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The Fire Never Dies Podcast ∞

“No candle loses its flame by lighting another.” The mission of The Fire Never Dies Podcast is to give prominence to the veterans, athletes, & entrepreneurs that possess an ever burning desire for what they are destined for & in active pursuit of it.

Hosted by TK Shine, TFNDPod delves into tales of triumph from those who are tried & tested in the arena of resilience.

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Defying The Odds; "No Opportunities Missed" w/Billy Sparks - Episode 038
Show Details29min 47s
Living A Dream Around The Globe w/James 'Hangtime' Hagan - Episode 037
Show Details29min 31s
It's All In The Act w/ Brandon McGee - Episode 036
Show Details29min 52s
BIGGER Than Makeup w/Dominique Walton, MUA - Episode 035
Show Details27min 57s
Rise of The Reaper w/ Foolay DC - Episode 034
Show Details34min 30s
Road Blocks - Episode #033
Show Details6min 48s
The Self Belief SOP - Episode #032
Show Details15min 16s
Momentum Required - Episode #031
Show Details9min 28s
The Formula Conference Recap - Episode #030
Show Details20min 18s
Let's Catch Up - Episode #029
Show Details23min 33s
The E3 Method - Episode #028
Show Details12min 55s
Attack The Hill - Episode #027
Show Details14min 49s
The Infinity & Beyond of Friendship & Life w/ Brandon Brown - Episode #026
Show Details58min 33s
Backyard Blues - Episode #025
Show Details13min 14s
Know Yourself - Episode #024
Show Details17min 55s
Success & Community w/Coach KD - Episode #023
Show Details29min 54s
Show Details2min 53s
Big On Basics - Episode #021
Show Details11min 43s
The Family First - Episode #020
Show Details36min 12s
Subconscious Sabotage - Episode #019
Show Details27min 47s
Flowers & Friends - Episode #018
Show Details26min 50s
Chase Failure - Episode #017
Show Details26min 49s
The G.R.O.W.T.H Formula - Episode #016
Show Details33min 49s
Enjoy the Climb - Episode #015
Show Details27min 51s
The Vow of the Voice - Episode #014
Show Details18min 39s
Boos Don’t Block Dunks - Episode #013
Show Details9min 59s
Motivation Ain’t $#!+ - Episode #012
Show Details15min 42s
MIP: Mission Is Progress - Episode #011
Show Details19min 10s
AMOR FATI - Episode #010
Show Details11min 15s
A Little Sauce of Life - Episode #009
Show Details23min 36s
478-BREATHE-SLO - Episode #008
Show Details18min 42s
Do Ya Thing - Episode #007
Show Details14min 11s
No Start, No Story - Episode #006
Show Details19min 5s
Say ‘No’ in the New Year - Epsiode #005
Show Details9min 36s
The Alien God x @FoolayDC - Episode #004
Show Details1hr 21min
2021 taught me… - Episode #003
Show Details25min 44s
Superwoman & Toxic Man x @nerdgyal_ - Episode #002
Show Details1hr 12min
What’s Your Motivation? x @BrandonQBrown - Episode #001
Show Details1hr 20min
Spark that! - Episode 0
Show Details2min 22s