Earth to Humans

Earth to Humans is a bi-weekly interview series featuring conversations with top experts in the fields of conservation, wildlife and environmental justice.


ETH Bonus: We're Taking A Break!
Show Details15min 58s
ETH 227: Bright Green Lies
Show Details1hr 16min
ETH 226: Saving the Rainforest, One C-Section at a Time
Show Details50min 1s
ETH 225: "In a Gentle Way, He Shakes the World" - Munir Virani's Mission to Conserve Vultures and Birds of Prey
Show Details51min 18s
ETH 224: Are We Screwing Up Climate Change Education?
Show Details46min 39s
ETH 223: Raíces Verdes
Show Details29min 22s
ETH 222: It Started With A Pair of Pants
Show Details39min 35s
ETH 221: There's No Such Thing as Wilderness: An Alternate History of the National Park Service
Show Details44min 44s
ETH 220: That Insurrection Thing
Show Details1hr 4min
ETH 219: Legends, Locals and Pink Dolphins
Show Details42min 16s
ETH 218: Possums, Stoats and Weasels...Oh My!
Show Details38min
ETH 217: Biodiversity and Climate Change: 1 Coin 2 Sides
Show Details48min 14s
ETH 216: Orcas, Salmon and...Trees?
Show Details43min 20s
ETH 215: How A 12-Year-Old Banned Plastic in Bali
Show Details35min 28s
ETH 214: The Great Iwokrama Experiment
Show Details52min 51s
ETH 213: Election Roundtable
Show Details1hr 15min
ETH 212: Ancient History - from COMMON LAND
Show Details40min 21s
ETH 211: Jessica Graham, Conservation Crimefighter
Show Details48min 31s
Introducing Earth to Humans!
Show Details23min 14s
EOC 210: Working for Global (Migratory) Birds, Locally
Show Details32min 10s
EOC 209: Paulette Jordan's Historic Bid for the US Senate
Show Details55min 54s
EOC 208: Ain't No Mountain High Enough for Climate Change
Show Details47min 38s
EOC 207: Restoring Our Reefs
Show Details41min 40s
EOC 206: Mark's Cougar Conundrum
Show Details1hr 12min
HELP! Help Us Rename the Show!
Show Details17min 17s
EOC Archives 160: Rue Mapp on Reclaiming Blackness in Outdoor Spaces
Show Details49min 17s
EOC 205: Social Justice Conservation Roundtable
Show Details1hr 23min
EOC 204: Dr. Randall Wells Shares his Porpoise
Show Details37min 34s
EOC 203: Climate Change, National Security, and Covid-19 in the Trump Administration
Show Details47min 5s
EOC 202: Love The Oceans
Show Details40min 58s
EOC 201: China's Wet Market Workover
Show Details26min 52s
BONUS: COVID-19 and the Appalachian Trail - Common Land
Show Details47min 49s
EOC 200: Our “Tiger King” Reality Check
Show Details38min 37s
EOC 199: Shedding Light on Bats and Covid-19
Show Details48min 40s
EOC 198: Covid-19 Roundtable
Show Details1hr 3min
EOC 197: Mammalz is "Twitch for Nature"
Show Details1hr 27min
EOC 196: Ayana Young, For the Wild
Show Details1hr 3min
EOC 195: The Wonderful World of Wetlands
Show Details51min 19s
EOC 194: Bathsheba Demuth
Show Details47min 34s
EOC 193: Wildfires to Wildflowers: Ildiko Polony and Eco-Activism
Show Details1hr 2min
INTRODUCING: Common Land - Episode 1: Morley's Vision
Show Details30min 51s
EOC 192: Jon Kasbe, When Lambs Become Lions
Show Details44min 53s
EOC 191: A Very Wild Lens Christmas
Show Details1hr 15min
EOC 190: Eco-Fascism
Show Details1hr 11min
EOC 189: The Trees Are Coming!
Show Details41min 41s
Long Time Listener, First Time Caller
Show Details2min 6s
EOC 188: City Grazing
Show Details36min
EOC 187: Bering Sea Days
Show Details51min 7s
EOC 186: House Fire
Show Details51min 38s
EOC 185: The Green Reaper
Show Details1hr 5min
EOC 184: Ted Howard
Show Details53min 53s
EOC 183: The Wolves of Denali
Show Details41min 43s
EOC 182: Are Gray Whales the Canary in the Climate Coal Mine?
Show Details49min
EOC 181: Tree Yourself
Show Details47min 33s
EOC 180: Bright Green Lies - Exposing the True Cost of Renewable Energy with Filmmaker Julia Barnes
Show Details42min 16s
EOC 179: Ecology in the City
Show Details43min 13s
EOC 178: The Mind of a Youth Organizer
Show Details47min 18s
EOC 177: The Politics of Public Lands with Larry LaRocco
Show Details1hr 6min
EOC 176: Youth Climate Strike!
Show Details52min 6s
EOC 175: Climate, Conflict and Chiwetel Ejiofor!
Show Details1hr 2min
EOC 174: A Day in the Life at Sundance Film Festival 2019
Show Details1hr 10min
EOC 173: Exploring the Impact of Climate Change on Indigenous Communities
Show Details25min 43s
EOC 172: A Stolen Future
Show Details34min 29s
EOC 171: 100 Years of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act
Show Details48min 55s
EOC 170: The Unsettling Link Between Violence Against Women and Climate Change
Show Details41min 38s
EOC 169: Livin' On a Prairie!
Show Details56min 49s
EOC 168: Resiliency and Opportunity in the Face of Climate Change
Show Details1hr 23min
EOC 167: Bill Ulfelder on the Implications of the Recent IPCC Report
Show Details39min 1s
EOC 166: Fracked Politics
Show Details57min 37s
EOC 165: Keeping the Fire
Show Details51min 25s
EOC 164: Purple Haze
Show Details1hr 12min
EOC 163: Mike Phillips
Show Details35min 43s
EOC 162: Saving the Nautilus
Show Details26min 27s
EOC 161: Mr. Trash Wheel Saves the Day!
Show Details34min 14s
EOC 160: Rue Mapp on Reclaiming Blackness in Outdoor Spaces
Show Details47min 53s
EOC 159: The Fortunate Few
Show Details55min 32s
EOC 158: The future of ocean conservation with Callum Roberts
Show Details19min 44s
EOC 157: Discussing Drones and Wildlife with the founders of Oceans Unmanned
Show Details37min 30s
EOC 156: When life happens, make a podcast
Show Details35min 31s
EOC 155: Nate Dappen: We Are the Stories that We Tell About Ourselves
Show Details45min 49s
EOC 154: Science matters, especially when tackling issues of climate change
Show Details17min 19s
EOC 153: Wild Lens Metamorphosis
Show Details25min 6s
EOC Rebroadcast: The New Era of Outdoor Adventure Storytelling with Fitz Cahall
Show Details44min 43s
EOC 152: Carbon offset programs make a positive difference: an example from Kenya
Show Details38min 46s
EOC 151: A special episode from the March for Science in Denver brought to you by the Majority Villain Podcast
Show Details56min 9s
EOC 150: A Conversation with Peter Seligmann
Show Details1hr 24min
EOC 149: Plight of the Puerto Rican Sharp-shinned Hawk
Show Details32min 40s
EOC 148: The Challenges Facing the Ocean
Show Details25min 24s
EOC 147: Saving the Living World
Show Details37min 57s
EOC 146: Repair it don't replace it
Show Details38min 33s
EOC 145: Sportsmen in support of stricter gun control
Show Details1hr 6min
EOC Audio Diary: Latest events in Mexico from the Marina
Show Details19min 11s
EOC 144: Connecting hunting and conservation
Show Details51min 36s
EOC Audio Diary: Heading to Mexico for more on the Vaquita
Show Details28min 44s
EOC 143: Hunters for responsible gun ownership
Show Details1hr 42min
EOC 142: Building the EOC Community
Show Details16min 19s
EOC 141: Keep Idaho Science Standards Strong
Show Details1hr 30min
EOC 140: Wild Love
Show Details40min 18s
EOC 139: Adventures in Advocacy
Show Details26min 35s
EOC 138: A Haven for Birds of Prey in Southwest Idaho
Show Details40min 58s
EOC 136: Amy Martin - Philosophy with environment as the catalyst
Show Details47min 48s
EOC 135: Songs for the Indigenous Revolution: Raye Zaragoza on Water and Womanhood
Show Details1hr 1min
EOC 134: This YouTube Channel Might Just Save the World
Show Details32min 14s
EOC 133: Kick-Ass Lawyers Defending Mother Nature
Show Details36min 54s
EOC 132: Praying (in a strictly secular way) for the Vaquita
Show Details56min 6s
EOC 131: The Ride for Redd - Tracking the Northwest's Great Salmon Migration on Horseback
Show Details46min 58s
EOC 130: Marcus Eriksen - The Problem with Plastics
Show Details43min 18s
EOC 129: The Human Wolf Packs of Scotland with Doug Gilbert and Lisa Marley
Show Details1hr
BONUS: International Save the Vaquita Day 2017 and RE-BROADCAST of our interview with Aidan Bodeo-Lomicky
Show Details26min 58s
EOC 128: Rooftop Solar in Idaho
Show Details54min 24s
EOC 127: How an Endangered Species can Help Solve a Missing Persons Case
Show Details31min 28s
EOC 126: The Rhino Ride with Matt Meyer
Show Details40min 15s
EOC 125: Empowering the Protectors of Chitwan National Park in Nepal
Show Details42min 57s
EOC 124: The Ecological Importance of High Intensity Forest Fires with Monica Bond
Show Details48min 15s
Show Details30min 31s
EOC 122: The Climate Justice Movement is Pedal-Powered and Informed by Indigenous Communities
Show Details1hr 4min
RE-BROADCAST: The REAL Story Behind Malheur National Wildlife Refuge with Bob Sallinger
Show Details42min 50s
EOC 121: Zak Smith Explains How a Boycott of Mexican Shrimp Could Help Save the Vaquita
Show Details1hr 1min
EOC 120: Badger Buries Cow REDUX - How the Story went Viral and What it Means for Badgers
Show Details40min 12s
EOC 119: Inside the March for Science - The Meaning and Inspiration Behind the March
Show Details1hr 4min
EOC BONUS: CA State Assembly Member Todd Gloria on the Vaquita, Climate Change, and Standing Up to the Trump Administration
Show Details29min 11s
EOC 118: From Standing Rock to the March for Science with Rosalyn LaPier
Show Details54min 25s
EOC 117: How Annette Berkovits Transformed the Field of Wildlife Education
Show Details39min 56s
EOC 116: Lions in LA - P-22 and Hollywood's Resident Cougars with Beth Pratt
Show Details1hr 5min
EOC 115: Kimberly Fanshier - Wolves Will Eat Your Borderlines
Show Details1hr 7min
EOC 114: Milton Friend Explains How Lead Shot became Banned from Use in Waterfowl Hunting
Show Details1hr 35min
EOC 113: The Role of Community Engagement in Wildlife Conservation with Samantha Young
Show Details52min 20s
EOC 112: Introducing the Eyes on Conservation Art Scene!
Show Details52min 29s
EOC 111: The New Era of Outdoor Adventure Storytelling with Fitz Cahall
Show Details47min 2s
EOC 110: Six Boise Filmmakers Discuss the State of Conservation Filmmaking in Idaho
Show Details52min 35s
EOC 109: The Vaquita on the Brink of Extinction with Dr. Frances Gulland
Show Details50min 52s
EOC 108: Artist Sarah Kaizar takes on the US Endangered Species List with Pen and Ink
Show Details47min 5s
EOC 107: How Filmmaker Deia Schlosberg Got Arrested without Committing a Crime
Show Details1hr 3min
EOC 106: A Paleontologist's Perspective on the Creation of Bears Ears National Monument
Show Details45min 33s
EOC 105: What We Learned from Standing Rock and What Happens Next with Liz George and Ari Herman
Show Details1hr 8min
EOC 104: Studying Bluebird Migration with Catherine Dale
Show Details33min 43s
EOC 103: Esther Forbyn on Birding, Conservation and Social Justice in Portland, OR
Show Details59min 9s
EOC 102: A Captive Breeding Program for the Vaquita
Show Details52min 19s
EOC 101: Passion, Confidence and Persistence - Carole Dean on How to Become a Successful (and well-funded) Filmmaker
Show Details45min 42s
EOC 100: Our Mission to Mature the Conservation Movement
Show Details50min 29s
EOC 099: Post-Election Breakdown with Nathaniel Stinnett from the Environmental Voter Project
Show Details45min 37s
The American Kestrel
Show Details2min 32s
EOC 098: Documenting the Illegal Charcoal Trade in the Dominican Republic with Jake Kheel
Show Details45min 21s
EOC 097: Inside the Fight Against the Dakota Access Pipeline
Show Details42min 36s
EOC 096: Weddell Seal Research in Antarctica with Roxanne Beltran
Show Details46min 16s
EOC 095: The Science Communicators – How to be a Skeptic with Brian Dunning
Show Details38min 4s
EOC bonus episode: Voting for Conservation, part 2
Show Details21min 5s
The California Condor Song by the Whizpops!
Show Details3min 43s
The California Condor Song by the Whizpops!
Show Details3min 43s
EOC 094: Eat the Weeds with “Wildman” Steve Brill and his Daughter Violet
Show Details46min 1s
EOC 093: Conceivable Future – How Climate Change Threatens Reproductive Rights
Show Details55min 2s
EOC 092: The Science Communicators – Nate Dappen’s Path to Becoming a Science Filmmaker
Show Details34min 2s
The Invisible Source of Habitat Degradation
Show Details4min 37s
The Invisible Source of Habitat Degradation
Show Details4min 37s
EOC 091: Public Lands – How They Became Publicly Owned, and Why They Should Stay That Way
Show Details48min 3s
EOC 090: Collateral Damage – How the Environmental Investigation Agency Exposes Environmental Crime
Show Details36min 34s
EOC 089: Inside the Dominican Republic Environmental Film Festival with Natasha Despotovic
Show Details30min 50s
EOC 088: Gena Bentall Explains the Importance of Sharing Space with Sea Otters
Show Details43min 39s
EOC 087: Rhino Art 50 Ways with the Horns and Heroes Project
Show Details35min 36s
EOC 086: The Struggles of the Green Party in the 2016 Presidential Election
Show Details30min 49s
EOC 085: Loons and Lead Poisoning with Dr. Mark Pokras
Show Details49min 16s
EOC 084: Nathaniel Stinnett Explains Why Voting is the Highest Form of Environmental Citizenship
Show Details47min 11s
EOC 083: Finding Solutions to Wildlife Crime Issues with Crawford Allan
Show Details33min 32s
EOC 082: Wildlife Awakening at the Sausalito Film Series at Cavallo Point
Show Details1hr 3min
EOC 081: Startup MyDomino Makes Clean Energy Decisions Easy
Show Details40min 2s
EOC 080: Tracking the Elusive Pacific Fisher with Phil Johnston
Show Details57min 10s
EOC 079: The History of a Unique National Conservation Area with Mike Kochert
Show Details42min 6s
EOC 078: Connecting Refugee Kids with their Local Environment
Show Details23min 1s
EOC 077: Using the Legal System to Save Endangered Species with Brendan Cummings
Show Details30min 53s
EOC 076: How the California Condor Came Back from the Brink of Extinction with Lloyd Kiff
Show Details1hr 2min
EOC 075: Could a Sport Fishery for Totoaba Help Save the Vaquita?
Show Details35min 16s
EOC 074: How to Win the War Against Rhino Poaching with Marc McDonald
Show Details33min 14s
EOC 073: The Whizpops Know that Extinction Really Stinks!
Show Details42min 29s
EOC 072: Master Wildlife Filmmaking with Jake Willers
Show Details1hr 17min
EOC 071: New Research on the Southern Sea Otter with Sarah Chinn
Show Details38min
EOC 070: Alex Olivera Explains How Government Corruption is Stalling Efforts to Save the Vaquita
Show Details36min 50s
EOC 069: Studying Large Carnivores in Eastern Turkey with Mark Chynoweth
Show Details36min 22s
EOC 068: Eating Our Way Out of the Seafood Crisis with Chef Rob Ruiz
Show Details43min 4s
EOC 067: IWFF Filmmaker Panel with Jon Betz, Taggart Siegel, Roshan Patel and Eric Bendick
Show Details58min 38s
EOC 066: The Crisis Facing the Vaquita
Show Details44min 47s
EOC 065: Making Music from Nature with Ben Mirin (AKA DJ Ecotone)
Show Details40min 52s
EOC 064: On the Front Lines of Vaquita Conservation with Oona Isabelle Layolle
Show Details31min 45s
EOC 063: A New Children’s Book about the Vaquita with Jen and Sander Gabler
Show Details23min 44s
Voting for Conservation (EOC BONUS episode)
Show Details6min 22s
EOC 062: From Field Biologist to Filmmaker – Part Six: Hosting a Screening Event!
Show Details30min 3s
EOC 061: Conservation Travel in South Africa with Ellen Sziede and Martin Bornman
Show Details29min 5s
EOC 060: The First Wildlife Film Festival on the Planet with Mike Steinberg
Show Details40min 50s
EOC 059: The Downfall of the National Geographic Society with Alan Mairson
Show Details58min 21s
EOC 058: Inside the D.C. Environmental Film Fest with Brad Forder
Show Details30min 29s
EOC 057: A New Outdoor and Nature Themed Film Festival in Boise, Idaho
Show Details28min 7s
EOC 056: Raptor Identification in the 21st Century with Jerry Liguori
Show Details37min 31s
EOC 055: Teaching Youth about Marine Mammal Conservation with Chloe and Andrew Carothers-Liske
Show Details34min 42s
EOC 054: Matt Bergles is Teaching Kids about Prairie Ecosystem Conservation
Show Details37min 24s
EOC 053: The REAL Story behind Malheur National Wildlife Refuge with Bob Sallinger
Show Details41min 8s
EOC 052: The Forest Birds of Kaua’i with Lisa “Cali” Crampton
Show Details37min 52s
EOC 051: The Three Musketeers on the Long Trail in 1927
Show Details48min 37s
EOC 050: Musketeers Too – A Family Legacy on the Long Trail
Show Details52min 22s
EOC 049: Chasing the Fastest Known Time on the Long Trail with Nikki Kimball
Show Details42min 58s
EOC 048: The Mission of the Green Mountain Club with Mike DeBonis
Show Details38min 46s
EOC 047: Thru-hiking Vermont’s Long Trail with Candy Podolsky
Show Details29min 57s
EOC 046: Grassland Songbird Research and Conservation in Mexico with Erin Strasser
Show Details34min 17s
EOC 045: From Field Biologist to Filmmaker – Part Five: Capturing Wildlife Footage!
Show Details31min 19s
EOC 044: Vaquita Outreach for a Younger Audience with Aidan Bodeo-Lomicky
Show Details27min 2s
EOC 043: The Endangered Species Print Project with Jenny Kendler and Molly Schafer
Show Details44min 27s
EOC 042: From Field Biologist to Filmmaker – Part Four: The International Shoot
Show Details27min 10s
EOC 041: Kestrel Research in Idaho’s Treasure Valley with Julie Heath
Show Details34min 30s
EOC 040: Kestrel Migration with Dave Oleyar of HawkWatch International
Show Details40min 21s
EOC 039: The American Kestrel Partnership with Chris McClure
Show Details34min 3s
EOC 038: The Bird Genoscape Project with Kristen Ruegg
Show Details43min 52s
EOC 037: Phantom Road Part Two – The Invisible Source of Habitat Degradation
Show Details29min
EOC 036: Wild Horses in the American West with Ben Masters
Show Details38min 44s
EOC 035: Scoring the Wildlife Doc with Cody Westheimer
Show Details1hr
EOC 034: From Field Biologist to Filmmaker – Part Three: the Interview
Show Details39min 12s
EOC 033: The Golden-cheeked Warbler with Mike Marshall
Show Details38min 27s
EOC 032: Revisiting the Phantom Road – Birds and Road Noise with Jesse Barber and Heidi Ware
Show Details34min 15s
EOC 031: A Conversation with “Bluebird Man” Al Larson
Show Details30min 45s
EOC 030: Vaquita Conservation in Mexico with “Mr. Vaquita” Lorenzo Rojas-Bracho
Show Details59min 47s
EOC 029: A Kickstarter Training Session with Jamey Stegmaier
Show Details59min 24s
EOC 028: Barbara Taylor’s Mission to Save the Vaquita
Show Details1hr 2min
EOC 027: Environmental Messaging in Science Fiction Storytelling with Lucas Martell
Show Details34min 43s
EOC 026: A New Film about the Struggle to Save the Vaquita with Sean Bogle
Show Details55min 19s
EOC 025: The Illicit Ivory Trade with Raisa Scriabine, Kim Spencer and Miles Benson
Show Details42min 2s
EOC 024: Establishing Wildlife Corridors in Southern India with Aditya Gangadharan
Show Details47min 2s
EOC 023: The Science Communicators: Jason Goldman
Show Details52min 34s
EOC 022: Monitoring Seabirds in Extreme Isolation with Mikaela Howie
Show Details40min 51s
EOC 021: Filmmaker Interviews at the International Wildlife Film Festival
Show Details1hr 23min
EOC 020: Fire Ecology and the Harvester Ant with Robin Verble-Pearson
Show Details38min 1s
EOC 019: Music Inspired by the Natural World with Dave McGraw and Mandy Fer
Show Details37min 31s
The Texas Horned Lizard
Show Details5min 23s
The Texas Horned Lizard
Show Details5min 23s
EOC 018: Texas Horned Lizard Research with Rachel Granberg
Show Details39min 21s
Vultures of East Africa: Averting the Crisis
Show Details4min 9s
Vultures of East Africa: Averting the Crisis
Show Details4min 9s
Vultures of East Africa: Investigating Declines using GSM-GPS Telemetry
Show Details3min 39s
EOC 017: From Field Biologist to Filmmaker – Part Two: the Shooting Guide
Show Details33min 25s
EOC 016: Studying the Egyptian Vulture in Ethiopia and the Middle East with Evan Buechley
Show Details56min 44s
The African Vulture Crisis
Show Details3min 7s
EOC 015: The Vultures of Southeast Asia with Yula Kapetanakos
Show Details40min 33s
Vultures of East Africa: The Soap of the Savannah
Show Details3min 52s
Vultures of East Africa: The Soap of the Savannah
Show Details3min 52s
EOC 014: Vulture Research and Conservation in East Africa with Corinne Kendall
Show Details48min 27s
EOC 013: A Conservation Education Program for Refugee Kids with Liz Urban and Megan Jones
Show Details40min 5s
EOC 012: Boise, Idaho’s Unique Science Education Program with Carolyn Volk and Karen Viscupic
Show Details44min 11s
EOC 011: The Plan to Save the Sage Grouse with Jeremy Maestas
Show Details37min 30s
EOC 010: Greater Sage-Grouse Conservation and Research with Jen Forbey
Show Details55min 41s
EOC 009: From Field Biologist to Filmmaker – Part One: the Story Outline
Show Details27min 50s
EOC 008: Bird Migration Research with Greg Kaltenecker
Show Details30min 38s
EOC 007: Giraffe Conservation with Julian Fennessy
Show Details46min 57s
EOC 006: Conservation of Giraffes and other ungulates in Tanzania with Monica Bond
Show Details1hr 6min
EOC 006: Conservation of Giraffes and other ungulates in Tanzania with Monica Bond
Show Details1hr 6min
EOC 005: The Importance of Volunteer Effort in Marine Mammal Conservation
Show Details29min 59s
EOC 004: Marine Mammal Conservation with Adam Ratner
Show Details45min 10s
EOC 004: Marine Mammal Conservation with Adam Ratner
Show Details45min 10s
EOC 003: The Reintroduction of Burrowing Owls to British Columbia with Lauren Meads
Show Details43min 51s
EOC 002: The Phantom Road – Noise Pollution and it’s Effect on Wildlife with Jesse Barber, Chris McClure and Heidi Ware
Show Details22min 54s