the feel better podcast

Holistic and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Kristen Rivenbark, buzzes through different areas of life that enhance our health and well-being. Incorporating her own journey from a dark place in Philadelphia to a sunny lifestyle (and disposition) on the West Coast, she chats with individuals on their own health journey and professionals bringing new perspectives to bring you the best tips and tricks for improving your health through everything your consume, not just food. It's about feeling better.


Ep. 4 - w/ Alisha Phipps
Show Details51min 52s
Ep. 3 - w/ Courtney Jolander
Show Details49min 46s
Ep. 2 - with Catie Pauley of "Flow by Catie"
Show Details44min 46s
Solo Episode!
Show Details26min 35s
Show Details1min 59s