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The Dreamer Diary

This channel discusses the intricacies and documents the process of overcoming the undocumented experience in the United States.


S2. Ep 1. What's happened to the podcast? Listen to find out.
Show Details28min 34s
Ep 14. Emmy award winner, Arleene Correa Valencia Shares Her Immigrant Story and How She Is Empowering Others.
Show Details1hr 19min
Ep 13. Lorena Vargas Schultz, Breaking Stereotypes and Changing the Roofing Industry
Show Details43min 15s
Ep 12. From Nada to Nasa- Adriana's Story
Show Details1hr 1min
EP 11. Mental Health and the Undocumented Experience- Ayesha Kadri
Show Details1hr
EP 10. How Sacrifice Led Carlos To Be UCLA’s First DACA-Dental Student
Show Details46min 46s
EP 8. I Do! The Only Way to Stay.
Show Details32min 5s
EP 7. Real Estate Investing with Daca. Yarhtib's Story.
Show Details59min 36s
EP 6. Being The Only DACA Student in Medical School. Joaquin's Story.
Show Details54min 35s
EP 5. Is Blood Really Thicker Than Water?
Show Details30min 43s
EP 4. Torn Between Faith And Shadows
Show Details38min 26s
EP 3. From Neither Here Nor There
Show Details30min 19s
EP 2. Living Without Papers Feels Like Gasping For Insatiable Air.
Show Details29min 51s
EP 1. Introduction to The Podcast.
Show Details36min 18s