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The Fantasy Authority Fantasy Football Podcast tailors it’s content around you! Weekly sleepers, standard and ppr rankings, DFS, dynasty, auction - you name it, we'll cover it! Never go another week second guessing yourself, just leave it to us, and dominate your league.


Week 10 Running Back Rankings
Show Details14min 3s
Week 8 DST and Kicker Streamers
Show Details4min
Week 7 DST and Kicker Streaming Options
Show Details4min 15s
Week 6 RB Rankings
Show Details12min 25s
Week 6 WR Rankings (Top 36 + Deeper Options)
Show Details13min 11s
Week 6 Waiver Wire Must Adds
Show Details30min 8s
Week 5 RB Rankings (Top 24 + Flex Options)
Show Details12min 9s
Week 5 WR Rankings (Top 36 + Deep Options)
Show Details11min 48s
BEST D/ST & Kicker Streamers for Week 4
Show Details5min 34s
Week 4 RB Rankings
Show Details10min 30s
Week 4 WR Rankings
Show Details11min 30s
Week 3 RB Rankings
Show Details12min 11s
Week 3 WR Rankings
Show Details13min 4s
Week 3 Waiver Wire Adds
Show Details25min 3s
Week 3 DST and Kicker Streaming Options
Show Details5min 34s
Week 2 WR Rankings
Show Details12min 38s
Week 2 RB Rankings
Show Details12min 9s
The Devy Authority - Week 2 CFB Recap (Ep 31)
Show Details23min 25s
Week 2 Waiver Wire Adds
Show Details23min 8s
The Devy Authority - Week 1 CFB Recap
Show Details18min 52s
Week 1 RB Rankings
Show Details20min 58s
Week 1 WR Rankings
Show Details12min 29s
Fantasy Football Advice Q&A
Show Details1hr 29min
The Devy Authority - SEC All Devy Team (Ep 29)
Show Details16min 56s
Training Camp: Dialed In - SF 49ers w/ Grant Cohn
Show Details18min 11s
The Devy Authority - Big10 All Devy Team (Ep 28)
Show Details14min 21s
Top Receiving Totals To Bet for 2022
Show Details15min 57s
The Devy Authority - ACC All Devy Team (Ep 27)
Show Details11min 52s
The Devy Authority - Pac-12 All Devy Team (Ep 26)
Show Details12min 55s
Training Camp: Dialed In - Seattle Seahawks w/ Michael-Shawn Dugar
Show Details19min 48s
The Devy Authority: Big-12 All Devy Team (Ep 25)
Show Details12min 32s
The Devy Authority: Non-Power 5 All Devy Team (Ep 24)
Show Details13min 34s
Top Rushing Total Props for 2022
Show Details13min 15s
Top 5 2022 QB Player Props
Show Details13min 14s
Training Camp: Dialed In - Buffalo Bills w/ Matt Parrino
Show Details20min 21s
Training Camp: Dialed In - Denver Broncos w/ Zac Stevens
Show Details16min 24s
Training Camp: Dialed In - Pittsburgh Steelers w/ Joe Rutter
Show Details16min 14s
Training Camp: Dialed In - Atlanta Falcons w/ Will McFadden
Show Details24min 27s
Training Camp: Dialed In - Miami Dolphins w/ Alain Poupart
Show Details19min 21s
Training Camp: Dialed In - Chicago Bears w/ Sean Hammond
Show Details18min 26s
Training Camp: Dialed In - Cleveland Browns w/ Nick Pedone
Show Details14min 55s
Training Camp: Dialed In - NE Patriots w/ Chris Mason
Show Details15min 33s
Training Camp: Dialed In - Tampa Bay Bucs w/ Greg Auman
Show Details12min 57s
Training Camp: Dialed In - Las Vegas Raiders w/Heidi Fang
Show Details23min 8s
Training Camp: Dialed In - Washington Commanders w/ Ethan Cadeaux
Show Details20min 4s
Training Camp: Dialed In - Jacksonville Jaguars w/ Hays Carlyon
Show Details20min 10s
Training Camp: Dialed In - Kansas City Chiefs w/ Aaron Ladd
Show Details21min
Training Camp: Dialed In - Dallas Cowboys w/ Landon McCool
Show Details29min 15s
15 Late Round Fantasy Football Running Backs To Draft
Show Details18min 32s
Training Camp: Dialed In - Minnesota Vikings w/ Arif Hasan
Show Details38min 22s
Training Camp: Dialed In - LA Rams w/ Gilbert Manzano
Show Details26min 26s
Training Camp: Dialed In - Cincinnati Bengals w/ ESPN's Ben Baby
Show Details36min 26s
Training Camp Dialed In: Indianapolis Colts w/ Kevin Bowen
Show Details21min 11s
Fantasy Football Running Back Rankings 2022
Show Details20min 54s
Deshaun Watson Suspension: Fantasy Football Implications
Show Details33min 55s
Nick Chubb: The Safest RB in Round 2??
Show Details7min 31s
2022 Bold Calls & Hot Takes
Show Details1hr 23min
James Conner Fantasy Football Outlook 2022
Show Details5min 59s
Dalvin Cook Bounce Back Incoming?
Show Details8min 17s
Must Draft Fantasy Football WRs (Middle Rounds)
Show Details13min 12s
Javonte Williams: Top-5 RB Potential in 2022?
Show Details6min 3s
Darnell Mooney: Undervalued or Just Right for 2022?
Show Details5min 19s
Saquon Barkley: Resurgence in 2022?
Show Details6min 37s
Top Fantasy Football Sleepers to Target in 2022
Show Details1hr 4min
Travis Etienne: Mid-Round Steal of 2022?
Show Details6min 16s
Breece Hall: Undervalued for 2022?
Show Details6min 23s
2022 Rankings Debates
Show Details1hr 11min
CeeDee Lamb: A Top-5 WR in 2022?
Show Details5min 18s
Najee Harris - A Buy or Sell for 2022?
Show Details6min 41s
15 Deep Sleepers for 2022
Show Details16min 52s
2022 Wide Receiver Tiers
Show Details28min 45s
Dynasty RB ADP Discussion w/Justin Wright
Show Details1hr 23min
2022 Running Back Tiers
Show Details20min 58s
2022 NFL Win Total Bets
Show Details37min 23s
Breakout Candidates: WRs & TEs
Show Details15min 47s
Breakout Candidates: QBs and RBs
Show Details19min 45s
TFA Dyno Show: How NOT To Mock
Show Details19min 5s
Must Draft Wide Receivers for 2022
Show Details19min 52s
Must Draft Running Backs for 2022
Show Details20min 40s
Dynasty Values Discussion w/ Cal Shoemake
Show Details1hr 23min
Four Dynasty Sells for June
Show Details11min 8s
Fantasy Football Ranking Debates 2022 w/ Derek Brown from Fantasy Pros
Show Details2hr
2022 Mock Draft
Show Details21min 51s
TFA Dyno Show: Superflex Mock Draft
Show Details1hr 18min
Top-36 WR Rankings
Show Details16min 10s
Top-24 RB Rankings
Show Details20min 41s
TFA Dyno Show Ep. 50: 2022 Rookie Projections w/Heath Cummings
Show Details1hr 13min
2022 Draft Winners & Losers
Show Details20min 20s
NFL Draft 2022 Day 1 - Fantasy Football Reactions
Show Details19min 9s
TFA Dyno Show Ep. 49 - 2022 Rookie QB/TE Prospects w/Matt Hicks
Show Details1hr 26min
Top 12 2022 Rookie Running Backs with Derek Brown from FantasyPros
Show Details1hr 46min
Top 2022 Rookie Wide Receivers ahead of the NFL Draft with Jesse Reeves
Show Details1hr 16min
TFA Dyno Show Ep 48 - 2022 Rookie WRs with @angelo_fantasy
Show Details54min 9s
TFA Dyno Show Ep. 47 - Offseason Value Changes
Show Details1hr 5min
TFA Dyno Show Ep. 46 - Rookie RB Prospects w/Brandon Lejeune
Show Details1hr 18min
Devy Authority Ep. 23 - 2024 2-Round Prospect Mock Draft
Show Details53min 56s
TFA Dyno Show Ep. 45 - Free Agency News & Predictions
Show Details1hr 7min
Devy Authority Ep. 22 - 2022 NFL Draft Prospects w_ Rich Adams
Show Details41min 28s
Superflex Rookie Mock (2 rounds)
Show Details37min 33s
Top 15 Dynasty Tight End Rankings
Show Details14min 40s
Top 12 2022 Rookie WRs (Pre-Combine)
Show Details26min 29s
Breece Hall Rookie Profile
Show Details8min 32s
4 Players to Buy NOW in Dynasty
Show Details13min 56s
2022 Top Rookie Running Backs (6-10)
Show Details16min 2s
2022 Top Rookie Running Backs (1-5)
Show Details17min 35s
Super Bowl Player Props (Live Show)
Show Details47min
TFA Dyno Show Ep. 44 - NFL Coaching Changes
Show Details34min 43s
2022 NFL Draft Preview - Top 5 QBs, RBs, and WRs
Show Details1hr 42min
4 Players to Sell in Dynasty
Show Details14min 35s
2021 Fantasy Football Season Recap
Show Details1hr 9min
TFA Dyno Show Ep. 43 - 2021 Rookie SF Redraft Round 2
Show Details37min 26s
Way Too Early 2022 WR Rankings
Show Details13min 20s
TFA Dyno Show Ep. 42 - Reranking the 2021 Rookies
Show Details43min 48s
2022 RB Rankings - A Way Too Early Look
Show Details15min 42s
2022 QB + TE Rankings - A Way Too Early Look
Show Details12min 53s
Top DST Streamers for the Fantasy Playoffs
Show Details6min 54s
Week 14 WR Rankings+ Must Start Plays
Show Details10min 21s
Sleeper RBs for Week 14
Show Details9min 8s
Week 14 RB Rankings + Must Starts
Show Details11min 18s
Fantasy Trends for Week 12
Show Details6min 39s
Week 12 Waiver Wire & Streamers
Show Details18min 32s
Week 11 RB Sleepers/Flex Plays
Show Details8min 1s
Week 11 RB Trade Targets
Show Details6min 54s
Week 11 RB Rankings and Must Start Plays
Show Details8min 50s
The Devy Authority - CFB Week 11 Review
Show Details16min 32s
Fantasy Football Trends for Week 11
Show Details8min 53s
Week 10 ThriveFantasy Plays
Show Details6min 25s
Week 10 Waiver Wire Adds & Streaming Options
Show Details30min 48s
Week 10 Trends
Show Details10min 55s
Week 9 Thrive Fantasy Plays
Show Details8min 2s
Week 9 WR Rankings
Show Details13min 15s
Week 9 RB Rankings
Show Details14min 44s
Devy Authority Ep. 20 - CFB Week 9 Review
Show Details20min 22s
Week 8 Reactions and Week 9 Trends
Show Details12min 41s
Week 9 Waivers/Streams and Derrick Henry Injury Reaction
Show Details45min 22s
Week 8 RB Rankings
Show Details19min 48s
Week 8 WR Rankings
Show Details20min 49s
NFL Trends for Week 8
Show Details10min 3s
Devy Authority Ep. 19 - CFB Week 8 Review
Show Details17min 10s
Week 8 Waivers and Streaming Options
Show Details16min 28s
Week 7 Thrive Fantasy Picks
Show Details11min 51s
Week 7 WR/CB Matchups
Show Details5min 52s
Week 7 Wide Receiver Rankings
Show Details22min 18s
Week 7 Running Back Rankings
Show Details30min 14s
Week 7 Streaming Options (QB/TE/DST)
Show Details9min 30s
Week 7 Waiver Wire Adds
Show Details35min 36s
Week 6 Thrive Fantasy Picks
Show Details7min 55s
Week 6 WR Rankings
Show Details19min 59s
Week 6 RB Rankings
Show Details23min 45s
TFA Dyno Show Ep. 41 - Dynasty Stock Evaluation
Show Details1hr 18min
Devy Authority Ep. 18 - CFB Week 6 Review
Show Details21min 23s
Week 6 Streamers (QB/TE/DST)
Show Details7min 55s
Week 5 Fantasy Reactions and Week 6 Trends
Show Details11min 50s
Week 6 Waiver Wire Adds
Show Details23min 42s
Week 5 WR/CB Matchups
Show Details6min 1s
Week 5 Start/Sits
Show Details37min 44s
Week 5 RB Rankings
Show Details26min 7s
Week 5 WR Rankings
Show Details29min 34s
Devy Authority Ep. 17 - CFB Week 5 Review
Show Details18min 45s
Fantasy Football Trends from Week 4
Show Details12min 37s
Week 5 Streaming Options
Show Details10min 27s
Week 5 Top Waiver Wire Adds
Show Details26min 37s
Week 4 WR/CB Matchups
Show Details8min 10s
Week 4 Start or Sit Show
Show Details29min 38s
Week 4 Wide Receiver Rankings
Show Details27min 53s
Week 4 Running Back Rankings
Show Details28min 24s
Devy Authority Ep. 16 - CFB Week 4 Review
Show Details21min 38s
Week 4 Trends & Reactions
Show Details13min 22s
Week 4 Waiver Wire Adds
Show Details15min
Week 3 WR/CB Matchups
Show Details9min 46s
Week 3 QB/TE Rankings
Show Details15min 43s
TFA Dyno Show Ep. 40 - Early Season Reactions
Show Details50min 55s
Week 3 WR Rankings
Show Details23min 14s
Week 3 RB Rankings
Show Details24min 11s
Week 3 Streamers - QB/TE/DEF/K
Show Details8min 30s
Week 3 Trends
Show Details10min 2s
Week 3 Waiver Wire Adds
Show Details15min 39s
Devy Authority Ep. 15 - CFB Week 3 Review
Show Details22min 44s
Week 2 WR/CB Matchups
Show Details9min 51s
Week 2 QB/TE Rankings
Show Details14min 47s
Week 2 Start/Sits
Show Details26min 39s
Week 2 RB Rankings
Show Details17min 58s
Week 2 WR Rankings
Show Details28min 58s
Week 2 Streaming Options (QB/TE/DST/K)
Show Details9min 11s
Week 2 Trends & Preview
Show Details9min 31s
Devy Authority Ep. 14 - CFB Week 2 Review
Show Details21min 38s
Week 2 Waiver Wire Adds
Show Details27min 48s
Week 1 WR/CB Matchups
Show Details7min 9s
Week 1 Start or Sit
Show Details24min 30s
TFA Dyno Show Ep. 39 - Deep Dynasty Sleepers
Show Details18min 27s
Week 1 QB/TE Rankings
Show Details18min 2s
Week 1 WR Rankings
Show Details21min 46s
Week 1 RB Rankings
Show Details21min 22s
Devy Authority - CFB Week 1 Review
Show Details15min 57s
Week 1 Top Waiver Wire Adds
Show Details26min 36s
The Devy Authority (Ep 12): SEC All-Devy Team
Show Details14min 8s
Jalen Hurts Player Profile - Potential League Winner??
Show Details7min 37s
Buffalo Bills Training Camp: Dialed-In w/ Matt Parrino
Show Details23min 4s
Arizona Cardinals Training Camp: Dialed-In w/ Darren Urban
Show Details20min 44s
Mark Andrews or T.J. Hockenson - Who Should You Draft??
Show Details13min 47s
The Devy Authority (Ep 11): Big 10 All-Devy Team
Show Details11min 43s
San Francisco 49ers Training Camp: Dialed-In w/ Grant Cohn
Show Details28min 35s
Best ADP Values Round by Round
Show Details13min 25s
The Devy Authority (Ep 10): ACC All-Devy Team
Show Details13min 8s
Trey Sermon Player Profile - Mid-Round League Winner??
Show Details7min 38s
Emergency Pod: JK Dobbins Injury & Reaction
Show Details13min 33s
3 D/STs to Target Late in Your Drafts
Show Details5min 55s
2021 WR Rankings, Strategies, & Late Round Targets
Show Details29min 4s
2021 RB Rankings, Strategies, & Late Round Targets
Show Details29min 3s
Derrick Henry or Nick Chubb - Who Should You Draft??
Show Details13min 26s
Diontae Johnson Player Profile - 3rd Year Breakout WR??
Show Details8min 32s
2021 QB Rankings, Strategies, & Late Round Targets
Show Details22min 34s
Houston Texans Training Camp: Dialed-In w/ Aaron Reiss
Show Details21min 6s
Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp: Dialed-In w/ Zach Berman
Show Details18min 6s
TFA Dyno Show Ep. 38 - Prop Talk Crossover w/J-Mic
Show Details1hr 22min
Detroit Lion Training Camp: Dialed-In w/ Dave Birkett
Show Details20min 13s
2021 Wide Receiver Sleepers
Show Details16min 37s
The Devy Authority (Ep 9): Big-12 All-Devy Team
Show Details13min 53s
Derrick Henry Player Profile - 2021 1st Round Fade??
Show Details10min 12s
Najee Harris or Austin Ekeler - Who Should You Draft??
Show Details15min 8s
New Orleans Saints Training Camp: Dialed-In w/ Sean Fazende
Show Details17min 31s
Antonio Gibson or Clyde Edwards-Helaire - Who Should You Draft??
Show Details12min 51s
New England Patriots Training Camp: Dialed-In w/ Chris Mason
Show Details17min 16s
Miami Dolphins Training Camp: Dialed-In w/ Alain Poupart
Show Details23min 6s
TFA Dyno Show Ep. 37 - Crystal Ball w/14Personnel
Show Details1hr 27min
Terrace Marshall Player Profile - Ultimate Late Round WR??
Show Details6min 57s
Ezekiel Elliott or Saquon Barkley - Who Should You Draft??
Show Details14min 59s
Justin Jefferson or AJ Brown - Who Should You Draft??
Show Details13min 17s
Dallas Cowboys Training Camp: Dialed-In w/ Landon McCool
Show Details32min 21s
TFA Prop Talk: 2021 NFL Player Total Bets
Show Details15min 43s
The Devy Authority (Ep 8): Pac-12 All-Devy Team
Show Details11min 58s
Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp 2.0: Dialed-In w/ Fernando Ramirez
Show Details22min 50s
2021 Running Back Rankings Debate
Show Details45min 33s
Elijah Moore Player Profile - Sneaky Rookie Sleeper??
Show Details7min 7s
The Saquon Barkley Debate
Show Details9min 57s
Aaron Jones Player Profile - Most Undervalued RB??
Show Details7min 30s
Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp: Dialed-In w/ Joe Rutter
Show Details21min 46s
Javonte Williams Player Profile - Mid-Round League Winner??
Show Details10min 10s
Tyler Lockett Player Profile - Mid-Round Steal??
Show Details7min 26s
Chicago Bears Training Camp: Dialed-In w/ Sean Hammond
Show Details22min 48s
Joe Mixon Player Profile: Smash Play for 2021??
Show Details8min 37s
Minnesota Vikings Training Camp: Dialed-In w/ Arif Hasan
Show Details34min 13s
Best RB Sleepers for 2021
Show Details21min 7s
D'Andre Swift or J.K. Dobbins - Who Should You Draft??
Show Details14min 32s
Cincinnati Bengals Training Camp: Dialed-In w/ Ben Baby
Show Details35min 20s
Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp: Dialed-In w/ Hays Carlyon
Show Details20min 44s
Denver Broncos Training Camp: Dialed-In with Zac Stevens
Show Details14min 50s
TFA Dyno Show Ep. 36 - BUSTS! #HatersBall
Show Details50min 8s
2021 TE Rankings Disputes
Show Details24min 25s
Cooper Kupp Player Profile - Major Comeback in 2021??
Show Details7min 14s
Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp: Dialed-In with Gilbert Manzano
Show Details29min 11s
NFL Training Camp News
Show Details11min 16s
7 Tips to Help You CRUSH Your Fantasy Drafts
Show Details10min 50s
2021 Training Camp Dialed-In: Indianapolis Colts with Kevin Bowen
Show Details19min 54s
Tyreek Hill Player Profile - THEE WR1 for 2021??
Show Details6min 24s
Antonio Gibson Player Profile - Top-5 in PPR??
Show Details9min 16s
Austin Ekeler Player Profile - Top-5 RB??
Show Details5min 59s
Amari Cooper Player Profile - WR1 for 2021??
Show Details6min
Najee Harris Player Profile - RB1 for 2021??
Show Details9min 13s
2021 WR Rankings Disputes
Show Details33min 21s
TFA Dyno Show Ep. 35 - Division Previews: AFC East
Show Details44min 53s
The Devy Authority (Ep 7): Non-Power 5 All-Devy Team
Show Details13min 57s
TFA Dyno Show Ep. 34 - Division Previews: NFC East
Show Details55min 57s
TFA Dyno Show Ep. 33 - Dynasty Buy/Sell - AFC Edition
Show Details1hr 15min
Alvin Kamara vs Dalvin Cook - Who Should You Draft?
Show Details17min 8s
TFA Dyno Show Ep. 32 - Dynasty Buys - NFC Edition
Show Details1hr 11min
The Devy Authority (Ep 6): Buy, Sell, and Pray!
Show Details48min 40s
Aaron Jones vs Austin Ekeler: TFA Throwdown (2021)
Show Details13min 21s
Three Undervalued Players for 2021
Show Details6min 32s
Top WR Sleepers for 2021
Show Details27min 50s
TFA Dyno Show Ep. 31 - Rookie & Sophomore RBs & WRs
Show Details1hr 11min
Top RB Sleepers for 2021
Show Details25min 9s
Top-5 QB Sleepers for 2021
Show Details17min 3s
June Dynasty Sells
Show Details17min 42s
June Dynasty Buys
Show Details14min 53s
The Devy Authority: 2022 Player Rankings
Show Details33min 28s
Top 5 2022 Running Backs - Devy Fantasy Football
Show Details9min 6s
TFA Dynasty Show Ep. 30 - WR & TE Ranking Disputes
Show Details44min 36s
2021 Mock Draft - Half PPR Redraft Mock Draft
Show Details1hr 21min
The Devy Authority (Ep 4): 2024 Devy Targets
Show Details43min 16s
TFA Dynasty Pod: Ep. 29 -Dynasty QB & RB Rankings Dispute
Show Details1hr 14min
2021 PPR Redraft Mock Draft - Vol 1
Show Details1hr 13min
2021 Fantasy Football QB Rankings
Show Details32min 1s
2021 Fantasy Football Top 12 TE Rankings
Show Details23min 24s
2021 Fantasy Football Top 36 WR Rankings
Show Details47min 46s
Top 24 Running Back Rankings - Post NFL Draft Update
Show Details27min 5s
2021 NFL Draft Losers for Fantasy Football
Show Details27min 36s
2021 NFL Draft Winners for Fantasy Football
Show Details30min 55s
2021 Early Fantasy Football Breakout Candidates
Show Details35min
Anthony Schwartz, WR, Auburn - 2021 NFL Draft Breakdown
Show Details8min 16s
TFA Dynasty Show: Rookie Prospect Superlatives (EP 27)
Show Details1hr 7min
Amari Rodgers, WR, Clemson - 2021 Rookie Profile
Show Details11min 4s
Tylan Wallace, WR, Oklahoma State - 2021 Rookie Profile
Show Details5min 11s
Jaylen Waddle, WR, Alabama - 2021 Rookie Profile
Show Details9min 20s
Hunter Long, TE, Boston College - 2021 Rookie Profile
Show Details5min 39s
TFA Devy Authority (Ep3) - Devy Players to Buy
Show Details43min 17s
TFA Dynasty Football Show: Pro Day Recaps, Part One (Ep 26)
Show Details56min 54s
TFA Dynasty Show Ep. 25 - Dynasty FA Signings Buy or Sell
Show Details58min 33s
NFL Free Agency Winners and Losers
Show Details45min 19s
Amon-Ra St. Brown, WR, USC - 2021 NFL Draft Profile
Show Details11min 11s
Zach Wilson Draft Profile
Show Details12min 53s
TFA Dynasty Show: Dynasty Implications of NFL Free Agency (EP 24)
Show Details31min 24s
Early Look at 2021 QB Rankings
Show Details16min 46s
TFA Dynasty Football Show: 2021 Rookie RBs w/ Dwight Peebles (EP 23)
Show Details57min 1s
Top 5 Rookie WRs - 2021 NFL Draft Rookie Profiles
Show Details31min 47s
James Robinsons' belt loves buttholes - 2nd Year RB Discussion
Show Details56min 20s
Kenneth Gainwell Rookie Profile (RB/Memphis)
Show Details6min 54s
Dyami Brown Rookie Profile (WR/UNC)
Show Details9min 17s
2021 Superflex Rookie Mock Draft
Show Details1hr
Top 5 2021 Rookie QBs
Show Details35min 51s
TFA Dynasty Show Ep.22 - 2021 WR Prospects w_Angelo
Show Details1hr 7min
Kyle Pitts, Florida, TE - 2021 NFL Draft Profile - Next Jimmy Graham?
Show Details9min 14s
Trey Sermon, Ohio St, RB - 2021 NFL Draft Profile Top 5 RB Upside?
Show Details14min
Kylin Hill, RB Mississippi St - 2021 NFL Draft Profile
Show Details8min 52s
Ja'Marr Chase 2021 NFL Draft Profile - THE WR1
Show Details14min 5s
Top Rookie RBs 2021: Best of the Rest RB6-10
Show Details34min 35s
2021 Top 5 Rookie Running Backs
Show Details24min 54s
Devy Authority (Ep 2) - Devy Dynasty Fantasy Football 101
Show Details36min 47s
TFA Dynasty Football Show (Ep21) - 2021 QB Prospects
Show Details1hr 1min
Javonte Williams RB1 Hype Train | 2021 NFL Draft Profile
Show Details10min 21s
TFA Dyno Show (Ep 20) - RB and TEs Free Agency Preview
Show Details55min 29s
Early Offseason Dynasty Cheap Buys
Show Details15min 20s
Dynasty Trade Targets for Contenders
Show Details15min 52s
Dynasty Trade Targets for Rebuilding Teams
Show Details16min 11s
Early Offseason Dynasty Buy Highs
Show Details13min 47s
Early Offseason Dynasty Buy Lows
Show Details14min 22s
TFA Dyno Show Ep 19 - QB and WR Free Agency Preview
Show Details1hr 2min
The Devy Authority (EP 1): Early Look at Top 2022 Prospects
Show Details28min 24s
TFA Dyno Show: Offseason Rankings Chatter (EP 18)
Show Details56min 8s
TFA Dyno Show: End of Season Player Values (EP 17)
Show Details1hr 16min
Rankings WRs for Wild Card Weekend
Show Details19min 37s
Ranking the RBs for Wild Card Weekend
Show Details15min 29s
Wild Card TE Rankings
Show Details11min 14s
Wild Card QB Rankings!
Show Details13min 15s
Week 16 QB Rankings
Show Details15min 30s
Week 16 RB Rankings
Show Details21min 5s
Week 16 WR Rankings
Show Details23min 56s
TFA Dyno Show: The James Robinson Conundrum (EP 16)
Show Details30min 48s
Week 14 Top Waiver Wire and Streaming Options
Show Details22min 47s
Week 13 RB Rankings
Show Details27min 42s
Week 13 WR Rankings
Show Details19min 24s
Week 13 QB Rankings
Show Details18min 15s
TFA Dyno Show: Redrafting the 2020 Rookies - Round 2 (Ep 15)
Show Details1hr 8min
Week 13 Top Waiver Wire Adds and Streaming Options
Show Details30min 45s
Week 12 Trends
Show Details8min 22s
Week 12 Top Waiver Wire Adds and Streaming Options
Show Details24min 6s
TFA Dyno Show Ep 14 - Redrafting the 2020 Rookies
Show Details59min 42s
Fantasy Playoff Lookahead!
Show Details36min 24s
Week 11 Top Waiver Wire Adds
Show Details19min 21s
TFA Dyno Show: 1st Half Yin & Yang (Ep 13)
Show Details1hr 9min
Week 10 Buys and Sells
Show Details22min 54s
Week 10 Top Waiver Wire Adds
Show Details31min 48s
Week 9 Buy/Sell
Show Details32min 14s
Week 9 Trends
Show Details6min 55s
TFA Dyno Show: Top-12 Fantasy Survivors (Ep 12)
Show Details23min 22s
Week 8 Buy or Sell
Show Details27min 27s
Week 7 Takeaways
Show Details8min 9s
Week 8 Waiver Wire Adds and Streaming Options
Show Details32min 26s
TFA Dyno Show: 2019 vs 2020 Rookie Battles (EP 11)
Show Details59min 35s
Week 7 Waiver Wire Adds and Streaming Options
Show Details19min 56s
TFA Dyno Show Ep. 10 - Dynasty Movers Through Five Weeks
Show Details50min 44s
TFA Dynasty: It's Joe Mixon Time! (EP 9)
Show Details1hr 1min
Week 4 Start or Sit + Q&A
Show Details1hr 2min
Week 4 Waiver Wire Rankings
Show Details19min 48s
TFA Dynasty: Recovering from the Injury Apocalypse (Ep 8)
Show Details58min 28s
Week 3 Start and Sits + Q&A
Show Details56min 29s
Week 2 Start or Sit + Q&A
Show Details1hr 26min
TFA Dynasty: Week 1 Overreactions! (EP 7)
Show Details1hr 18min
TFA Dynasty: AFC Odds Maker (EP 6)
Show Details52min
Week 1 Injury Report
Show Details8min 25s
Week 1 Start or Sit + Q&A
Show Details59min 47s
TFA Dynasty: NFC Odds Maker (EP 5)
Show Details43min 20s
Week 1 Waiver Adds
Show Details26min 34s
TFA Throwdown: DJ Moore vs Amari Cooper
Show Details11min 38s
TFA Dynasty: Deep Sleepers (Ep 4)
Show Details25min 6s
NFL Training Camp Update - 8/29
Show Details7min 54s
ADP Price Check: Buy or Sell At Current ADP
Show Details1hr 9min
TFA Dynasty: Busts! - EP: 3
Show Details39min 5s
Top WR Sleepers To Target in 2020
Show Details27min 36s
NFL Training Camp Update - 8/24
Show Details10min 44s
Top RB Sleepers To Target
Show Details27min 11s
Top Late-Round QBs To Target
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NFL Training Camp Weekend Update
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TFA Throwdown: Aaron Jones vs Josh Jacobs
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NFL Training Camp Updates 8/17-8/18: Ya Heard? With Perd.
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TFA Throwdown: James Conner vs Le'Veon Bell
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TFA Throwdown: Cooper Kupp vs Calvin Ridley
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TFA Dynasty: Bold Predictions - Ep 2
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TFA Throwdown: Cam Akers vs D'Andre Swift
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TFA Throwdown: Davante Adams vs Michael Thomas + NFL News and Notes
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TFA Dynasty: Rankings Debate - Ep 1
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TFA Throwdown: D.K. Metcalf vs D.J. Chark
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TFA Throwdown: Miles Sanders vs Joe Mixon
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Adam Gase Butthole Tickler (Late-Round Players To Target)
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Middle-Round Players To Target
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Early Round Players To Target + How To Handle The 2020 Rookies
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How Covid-19 Could Impact Your Fantasy Football League
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6 Undervalued Players to Target
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2020 Bold Predictions (#NutsOnTheTable) + Late-Round Sleepers w/ Robby Jeffries
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ZERO WR Draft Strategy and Who to Target
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Zero RB Draft Strategy and Who To Target
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Top 13-36 WR Rankings + Late-Round WR Targets
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Top 12 WR Fantasy Football Rankings
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RB Rankings 13-24 + Late Round Buys
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Top 12 Running Back Rankings
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Top 12 TE Rankings + Late-Round Targets
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2020 Fantasy QB Rankings + Late-Round Targets
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ADP Price Check: Buy or Sell - WR Edition
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ADP Price Check: Buy or Sell RB - Edition
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Top Breakout Targets for 2020
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Frontlines of Fantasy - US Navy Eric Ludwig - Ep 2
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Must Own Second-Year RBs and WRs
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Frontlines of Fantasy - Kent Weyrauch - Ep 1
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2020 Fantasy Football Mock Draft (Vol 1)
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2020 Keeper League Strategy and Tips
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2020 Early Fantasy Football Sleepers
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NFC East Fantasy Preview
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Kamikaze Superflex Rookie Mock Draft
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Top Rookie WRs to Target in Fantasy Drafts
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Top Rookie RBs and WRs to Target (Part 1)
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Kamikaze Dynasty Rookie WR Discussion
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Top Rookie Wide Receivers (Part 2) - Ray Garvin
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Top Rookie Wide Receivers (Part 1)
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2020 Rookie Running Backs (Part 2)
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2020 Top 5 Rookie Running Backs
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Undervalued Rookie Draft ADP
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Early Undervalued Best Ball Targets
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Dynasty Start-up ADP Price Check
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NFL Free Agency Fantasy Reactions Part 2
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Free Agency Reactions and Fantasy Impacts
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171: 2020 NFL Free Agency Preview
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Kamikaze Dynasty Scouting Summit
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170: Post-Combine Risers and Fallers
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Top RB and WR Prospects Pre-Combine w/ Derek Brown & Brandon Lejeune
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2020 NFL Draft Top QB and TE Prospects
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Top 12 Wide Receivers – 2020 NFL Draft – Dynasty Football
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2020 Rookie Running Back Breakdown
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NFL DFS Super Bowl Showdown Breakdown
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NFL DFS – Divisional Round Breakdown
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NFL DFS – Wild Card Weekend Breakdown
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Fantasy Football 2019 SZN Review
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NFL DFS Main Slate Breakdown – Week 16
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Fantasy Football Start or Sit Week 16
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Fantasy Football Start or Sit Week 15
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NFL DFS Main Slate Breakdown – Week 14
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Fantasy Football Start or Sit – Week 14
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NFL DFS Draftkings Breakdown – Week 13
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Fantasy Football Start or Sit – Week 13
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NFL DFS Thanksgiving Slate Breakdown
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NFL DFS Draftkings Breakdown – Week 12
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NFL DFS Draftkings Main Slate Breakdown – Week 11
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NFL DFS Draftkings Main Slate Breakdown – Week 10
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