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The Fantasy Fixers

The fantasy fixers podcast is a podcast that will supply all of your fantasy football needs all season long. The objective is to provide a podcast that's no longer than 30 mins. The main goal is to get every listener into the playoffs. As you know it's all luck from there!

This show will debut in 2021 with one host which is Jay Brown. He's been playing fantasy since 2008 and has been running the fantasy fixers facebook page since 2014. He will provide to you the most accurate stats and advice or you get your money back guaranteed.

The podcast can be found on apple podcast, google podcast spotify and many more.


Week 13 Recap and Waiver Wire Picks for the Fantasy Playoffs!!!!
Show Details19min 34s
Week 13 Recap + Week 14 Waiver Wire Adds
Show Details23min 42s
Week 12 Recap and Week 13 Waiver Wire Picks!!!
Show Details28min 32s
Week 12 Preview! Thanksgiving Extravaganza!!!!
Show Details31min 35s
Week 10 Winners and Losers and Week 11 Waiver Wire Adds
Show Details17min 32s
Week 9 Winners and Losers and Week 10 Waiver Wire Adds
Show Details17min 32s
Week 8 NFL Recap and Week 9 Waiver Wire Picks
Show Details18min 15s
Week 7 NFL recap and Waiver Wire Picks of the Week!
Show Details16min 52s
Week 6 Recap, Essential Trade Advice, Waiver Picks of the Week.
Show Details18min 52s
Week 5 Recap and Waiver Wire Pickups of the Week
Show Details16min 52s
Week 4 Recap and Waiver Wire Pickups
Show Details16min 49s
Week 3 Recap/ Waiver Wire Pickups
Show Details22min 44s
Week 2 Recap/ Waiver Wire Pickups
Show Details25min 13s
Tips, Tricks and Hacks episode to ensure you win that ship!
Show Details16min 8s
Week 1 Recap of the NFL season and Waiver Wire Adds!
Show Details38min 10s
Last Minute Fantasy Draft Advice
Show Details13min 52s
Episode 1 of the Fantasy Fixers Podcast
Show Details10min 41s
Episode 0 of the fantasy fixers podcast
Show Details2min 49s