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The Fake Deep Radio

The Fake deep radio is a podcast where the hosts Ashish, Abel, Odudu & David have fun, light hearted but provocative conversations on culture, creativity & music from their unique perspectives as young Nigerians.


S1EP11 - "Nollywood" with Bambii
Show Details1hr 35min
S01EP10 - Top 5 (M.I Songs of all time)
Show Details1hr 39min
S1EP09 - Kids, Soulmates & Uncle Chimezie
Show Details1hr 18min
S1EP08 - Business Studies with Tobi
Show Details1hr 17min
S1EP07 - Worst Nigerian Lyrics
Show Details1hr 15min
S1EP06 -"Offering time...Blessing time"
Show Details1hr 17min
S1EP05 - "Vision 10 2022"
Show Details1hr 13min
S1EP04 - "What do you bring to the table" with Naomi & Sifon
Show Details1hr
S1EP03-Top 5 (Twice as Tall)
Show Details57min 38s
S1EP02-Love Languages
Show Details43min 54s
S1EP01-New beginnings
Show Details42min 33s
Show Details2min 31s