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The Dr Who Pod

Two Doctor Who fans in the UK look back on the show one story at a time. Dan has not seen much classic Who, Si is unfamiliar with a great deal of new Who!

Some great, some not so much, but we love it all, Via the SJP World Media Network!

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BONUS SHOW! - The Power of The Doctor
Show Details1hr 25min
S2 EP15 - The Dr Who Pod. End of Season Countdowns!
Show Details1hr 32min
S2 EP14 - The Dr Who Pod. The Five Doctors
Show Details1hr 53min
S2 EP13 - The Dr Who Pod. An Unearthly Child
Show Details1hr 15min
S2 EP12 - The Dr Who Pod. The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances
Show Details2hr 28min
S2 EP10 - The Dr Who Pod. Enemy of The World
Show Details2hr 29min
S2 EP9 - The Dr Who Pod. Asylum of the Daleks
Show Details1hr 51min
S2 EP8 - The Dr Who Pod. The Awakening
Show Details1hr 35min
S2 EP7 - The Dr Who Pod. The 3 Doctors
Show Details1hr 47min
S2 EP6 - The Dr Who Pod. Planet of the Daleks
Show Details2hr 12min
S2 EP1 - THE DR WHO POD. Heaven Sent
Show Details1hr 33min
S1 EP15 - THE DR WHO POD. The 1996 Movie
Show Details2hr 29min
S1 EP14 - THE DR WH0 POD. The Caves of Androzani
Show Details1hr 36min
S1 EP13 - THE DR WHO POD. Vincent and The Doctor
Show Details1hr 28min
Show Details1hr 52min
S1 EP11 - THE DR WHO POD. Blink
Show Details1hr 37min
S1 E10 - THE DR WHO POD. Attack of the Cybermen
Show Details1hr 7min
S1 EP9 - THE DR WHO POD. The Dalek Invasion of Earth
Show Details1hr 50min
S1 EP8 - THE DR WHO POD. Day of the Doctor
Show Details2hr
S1 EP7 - THE DR WHO POD. Mummy on the Orient Express
Show Details1hr 25min
S1 EP6 - THE DR WHO POD. Survival
Show Details1hr 27min
S1 EP5 THE DR WHO POD. The Haunting of Villa Dio...something?
Show Details1hr 40min
S1 EP4 - THE DR WHO POD. Tomb of the Cybermen
Show Details1hr 19min
S1 EP3 - THE DR WHO POD. Dalek.
Show Details1hr 21min
S1 EP2 - THE DR WHO POD. Genesis of the Daleks
Show Details1hr 30min
S1 EP1 - THE DR WHO POD. Hi, from Dan & Si!
Show Details48min 55s
S2 EP5 - The Dr Who Pod. Kerblam!
Show Details1hr 29min
The Dr Who Pod. Season 1 Finale!
Show Details1hr 9min