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the Emerging Writers Series podcast

Writing gives us a better understanding of each other and makes us think outside of ourselves and our worldview. This podcast is dedicated to helping writers become authors. Our guests are those who are willing to share their secrets on how they persevered and how they've navigate the business of being an author. 


America Standing Strong with Robert J. Emery- A Special Edition
Show Details22min 55s
Writing without Boundaries
Show Details16min 14s
Wake Up and Write
Show Details26min 34s
A Real Privilege
Show Details30min 33s
The incredible power of memoir
Show Details24min 58s
The importance of perseverance
Show Details27min 51s
A Truly Wonderful Gift
Show Details18min 44s
It's time to talk crime with author Lisa Towles
Show Details29min 9s
An author's take on writing historic fiction and a woman "Unlike Any Other"
Show Details21min 57s
Awards galore but still ignored with author Bob Emery
Show Details20min 49s
From Romance to Post-apocalyptic Sci-fi with author Jeff DeMarco
Show Details16min 17s
For the love of libraries with author Lisa Orban
Show Details18min 51s
A Double Decker Journey to Writing with author Jim Infantino
Show Details19min 16s
Bringing People Together through Art and Writing with author Jordan DeGaetano
Show Details25min 23s
Dirty Feet, Wet Hands Learning with author Richard O. Jacobs
Show Details17min 30s