Simone Lettieri Dezan: How Quantum Computing will revolutionize your business!

24m | Sep 16, 2021

Get ready for perhaps the biggest game changer in the financial services sector. What if we told you that a quantum computer will break most of the encryption that protects transactions on the internet, and soon? Or that leading physicists are on the verge of building faster computers that will revolutionize everything. Or that the benefits of quantum computing applied to the management of financial portfolios and customer solutions will be renowned. The truth is that although there is some hype, quantum computing presents major opportunities. Forward thinking organizations are already in the game, and those who are successful will have “tangible first mover advantage” over their competitors.  

Simone Lettieri Dezan, CDO of Meta IT talks about the power of quantum computing, what it is, and what it isn’t, the knowledge and processing power it enables and the need for industry leaders, or those who wish to be, to develop their quantum muscles now. 

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