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The Drop @ DFT

Part Ken Burns documentary, part Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, The Drop @ DFT will explore and unpack all things behind the curtain of bringing your favorite stories to the screen.

Team DigitalFilm Tree will welcome guests from both our own in-house artists and the clients we serve to share with you the how, why, and wtf of storytelling. Listen as creative technologists and technical creatives discuss the innovations behind the stories appearing in your hand or in your home.


Opening The Umbrella: Academy VFX 2
Show Details49min 20s
Opening The Umbrella: Academy Sound
Show Details53min 13s
Opening the Umbrella: Academy Editorial
Show Details37min 35s
Opening the Umbrella: Academy VFX Editorial
Show Details37min 17s
Opening the Umbrella: Academy VFX
Show Details39min 44s
Opening the Umbrella: Academy Previs
Show Details35min 17s
Opening the Umbrella: SXSW Redux
Show Details59min 40s
FYC: Atlanta - Part 4
Show Details39min 43s
FYC: Atlanta - Part 3
Show Details44min 23s
FYC: Atlanta - Part 2
Show Details54min 16s
FYC: Atlanta - Part 1
Show Details29min 4s
FYC: Cobra Kai
Show Details50min 18s
FYC: Grace and Frankie
Show Details41min 19s
FYC: Severance - Part 3
Show Details52min 47s
FYC: Severance - Part 2
Show Details40min 46s
FYC: Severence - Part 1
Show Details41min 23s
FYC: Yellowstone
Show Details36min 4s
FYC: Dopesick
Show Details36min 37s
FYC: WeCrashed
Show Details1hr 3min
DFT + ACE @ SXSW: A Recap
Show Details33min 33s
DFT + ACE @ SXSW: Lizzo's Watch Out for the Big Grrrls
Show Details57min
DFT + ACE @ SXSW: Ted Lasso Strikes Back!
Show Details59min 3s
DFT + ACE @ SXSW: Bringing The Umbrella Academy to Life
Show Details59min 53s
Podcasts for Geniuses
Show Details54min 36s
Innovation for Geniuses
Show Details1hr 10min
VFX for Geniuses
Show Details1hr 3min
Color Science for Geniuses
Show Details57min 50s
Curiosity for Geniuses
Show Details45min 8s
Pandemics for Geniuses
Show Details53min 17s
Lasso Wrap
Show Details32min 4s
Lasso Writes
Show Details57min 34s
Lasso Truth
Show Details24min 27s
Lasso VFX
Show Details44min 19s
Lasso Score
Show Details20min 50s
Lasso Sound
Show Details28min 55s
Lasso Land
Show Details27min 59s
Lasso Previs
Show Details52min 56s
Lasso Life
Show Details21min 29s
Lasso Dailies
Show Details49min 17s
The Lasso Vibe
Show Details54min 5s
WTF is Dailies?
Show Details47min 16s
WTF Is Cinecode?
Show Details34min 34s
WTF Is GeoPost?
Show Details51min 5s
WTF Is The Drop @ DFT?
Show Details49min 22s