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the dream scoop

I discuss my dreams and analyze them sometimes. If weird dreams and the meanings behind them intrigue you, give me a listen! If you would like your dreams to be featured on the show, you can email .


ep. 14: pathetic therapist
Show Details2min 14s
ep. 13: my pathetic mermaid children + getting kissed by an ariana grande wanna-be
Show Details3min 40s
ep. 12: forgot my sister in new zealand
Show Details2min 8s
ep. 11: weed man
Show Details7min 39s
ep. 10: jumping off the school building
Show Details3min 28s
ep. 9: ...
Show Details4min 3s
ep. 8: you're insecure. periodt.
Show Details5min
ep. 7: k***ing trump
Show Details2min 46s
ep. 6: anything for the points
Show Details5min 27s
ep. 5: eloping my wedding
Show Details2min 54s
ep. 4: getting hit by a truck on my bd after getting a bf
Show Details3min 42s
ep. 3: singer pizza delivery boy
Show Details5min 23s
ep. 2: mr. ugly sky guy
Show Details7min 38s
ep. 1: collecting skin cells and footprints
Show Details4min 12s