Everton's Collapse, USA to host 2024 Copa America, and Club World Cup Preview

Season 2 | Episode 5
1h 30m | Jan 30, 2023

Everton's time in the Premier League may come to an end with every passing game a further beating into the relegation zone. In 19th place, Everton have now fired their manager Lampard, are bringing Sean Dyche in, Moshiri may be selling Everton FC, all while the financial doom of the Championship and stadium debts threaten the club. Can Dyche lead them out of the relegation zone? Just how bad is Everton's situation?

Club World Cup Preview! Morrocco is set to host the Club World Cup featuring all the winners of the continental Champion's League. From giants such as Real Madrid and Flamengo, to underdogs such as the Seattle Sounders and Casablanca, it'll be a fun time!

The Copa America is coming to the USA in 2024. After Ecuador's surrendering of their hosting rights, CONMEBOL has partnered with CONCACAF to not only bring the South American championship to the USA, but start a true partnership between the two sides. Copa America will be hosted by the USA, with 6 CONCACAF sides joining the tournament. 4 CONMEBOL teams will join the 2024 Women's Gold Cup. And a new club competition between the two continents will begin eventually too. What does this mean for the USMNT, USWNT, and the CONCACAF region as a whole?

Topics Covered:

  • Everton FC's competitive and economic demise
  • 2022 Club World Cup Preview
  • 3x3 grid trivia!
  • 2024 Copa America/2024 W Gold Cup news and updates
  • Transfer Hot-Or-Not: Mckennie to Leeds, Anthony Gordon to Newcastle, Moises Caicedo to not Brighton, Danjuma to Tottenham

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