The Filipino Parent's Review

A pair of Filipino Moms sharing their insights about their current read from the Home Education Series of Charlotte Mason, and what they do for Mother Culture--books, movies, shows, crafts, and everything else under self-care.


009: Medical Dramas, Synthetic Knowledge, Obedience, #3bookstack
Show Details57min 27s
008: In Which We Answered Some of Your Questions
Show Details1hr 22min
007: Choose to Challenge: Women’s Month, CM principles, #WeReadWomen
Show Details53min 56s
006: Our Thoughts on Social Media, Habit Training, and "Works That Grow with You"
Show Details48min 2s
005: January Reads Recap and Series, CM Vol 1 Part 2 Key Concepts, Consider This
Show Details1hr 10min
004: VPN, 2021 Homeschool Word(s), CM Vol 1 Part 2 Key Takeaways, #TFPRChallenge2021
Show Details56min 18s
003: Life in Lockdown and Goals for 2021
Show Details40min 43s
002: Dash & Lily, CM Vol 1 Part 1 Key Ideas, Reading Goals for 2021
Show Details33min 18s
001: Why we started, CM Vol 1 Part 1 Key Takeaways, Mama Me-time
Show Details35min 19s