available for legal research, many lawyers still hold a preference for hard copy books. Research suggests that modern screens and e-readers struggle to replicate the tactile experiences of reading on paper, hindering the natural navigation of lengthy texts. For lawyers, books offer a tangible resource for easy browsing, annotation, and cross-referencing that online research might not offer. 

    In today’s episode hosts Christine Bilbrey and Jamie Moore welcome Maggie O’Neill, to discuss why books are still relevant in the practice of law.

    Maggie O'Neill holds a bachelor's degree from the University of North Dakota, and a law degree from Northeastern University School of Law.

    For over 17 years, Maggie ran a solo practice specializing in family law and dependency cases, focusing on litigation and mediation. Maggie's experience in the publishing industry is extensive, having held key roles including Vice President of Product Management and Vice President of HR Publishing at Thomson Reuters and as Editor in Chief of Professional Publications at Reed Elsevier. Additionally, Maggie worked at Callaghan and Company as a Legal Editor and Project Manager. 

    This podcast has been approved by The Florida Bar Continuing Legal Education Department for 0.5 hour of General CLE credit. Course # 8493.


    32m - May 24, 2024
  • Bar Rules You May Not Be Aware Of: Guidance for Avoiding Disciplinary Actions

    The Rules Regulating The Florida Bar detail the required procedures and the professional conduct of our members. They are designed to protect the public and maintain ethical standards within the legal field. So often when the Bar receives a complaint, it’s due to a lack of understanding or awareness of the rules by the attorney. Here at the Practice Resource Center, we actively try to assist our members with guidance and resources so that they have the tools and knowledge to be compliant with the Rules.

    In today’s podcast, Christine Bilbrey, Director of the Practice Resource Center, and Jamie Moore, Practice Management Advisor, will discuss some essential, but perhaps less well-known Bar Rules that every lawyer should be aware of to avoid disciplinary action.

    This podcast has been approved by The Florida Bar Continuing Legal Education Department for 1.0 hour of General CLE credit including 1.0 hour of Ethics CLE credit. Course # 8346.



    52m - Feb 26, 2024
  • Cost Effective Tech Solutions for Budget-Minded Lawyers

    Lawyers often invest in technology but may not utilize it effectively, leading to a missed return on investment. Strategic spending on impactful technology is crucial when you are a solo or small firm on a budget.


    In today’s episode, hosts Christine Bilbrey and Jamie Moore welcome Catherine Sanders Reach, to discuss cost-effective technology tools and services you may already have at your disposal.


    Catherine Sanders Reach provides practice technology and management assistance to lawyers and legal professionals. Formerly, she was Director of Law Practice Management and Technology for the Chicago Bar Association and the Director at the American Bar Association’s Legal Technology Resource Center. Prior to her work at the NCBA, CBA and ABA she worked in library and information science environments for several years, working at Ross and Hardies as a librarian. She received a master’s degree in library and information studies from the University of Alabama.


    Catherine’s professional activities include articles for Law Practice magazine, Law Technology News and GPSolo Magazine, as well as numerous other publications. She has given presentations on the use of technology in law firms for national bar conferences, state and local bar associations and organizations such as the National Association of Bar Council and the Association of American Law Schools. 


    This podcast has been approved by The Florida Bar Continuing Legal Education Department for 1.0 hour of General CLE credit including 1.0 hour of Technology CLE credit. Course # 8284. 



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    54m - Jan 29, 2024
  • Practical Marketing Tips to Expand Your Legal Practice

    Back in the day, law firms either relied on their reputations and referrals from former clients or they paid for billboards and phone book ads. If you are a solo or small firm practitioner, you likely don’t have a lot of time or a huge marketing budget to compete with larger firms to attract new clients, but a simple, well-crafted digital marketing strategy can be all that you need for maintaining a steady flow of client activity.


    In today’s episode, hosts Christine Bilbrey and Jamie Moore welcome Rob Saravia and Jeff Hazen, to discuss practical marketing tips and Bar Advertising Rules. 


    Rob Saravia is The Florida Bar’s new marketing manager aiding growth in the Programs Department. He brings over 4 years of experience in the marketing field, with a focus on the dynamic realm of retail marketing. Rob is a graduate of Florida State University with a double major in Marketing and Economics. 


    Jeff Hazen serves as the Assistant Ethics Counsel for the Florida Bar, with over 15 years of dedicated service. Throughout his tenure at The Florida Bar, Jeff has handled thousands of inquiries on the Ethics Hotline, assessed numerous lawyer advertisements, and issued dozens of staff Ethics Opinions. Jeff is a distinguished alumnus of the University of Florida Levin College of Law.


    This podcast has been approved by The Florida Bar Continuing Legal Education Department for 0.5 hour of General CLE credit including 0.5 hour of Ethics CLE credit. Course # 8214. 



    • Article: Law Firm Marketing Strategy: Top 8 Ideas to Grow a Legal Practice (by Clio)

    • The Florida Bar Advertising Regulation and Information

    • Handbook on Lawyer Advertising and Solicitation

    Chapter 4 Rules of Professional Conduct

    • 4-7.13 Deceptive and Inherently Misleading Advertisements

    • 4-7.16 Presumptively Valid Content

    • 4-7.18 Direct Contact with Prospective Clients

    • 4-7.20 Exemptions from the Filing and Review Requirement

    Florida Bar Ethics Opinion 20-01: Negative Online Reviews

    Florida Bar Ethics Opinion 21-1: Negative Online Reviews

    • Ethics Hotline 800-235-8619

    Grow Your Practice – Join the Lawyer Referral Service

    LegalFuel: The Practice Resource Center of The Florida Bar

    LegalFuel: Marketing Resources

    1h 4m - Dec 25, 2023
  • Microsoft 365 and Copilot: Top Features for Legal Practice Needs

    Microsoft 365 is a must for many legal professionals who rely on its wide range of time saving and regularly enhanced tools. There are also specifically designed features within the software to streamline your daily legal workflow that you may not be aware of. Now artificial intelligence has been integrated across Microsoft 365. It’s called Copilot and it is poised to become your new digital assistant inside of all the Microsoft applications that you are already using. Smart lawyers should take note and ask how Copilot can instantly and fundamentally change how you get work done in your firm. 

    In today’s episode, hosts Christine Bilbrey and Jamie Moore welcome Ben Schorr, a Senior Content Manager at Microsoft, to discuss Microsoft 365 and Copilot. 


    Ben Schorr is a Senior Content Program Manager at Microsoft. He is also the author of several books and articles on technology including “The Lawyer’s Guide to Microsoft Outlook,” “The Lawyer’s Guide to Microsoft Word” and “OneNote in One Hour.” He was a Microsoft MVP for 20 years and has been involved in management and technology for more than 30. In his free time, he’s a slow Ironman triathlete and a high school football coach. He currently lives with his family in Redmond, WA.

    This podcast has been approved by The Florida Bar Continuing Legal Education Department for 1.0 hour of General CLE credit including 1.0 hour of Technology CLE credit. Course # 8203. 


    Ben Schorr - LinkedIn


    LegalFuel: The Practice Resource Center of The Florida Bar

    55m - Nov 27, 2023
  • Are Law Firms Rethinking Their Remote Work Policies?

    Beginning in March of 2020, the pandemic transformed every aspect of our lives. For most of us who had reported to an office every day, this meant a very sudden shift to remote only work. Law firms had to quickly adapt to stay connected to the courts, colleagues, and their clients. We are now more than three years out and while some firms found that remote work was seamless and chose to continue it, other firms have gone to a hybrid model or banned remote work completely. According to a recent ABA report, 89% of lawyers in private practice are allowed to work remotely, with 18% permitted to work out of the office all the time and 45% with the flexibility to choose their own schedule. Here at the Practice Resource Center, we were curious to hear how it’s all working out.

    In today’s episode, hosts Christine Bilbrey and Jamie Moore welcome Richard Rivera, Partner at Smith Gambrell Russell, to discuss how the firm’s Jacksonville office has adapted to the new normal.

    Richard Rivera received his B.A. in Economics from the University of Florida in 2009 and earned his J.D. degree, cum laude, from the Florida State University College of Law. Rich works in both the Litigation and the Intellectual Property Practice Groups. His IP practice is concentrated in trademark and copyrights, compliance with state and federal laws governing sweepstakes and other promotional activities, software and internet technology, marketing, and licensing issues. He also prosecutes trademark and copyright registrations before the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the United States Copyright Office. Rich is also the current Chair of The Florida Bar’s Mental Health and Wellness of Florida Lawyers Committee.

    This podcast has been approved by The Florida Bar Continuing Legal Education Department for 1.0 hour of General CLE credit including 1.0 hour of Mental Health and Wellness CLE credit. Course # 8185.


     Smith Gambrell Russell

    Intapp Time

    Article: How to Work Remotely as a Legal Professional: A Guide (from Clio)

    Article: Working remotely is now a top priority, says new ABA report highlighting lasting shifts in practice of law

    LegalFuel: The Practice Resource Center of The Florida Bar

    45m - Oct 30, 2023
  • Trust Account Compliance and How the Software Program, Nota, (That Is Now Free for Florida Bar Members) Can Help!

    A recent Bar News article stated that: “Trust account maintenance and compliance is critically important. Lawyers who agree to hold money in trust have an ethical obligation to account for every penny as long as the funds remain in their possession. Commingling of funds, poor ledger management, and even basic accounting errors can result in client complaints, audits, and disciplinary action that could lead to suspension or disbarment. And while most attorneys diligently comply with Rules Regulating Trust Accounts (Chapter 5), trust accounting violations have ranked among the top three most common disciplinary complaints over the past three years and is on track to be the top complaint in 2022-2023.”

    That is why Scott Westheimer, the current Florida Bar president, has made it a top priority to offer all Florida Bar members a high-quality, free trust accounting solution. In partnership with Nota by M&T Bank, this initiative has become a reality. 

    In today’s episode, hosts Christine Bilbrey and Jamie Moore welcome Nota Co-Founder and CEO, Paul Garibian, and Nota Product Manager, Rosalie Shaughnessy, to discuss the Florida Bar’s newest member benefit, Nota by M&T Bank.

    Paul Garibian holds an MBA from The Wharton School of Business and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Central Florida. Paul is a Co-Founder and CEO of Nota, the Florida Bar’s free member benefit that helps lawyers manage their trust accounts.

    Rosalie Shaughnessy is a graduate of the University of Buffalo and has over 10 years of experience in business analysis, testing and quality assurance, and over four years as a test lead for digital banking. Rosalie is currently the Product Manager for Nota, and previously worked as a Business System Analyst for M&T Bank.

    This podcast has been approved by The Florida Bar Continuing Legal Education Department for 0.5 hour of General CLE credit including 0.5 hour of Ethics CLE credit. Course # 8089. 


    Nota by M&T Bank

    Nota Trust Accounting – Member Benefit

    Article: The Florida Bar to Provide Members with Access to Nota’s Interest on Trust Accounts (IOTA) Management Platform at No Cost

    Article: In a First for a State Bar, Florida to Provide All Members With Free Trust Accounting Software to Help Ensure Compliance and Protect the Public

    LawNext Podcast: The Florida Bar’s Precedent-Setting Decision To Give Every Lawyer Access To Trust Accounting Software

    CLE: Trust Accounts by the Book

    LegalFuel: The Practice Resource Center of The Florida Bar

    27m - Sep 25, 2023
  • AI & Chatbots: Embracing Innovative Solutions for Your Law Firm

    Chatbots and AI platforms have the potential to revolutionize the way law firms operate, bringing numerous benefits to both legal professionals and their clients. These technologies can streamline administrative tasks, enhance research capabilities, and provide quick and accurate responses to routine legal inquiries. By automating repetitive and time-consuming processes, chatbots can free up lawyers' time, allowing them to focus on more complex and strategic aspects of their work. However, it's crucial for legal professionals to be mindful of the ethical concerns surrounding the use of chatbots and AI in the legal field.

    In today’s episode, hosts Christine Bilbrey and Jamie Moore welcome Tom Martin, CEO of LawDroid, to discuss how AI and chatbots can automate a firm’s processes.

    About Tom Martin:

    Tom is a graduate of Yale and UCLA School of Law, and is a legal AI advocate, lawyer, author, and speaker. He is the CEO and founder of LawDroid, a Generative AI Legal Technology Company, and is a co-founder of the American Legal Technology Awards. Clients include ARAG Legal Insurance, Fasken, Tennessee Alliance for Legal Services, Palace Law, and many law firms.

    Tom has been recognized as an ABA Legal Rebel and a Fastcase 50 Honoree. He has presented at the ABA TECHSHOW, LegalWeek, ILTACON, ClioCon, and Legal Innovators. Tom’s writing has been published in the ABA’s Law Practice Today, Law Technology Today, and GP Solo Magazine.

    Tom has his own podcast: LawDroid Manifesto on iTunes. He also serves as a mentor at the Yale Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking and ATJ Tech Fellows.

    This podcast has been approved by The Florida Bar Continuing Legal Education Department for 1.0 hour of General CLE credit including 1.0 hour of Technology CLE credit. Course #7932. 


    Tom Martin

    American Legal Technology Awards

    Article: New GPT-Based Chat App from LawDroid Is a Lawyer’s ‘Copilot’ for Research, Drafting, Brainstorming and More

    Article: Chatbots sometimes make things up. Is AI’s hallucinations problem fixable?

    Harvard: Library Innovation Lab

    LegalFuel: The Practice Resource Center of The Florida Bar

    E155 - 38m - Aug 28, 2023
  • Empowering Change: Cultivating a Resilient Law Firm Culture

    Fostering a thriving law firm culture not only ensures the growth of a successful legal practice but also nurtures a positive and uplifting company environment. Although the legal industry has long held assumptions about the inevitability of a highly competitive, burnout-inducing culture, it is vital to challenge these norms. By doing so, law firms empower their employees, clients, and overall business to thrive. When employees feel valued and appreciated, they are naturally more motivated and invested in their work, culminating in increased productivity and success for the entire business. Ultimately, investing in a strong law firm culture becomes a win-win situation for all involved.

    In today’s episode, hosts Christine Bilbrey and Jamie Moore welcome Paul Spiegelman, of Small Giants Community, to discuss the benefits of cultivating a positive company culture.

    About Paul Spiegelman:

    Paul is the co-founder of the Small Giants Community, a peer-group of purpose driven business leaders. Paul holds a bachelor’s degree in history from UCLA and received his JD from Southwestern University. He practiced law for two years before starting BerylHealth, where he was the co-founder and CEO. He is also the founder and chairman of The Beryl Institute and was the chief culture officer at Stericycle.

    Paul is a sought-after speaker and a New York Times best-selling author on leadership, employee engagement, entrepreneurship, culture, and leading a purpose-driven life. His book, Why is Everyone Smiling? The Secret Behind Passion, Productivity, and Profit, includes low- or no-cost practices that can impact the lives of employees and the success of small or large businesses. He has made numerous radio and TV appearances and his views have been featured in the Wall Street Journal and Inc. Magazine. He is currently a columnist for Forbes.com and has been honored with the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.

    This podcast has been approved by The Florida Bar Continuing Legal Education Department for 1.0 hour of General CLE credit including 1.0 hour of Mental Health and Wellness CLE credit. Course # 7923.


    Paul Spiegelman

    Paul Spiegelman Books

    Small Giants Community

    Article: ‘Command and Control’ Leadership is Dead. Here’s What’s Taking Its Place

    Article: Modernizing Law Firms’ Work Rules Enables Focus on Employee Well-Being

    E154 - 1h 6m - Jul 31, 2023
  • Is Your Law Firm Ready for a 4-Day Workweek?

    Traditionally, the workweek spans from Monday to Friday, but have you ever questioned the rationale behind this norm and whether it is optimal? Amongst growing anxiety and stress levels worldwide, some companies are envisioning a different approach to work by embracing a 4-day workweek. Not only can a shorter workweek benefit employees’ mental health, but it can also enhance productivity. Research indicates that a reduced workload can lead to lower stress levels and greater job satisfaction, as well as offer more opportunities for leisure outside of work.

    In today’s episode, hosts Christine Bilbrey and Karla Eckardt welcome Joe O’Connor, of the Work Time Reduction Center of Excellence, to discuss the 4-day workweek study.

    The Work Time Reduction Center of Excellence is a global initiative based in Toronto, Canada, launched in partnership with leading UK and US people-first transformation company Curium Solutions.

    Previously, as the chief executive officer of 4 Day Week Global, Joe led the design and implementation of four-day week trials all over the world, supporting hundreds of employers and thousands of employees to make the transition to reduced-hour, productivity-focused working in 2021 and 2022.

    Joe holds an MBS in Strategy and Innovation Management and a BBS with Honours in Accounting from the Galway Mayo Institute of Technology, as well as an Advanced Diploma in Employment Law from The Honorable Society of King’s Inns.

    Joe recently led a research project on work time reduction as a visiting research scholar with Cornell University in New York City. He is now based in Toronto, where he heads up Canadian operations for Curium Solutions in addition to directing the Work Time Reduction Center of Excellence.

    Joe is also formerly the chairperson of the Four Day Week Ireland campaign, having founded the coalition in 2019, where he developed the world's first four-day week pilot program and research project in 2021. 

    He has been active on the issue of working time reduction since 2018, when he organized a major international conference and research paper on ‘The Future of Working Time’.

    This podcast has been approved by The Florida Bar Continuing Legal Education Department for 1.0 hour of General CLE credit including 1.0 hour of Mental Health and Wellness CLE credit. Course # 7651. 


    Joe O’Connor

    ·        Work Time Reduction | Center of Excellence

    ·        Mission

    ·        Work Time Reduction Assessment

    ·        Contact Work Time Reduction | Center of Excellence

    4-Day Week Trial Results

    Article: What is Parkinson’s Law and why is it sabotaging your productivity?

    Article: The Effect of Long Working Hours and Overtime on Occupational Health: A Meta-Analysis of Evidence from 1998 to 2018

    Article: Operational Excellence – Key Principles and How to Implement Them

    Article: ABA – 8 steps for creating value-based pricing that works

    LegalFuel: The Practice Resource Center of The Florida Bar

    E153 - 48m - Jun 26, 2023
  • Actionable Steps for Balancing Well-Being and Legal Success

    The legal profession has been grappling with the issue of lawyer well-being for a while now. Unfortunately, too many lawyers are still experiencing chronic stress and burnout resulting in high rates of substance abuse and depression. It is essential to acknowledge the importance of lawyer well-being and take actionable steps towards it. Healthy and happy lawyers provide better legal services to their clients, which improves their satisfaction and trust in the legal system.

    In today’s episode, hosts Christine Bilbrey and Jamie Moore welcome Bree Buchanan, Senior Advisor at Krill Strategies, to discuss well-being strategies for lawyers.

    Bree Buchanan, JD, MSF, was a founding co-chair of the National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being and is a co-author of its groundbreaking 2017 report, The Path to Well-Being: Practical Recommendations for Positive Change. From 2020 to 2023, she served as board president and inaugural executive director of the Institute for Well-Being in Law. Prior to this, Ms. Buchanan served as chair of the ABA Commission on Lawyers Assistance Programs (2017-2020). She is currently a member of the newly formed Lawyer Well-Being Committee of the International Bar Association. As Director of the Texas Lawyers Assistance Program from 2013 to 2018, she worked with individual lawyers experiencing these issues, and with legal employers who were seeking resources and support for their staff. Her tenure with that program followed a two-decade legal career which included positions as a litigator, lobbyist, and law professor. She is now Senior Advisor with Krill Strategies, Inc., providing consultation and training on issues related to lawyer well-being and impairment for major legal employers.

    Praised for her warm presentation style and engaging presence, Ms. Buchanan is a frequent speaker for international and national law-related organizations, as well as global law firms on strategies for lawyer well-being and impairment. In 2018, she was awarded the “Excellence in Legal Community Leadership Award” by Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. Ms. Buchanan is co-host of the podcast, The Path to Well-Being Law, and has shared her own story of recovery as a featured guest on podcasts in the United States, Canada and the U.K. Ms. Buchanan’s writing has appeared in Law Practice Today, Judicature, The American Lawyer, and Family Lawyer Magazine, as well as Lawyer Health and Wellbeing: How the Legal Profession is Tackling Stress and Creating Resiliency (Ark Group, 2020). In 2018, she graduated from the Seminary of the Southwest with a Masters in Spiritual Formation, where she honed a deep interest in the intrinsic link between meaningful work and personal well-being, as well as in assisting individuals with vocational discernment. Based in Austin, Texas, and Eugene, Oregon, Ms. Buchanan tends to her own well-being by engaging regularly in hiking, cycling, weightlifting, and being willing to ask for help when she needs it.

    Bree Buchanan can be reached at bree@prkrill.com; 512-797-6118.

    This podcast has been approved by The Florida Bar Continuing Legal Education Department for 1.0 hour of General CLE credit including 1.0 hour of Mental Health and Wellness CLE credit. Course # 7534. 


    Bree Buchanan


    Institute for Well-Being in Law

    The Florida Bar Mental Health and Wellness Center

    ·        Florida Lawyers Helpline


    LegalFuel: The Practice Resource Center of The Florida Bar

    ·        Attorney Mental Health First Aid

    E152 - 50m - May 29, 2023
  • The Value of Client Intake: Practical Tips to Streamline Your Firm’s Workflow

    The client intake process goes far beyond simply having a potential client complete a few forms. It encompasses everything from attracting new clients during the first interaction with your firm to ultimately signing engagement letters. For small firms and solo attorneys, this process can be incredibly time-consuming and typically does not generate any billable hours. However, by implementing efficient processes and utilizing the right tools, the client intake process can be streamlined, enabling your practice to run more smoothly while also leaving a positive first impression on clients.

    In today’s episode, hosts Karla Eckardt and Jamie Moore welcome Jordan Turk, a practicing attorney in Texas and legal technology advisor at Smokeball, to discuss the client intake process. Smokeball is a cloud-based legal practice management software and one of The Florida Bar’s newest member benefits. 

    Jordan Turk’s family law expertise includes appeals, pre and postnuptial agreements, as well as complex property division and highly contentious custody cases. In addition, Jordan has given CLEs across the country on topics ranging from client relationships to proper trust account management. Jordan graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a B.A. in Classics, History, and Religious Studies. She then went on to attend the University of Arkansas School of Law to earn her J.D. After almost four years of practice with a high-asset family law firm in Houston, Jordan discovered the world of legal technology which ultimately brought her to Smokeball.

    Jordan has authored and co-authored many articles that you can find in various state bar publications and around the internet. Passionate about giving back to her community, Jordan makes a point of taking pro bono cases whenever possible. 

    This podcast has been approved by The Florida Bar Continuing Legal Education Department for 1.0 hour of General CLE credit including 0.5 hour of Technology CLE credit and 0.5 hour of Ethics CLE credit. Course # 7414. 


    Jordan Turk


    The Florida Bar Member Benefits: Practice Resources & Software

    Rules Regulating The Florida Bar

    The Florida Bar – Ethics Hotline

    • 800-235-8619

    LegalFuel: The Practice Resource Center of The Florida Bar

    E151 - 58m - Apr 24, 2023
  • Getting More Done and Increasing Well-Being While Practicing with ADHD

    A landmark ABA study revealed that 12.5% of lawyers have Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD, compared to only 4.5% of the general population. Individuals diagnosed with ADHD often struggle with sustained focus, organization, procrastination, and completing tasks on time. Most lawyers are under a fair amount of stress, which can exacerbate their ADHD symptoms. This can have a profound effect on professional performance, personal relationships, and overall emotional well-being. For attorneys struggling to manage their ADHD symptoms, there are effective strategies that can be used to regain focus. 

    In today’s episode, hosts Christine Bilbrey and Jamie Moore welcome Casey Dixon, founder of Dixon Life Coaching. Casey is an ICF Professional Certified Coach and CCE-Global Board-Certified Coach that helps high achievers with ADHD learn how to thrive.

    Casey Dixon graduated from The University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Education with a master’s in educational policy and leadership and is a respected life coach with a unique focus on science-based, innovative, collaborative coaching, advising, and thought-partnering for attorneys with ADHD or executive function challenges.

    She has been coaching clients with executive function challenges for over 17 years. Casey works with her clients to develop the tools they need to transform the impact ADHD and executive function challenges have on their productivity and well-being.

    This podcast has been approved by The Florida Bar Continuing Legal Education Department for 1.0 hour of General CLE credit including 1.0 hour of Mental Health and Wellness CLE credit. Course # 7227. 


    Casey Dixon, M.S.Ed., PCC, BCC, SCAC

    ·        Dixon Life Coaching

    ·        The Focused Lawyer - eBook

    ·        The Focused Lawyer Coaching Group

    ·        Contact: info@dixonlifecoaching.com

    Article: The Prevalence of Substance Use and Other Mental Health Concerns Among American Attorneys

    LegalFuel: The Practice Resource Center of The Florida Bar

    S1E150 - 57m - Mar 27, 2023
  • Sharon Nelson and John Simek of Sensei Enterprises, Share Cybersecurity and Technology Advice for Small Firms

    Regardless of practice area, attorneys handle and store a volume of confidential information that can make them attractive targets for hackers. Small firms can be particularly at risk because they are less likely to employ fulltime IT staff. Cybersecurity can feel like an overwhelming topic, but there are actionable steps that a small firm can implement to build data protection and prevent security breaches.

    In today’s episode, hosts Christine Bilbrey and Jamie Moore welcome technology experts, Sharon Nelson and John Simek, of Sensei Enterprises, Inc., to discuss cybersecurity dangers and legal technology software. Sensei Enterprises, Inc. is a nationally known digital forensics managed information technology provider, and managed cybersecurity firm in Fairfax, Virginia.

    Sharon D. Nelson, Esq., is the President of Sensei Enterprises, Inc. and is the author of the noted electronic evidence blog, Ride the Lightning and is a co-host of the Legal Talk Network podcast series called “The Digital Edge: Lawyers and Technology” as well as “Digital Detectives.” She is a frequent author and speaker on legal technology, cybersecurity, and electronic evidence topics. She was the President of the Virginia State Bar from June 2013 – June 2014 and a past President of the Fairfax Law Foundation, and the Fairfax Bar Association.

    John Simek is the Vice President of Sensei Enterprises, Inc. and has a national reputation as a digital forensics technologist and has testified as an expert witness throughout the United States. He holds a degree in engineering from the United States Merchant Marine Academy and an MBA in finance from Saint Joseph’s University. 

    John holds the prestigious Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification, and the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification in addition to multiple other technical certifications. He is a past chair of the ABA TECHSHOW and a co-host of the Legal Talk Network Podcast Digital Detectives. He is a frequent author and speaker on legal technology, cybersecurity, and electronic evidence topics.

    This podcast has been approved by The Florida Bar Continuing Legal Education Department for 1.0 hour of General CLE credit including 1.0 hour of Technology CLE credit and 0.5 hour of Ethics CLE credit. Course # 7140. 



    Sensei Enterprises, Inc.  

    The 2020 Solo and Small Firm Legal Technology Guide (eBook) 

    CISA – Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency

    LegalFuel: The Practice Resource Center of The Florida Bar 

    S1E149 - 1h 3m - Feb 27, 2023
  • Tech Expert, Bob Ambrogi, Shares Practice Management and Legal Technology Guidance

    Making the most of your time is probably at the top of your list if you’re running a solo or small law firm. When you’re managing both the business side of your firm while also practicing law, your to-do list may quickly become overwhelming. Reducing repetitive tasks and streamlining your processes can be made easier with legal technology. That’s why choosing the right technology for your needs can be one of the most important decisions you will make.
    In today’s episode, hosts Christine Bilbrey and Jamie Moore welcome legal technology expert, Bob Ambrogi, to discuss practice management software and legal technology trends.

    Bob Ambrogi is a lawyer and journalist who has been writing and speaking about legal technology and innovation for more than two decades. He writes the award-winning blog LawSites, is a columnist for Above the Law, hosts the podcast about legal innovation, LawNext, and hosts the weekly legal tech journalists’ roundtable, Legaltech Week. He is also cofounder of the LawNext Legal Technology Directory.

    In 2011, Bob was named to the inaugural Fastcase 50, honoring “the law’s smartest, most courageous innovators, techies, visionaries and leaders.” In 2017, he received the Yankee Quill award for journalism from the Academy of New England Journalists and was honored by the ABA Journal as a Legal Rebels Trailblazer. 

    A graduate of Boston College Law School, Bob is a fellow of the College of Law Practice Management and past-president of the Massachusetts Bar Foundation. In his law practice, he represents newspapers and the news media.

    This podcast has been approved by The Florida Bar Continuing Legal Education Department for 1.0 hour of General CLE credit including 1.0 hour of Technology CLE credit. Course # 6942.


    Bob Ambrogi

    The Florida Bar Member Benefits – Practice Management Software
    LegalFuel: The Practice Resource Center of The Florida Bar

    Other Legal Tech Blogs:

    Legaltech news 

    S1E148 - 58m - Jan 30, 2023
  • Attorneys: Is Your Nonlawyer Staff Ethically Supporting you?

    Many attorneys rely heavily on their nonlawyer staff to assist with the extensive workload that comes along with running a practice.  It is very easy to begin to lean on competent and experienced staff members to handle significant components of cases, but it is critical that attorneys have a clear understanding of the Bar Rules that address the appropriate roles of nonlawyers.
    In today’s episode host Jamie Moore welcomes back Florida Bar Ethics Counsel, Jonathan Grabb, to discuss guidelines for the roles of nonlawyers and the attorneys that supervise them. The Florida Bar Professional Ethics Committee has created the Legal Assistants and Nonlawyer Employees Ethics Informational Packet that addresses proper and improper activities of nonlawyer staff. If your questions or issues are not addressed in this episode, you can contact The Bar’s Ethics Hotline.

    Jonathan Grabb graduated cum laude from Florida State University’s College of Law in 2008 and became the Ethics Counsel for The Florida Bar in November 2021, after serving in the Ethics & Advertising Department for 8 years as an Assistant Ethics Counsel. Jonathan has fielded more than 20,000 calls on the ethics hotline, reviewed thousands of lawyer advertisements, and issued dozens of staff opinions. Prior to working at The Florida Bar, Jonathan was a Senior Attorney at the Agency for Persons with Disabilities.

    This podcast has been approved by The Florida Bar Continuing Legal Education Department for 1.0 hour of General CLE credit including 1.0 hour of Ethics CLE credit. Course # 6870.



    S1E147 - 46m - Dec 26, 2022
  • Pro Tips for Flying Solo

    Have you ever considered starting your own law practice? It’s an appealing question – imagine being your own boss, setting your own schedule, and only accepting cases that you are excited about. There are certainly a lot of pros to starting your own practice, but for every pro, there are also several cons to consider.

    In today’s episode, host Jamie Moore welcomes Cristina Alonso of Alonso Appeals to discuss what it’s like to start and manage your own law practice.

    Cristina Alonso of Alonso Appeals is Board Certified in Appellate Practice by The Florida Bar. She handles appellate litigation in state and federal courts. She has handled over 100 appellate matters, including matters before the Supreme Court of the United States, the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, the Florida Supreme Court, and all Florida district courts of appeal. She also works as an integral part of trial teams, having served as counsel at over 25 trials. Her work includes providing litigation support, including ensuring that issues are preserved for appellate review, and drafting and arguing complex pre-trial motions, case dispositive motions, jury instructions, and post-trial motions. Her work also includes developing innovative strategies for new and evolving theories of liability, representing individuals and corporations in high-stakes litigation, managing national and statewide litigation, and providing appellate consulting services to trial counsel. Her experience spans various practice areas such as complex business litigation, constitutional and civil rights, mass tort litigation, and products liability. She was honored by the Daily Business Review as the “The Most Effective Lawyer” in Appellate Practice of 2014 and as one of “The Most Effective Lawyers” of 2009 in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. She was recognized by The National Law Journal as one of the 40 Minorities under 40 of 2011. She also received the Florida Diversity Council’s 2012 Breaking the Glass Ceiling Award, was named a Top Lawyer in the South Florida Legal Guide 2013-2022, and was selected for inclusion in Florida Super Lawyers 2013-2022. Cristina currently serves as the Chair-Elect of the Solo and Small Firm Section of the Florida Bar, and as an appointed member of the Board of Governors.

    This podcast has been approved by The Florida Bar Continuing Legal Education Department for 1.0 hour of General CLE credit. Course #6784.


    S1E146 - 46m - Nov 28, 2022
  • Florida Lawyers Assistance: Saving Lives and Livelihoods

    We all know that the practice of law can be extremely stressful, and unfortunately, lawyers have consistently experienced higher rates of depression and substance abuse. Because of this, The Florida Bar’s Mental Health & Wellness of Florida Lawyers Committee continues to strive to bring awareness to the resources available to Bar members. One of the resources, Florida Lawyers Assistance, Inc., or FLA, provides confidential assistance through assessments, referrals, education, and support groups. 

    In today’s episode, hosts Christine Bilbrey and Jamie Moore, welcome Dan McDermott and Carol Parks, of Florida Lawyers Assistance. We discuss programs and services available to assist attorneys, judges, law students, and other legal professionals who may be impaired in their ability to function in a legal setting. 

    Dan McDermott was appointed Executive Director by the Florida Lawyers Assistance, Inc Board of Directors, effective June 15, 2020. Dan graduated from Yale University and The University of Iowa College of Law. Following a two-year clerkship with the Chief Judge of the US District Court for the Northern District of Iowa, Dan practiced law in Cedar Rapids for 5 years before moving to Washington, DC. He then began what is now a more than three decades-long stint as a lawyer in recovery. Dan worked in government relations in the financial services and technology sectors, before becoming Head of US Government Relations of Visa, the world’s largest electronic payment network. At FLA, Dan is responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations. The foundation of his work is assuring that members of Florida’s legal community receive compassionate interaction and appropriate counseling. 

    Carol Parks received her B.A. in Psychology from the Pennsylvania State University. She then became a Florida Certified Health Professional, received a Master of Science in Counseling from Nova University, and a Master of Business Administration from St. Leo University. She has worked tirelessly to educate and treat those suffering from addiction and mental health issues. From behavioral health technician to Chief Executive Officer of a 100-bed dual-diagnosis facility, Carol has the advantage of understanding all aspects of treatment from evaluation to aftercare, and from discovery to recovery. 

    This podcast has been approved by The Florida Bar Continuing Legal Education Department for 1.0 hour of General CLE credit including 1.0 hour of Mental Illness Awareness CLE credit. Course #6704. 


    S1E145 - 54m - Oct 31, 2022
  • Understanding Neurodiversity in the Practice of Law

    Most of us at one time or another might have heard the saying, “great minds think alike.” Perhaps our colleagues have said it when collectively the same decision is made, or an exceptional idea is brainstormed in a group. But do great minds think alike, or do great minds think differently?

    In today’s episode, hosts Christine Bilbrey and Jamie Moore welcome Haley Moss, author of Great Minds Think Differently: Neurodiversity for Lawyers and Other Professionals. We discuss how having a better understanding of neurodivergence can help lawyers foster positive relationships with their colleagues and help them work more effectively with the clients they serve. 

     About Haley Moss:

    Diagnosed with autism at the age of three, Haley Moss’s parents were told that she might not ever finish high school or earn a driver’s license. Today she is a lawyer, neurodiversity expert, keynote speaker, educator, and the author of four books that guide neurodivergent individuals through professional and personal challenges. Haley is a consultant to top corporations and nonprofits that seek her guidance in creating a diverse workplace, and a sought-after commentator on disability rights and the Americans With Disabilities Act.
    The first openly autistic lawyer in Florida, Haley’s books include “Great Minds Think Differently: Neurodiversity for Lawyers and Other Professionals” (ABA Book Publishing; June 2021), “The Young Autistic Adult’s Independence Handbook” (Jessica Kingsley Publishers; November 2021), “A Freshman Survival Guide for College Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders” (Jessica Kingsley Publishers; October 2014), and “Middle School — The Stuff Nobody Tells You About: A Teenage Girl With High-Functioning Autism Shares Her Experiences” (AAPC Publishing; March 2010) Her articles have appeared in outlets including the Washington Post, Teen Vogue, GQ, Bustle, Fast Company, Law 360 Pulse, and the ABA Journal.
    Haley earned her law degree from the University of Miami School of Law with numerous honors. Admitted to the Florida Bar in 2019, she is the recipient of awards including the American Bar Association Solo, Small Firm, and General Practice Division’s Breaking Barriers Award (2021), D-30 Disability Impact List (2021), Road Less Traveled Award from Ms. JD (2020), Outstanding Self-Advocate Award from University of Miami — Nova Southeastern University Center for Autism & Related Disabilities (2018), and Publix Self-Advocate of the Year from the Palm Beach County Special Needs Advisory Coalition (2018).

    This podcast has been approved by The Florida Bar Continuing Legal Education Department for 1.0 hour of General CLE credit including 1.0 hour of Mental Illness Awareness CLE credit. Course #6579. 

    S1E144 - 53m - Sep 26, 2022
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