The Future of Manchester City, The NEW Super League, and The Final Third Derby!

Season 2 | Episode 7
1h 37m | Feb 13, 2023

Manchester City are getting charged, the Super League is back, and Chelsea still can't win games. Today, we take a look at the biggest stories in the footballing world! First, we discuss The Final Third Derby (West Ham vs Chelsea) and the VAR mistakes that occurred in this game and during the Arsenal game. Manchester City have been charged with over 100 breaches in financial conduct by the Premier League, and may face fines, a points deduction, or even expulsion from the Premier League. What does the future of Manchester City look like and what does proper justice look like? The European Super League's new format is under consideration with potentially 60-80 teams, no permanent members, and at least 14 games for each team. Is the idea still as dumb as their first attempt in April 2021? Will it actually solve the very real financial issues of European Football? Finally, we give our predictions for the UEFA Champions League Round of 16 and the SheBelieves Cup featuring the USWNT.

Topics Covered:

  1. The Final Third Derby - West Ham vs Chelsea
  2. Manchester City's Uncertain Future
  3. Premier League x NFL Trivia
  4. The European Super League's New Format
  5. UEFA Champions League Round of 16 Predictions
  6. SheBelieves Cup Predictions

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