• The Business of Being A Powerful Woman

    In this episode of The Educated Natural Podcast we discuss the business of being a powerful woman. The featured guests in this episode are two fellow YouTubers named Drea Lasha and Ms. V of Make This Go Viral, LLC. Together we clearly define in our own words what a powerful woman is. By the end of this episode you will understand that a powerful woman walks in her authority, understands her purpose, is self sufficient, and takes no mess from anyone. Additionally, she stays connected with her why and helps others along her path to success.

    1h 20m | Mar 23, 2023
  • Building An Online Community In Business

    In this episode of The Educated Natural Podcast I discuss building an online community in business with featured YouTube guests Ms T With The Tea, Motivation From The Weightlifting Geek, BigRoosta Show.

    1h 18m | Mar 2, 2023
  • Intellectual Property Strategies Using Patents | Fraline Allgaier, Esq.

    Knowing intellectual property strategies using patents is a must for entrepreneurs. Patent attorney Fraline J. Allgaier, Esq. joins The Educated Natural® to educate us about the power of patents and to share knowledge about intellectual property.

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    1h 3m | Feb 20, 2023
  • Leadership Burnout Is Real | The Educated Natural

    The Educated Natural® discusses how leadership burnout is real. Burnout in any capacity is an issue leaders, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business owners in general must be aware of. Did you know that ignoring your stress level in business is a leading cause of burnout. Listen to this episode and leave us your thoughts in the comments.

    42m | Jun 10, 2022
  • Visionary Leader

    In this episode we take a look into the journey of a visionary leader. We dig deep into how an entrepreneur's visionary leadership style determines if they are a true leader. Being a leader has everything to do with your vision. No vision + No direction = No destination.

    59m | Jun 2, 2022
  • Holistic Support For New Moms (At Home Care)

    Holistic support for new moms is a key specialty of Nikole Vincent, CEO of Moms Need Help Too. Sown and Rooted is honored to have her joining us on this episode. Did you know that after a woman gives birth she may experience unexpected health issues such as postpartum depression, anxiety, and other mommy issues. During this episode, Nikole will educate us on how her company provides services to families during this more precious time and how essential self care is for moms.

    1h 3m | Sep 25, 2021
  • Tax Planning Strategies For Women (Home Biz Tax Lady)

    Sown and Rooted presents business owners tax planning strategy featuring LuSundra Everett, EA of Everett Tax Solutions. Globally known as the "Home Biz Tax Lady" LuSundra specializes in everything pertaining to tax services, cryptocurrency, accounting, tax planning and preparations. Understanding taxes is a must for all business owners, which is why in this episode LuSundra is here to educate us all and help us keep more money in our businesses.

    1h 30m | Sep 10, 2021
  • Nonprofit Organization Growth & Sustainability

    Sown and Rooted presents Nonprofit Organization Growth & Sustainability with featured guest Jennifer Foxworthy, CEO of Unstoppable You Ministries, Inc. Research states that forming a nonprofit organization is one thing; but growth and sustainability is a much deeper discussion. Therefore, I have concluded that now is perfect time to sit down with an expert and get to the root of nonprofit organizations.

    1h 1m | Aug 26, 2021
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