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The Firm: Blood, Lies and Royal Succession

An investigation into the secrets, scandals, and constitutional crises of the most famous – and infamous – family in the world. 

From ruthless Virgin Queens to traitorous wartime Kings, from madness and revolution to forbidden sex and shocking deaths, from jealousy and rivalry to brothers and sisters torn apart, this is the real, unvarnished history of the last five centuries of Britain’s Royal Family. 

We’re going to reveal the real stories behind the airbrushed history book tales, and we’re going to show the lengths to which the self-styled “Firm” will go in order to keep those stories secret – and to ensure the survival of the Royal Brand… no matter what the cost. 

Brought to you by the team behind America’s leading royals publication The Royal Observer, and featuring authoritative guests including insider royal correspondents, best-selling authors, former employees of the Palace and personal friends of senior members of the royal family, THE FIRM: BLOOD, LIES, AND ROYAL SUCCESSION serves as both a fascinating insight into 500 years of royal history, and an eye-opening exploration of just how the institution has evolved and adapted…and how it continues to do so in the face of recent unprecedented challenges to its standing. 


Queen Elizabeth II Tribute: A Life of Duty and Service
Show Details41min 4s
Chapter 12: A Future King
Show Details38min 24s
Chapter 11: Harry & Meghan – Racism, Bullying, and a Family Divided
Show Details45min 9s
Chapter 10: Camilla - An Unsuitable Woman
Show Details39min 59s
Chapter 9: Harry - The Troubled Prince
Show Details40min 32s
Chapter 8: Fergie - A New Constitutional Crisis
Show Details35min 59s
Chapter 7: Tragedy or Treason - The Death of Diana
Show Details42min 12s
Chapter 6: Elizabeth vs. Margaret: Love, Loyalty and the X-Rated Queen of Mustique
Show Details38min 55s
Chaper 5: Edward & Adolph
Show Details43min 9s
Chapter 4: Victoria - Affairs Below Stairs
Show Details43min 24s
Chapter 3: The Madness of George III
Show Details42min 41s
Chapter 2: Elizabeth, The Virgin Queen
Show Details41min 36s
Chapter 1: The Prince and the Pedophile
Show Details38min 27s
The Firm: Blood, Lies and Royal Succession - Season 1 Trailer
Show Details3min 21s