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Emily The Medium

Have you ever wondered if you too can connect with loved ones after they’ve passed? Do you feel intuitively guided and want someone to show you how to take your gifts to the next level? Well, Emily the Medium so beautifully steps in to lead you in conversations while channeling the divine and expanding beyond what is accepted as truth. She’ll help you open your connection to source and learn to trust your innate abilities.


048 | Spirit Travel + Animism with Mimi Young
Show Details31min 48s
047 | Grief + Living Out Your Life’s Mission
Show Details35min 57s
046 | What Happens When You Die (Told From The Other Side)
Show Details41min 37s
045 | Psychic Development: Remote Viewing & Telecommunication
Show Details24min 47s
044 | Alchemizing Pain: Death, Deconditioning + Rebirth
Show Details52min 36s
43 | Lucid Dreaming + Manifestation
Show Details24min 16s
42 | Superconscious Womb Space: Spirit Babies & Celestial Energy Healing
Show Details20min 8s
41 | How to Connect to Your Spirit Guides with Sound with Lais Scort
Show Details1hr 6min
40 | Q&A: Spirit Babies, The Afterlife and Astral Travels
Show Details31min 56s
39 | Stop Lying to Yourself: How to Strengthen Your Psychic Senses
Show Details35min 48s
38 | You Choose: Spiritual Warrior or Spiritual Warfare
Show Details12min 29s
37 | How Did We Get Here: The Persecution of Questioners
Show Details21min 28s
36 | Ascend to Your Highest Frequency with Christina The Channel
Show Details1hr 16min
35 | Reinventing Yourself Pt. 2: A Micro Look at Energetic Upgrades
Show Details37min 58s
34 | Reinventing Yourself: Emily Wakes Up to Her Multidimensionality
Show Details41min 14s
33 | How to Support Sensitive Children
Show Details53min 17s
32 | When a Visionary + a Medium Get Married with Cameron + Emily
Show Details54min 30s
31 | We Are All Stardust with Astrologer Shannon Hugman
Show Details1hr 20min
30 | Reclaiming Energetic Sovereignty + Guided Meditation
Show Details33min 46s
29 | The Path Lighter with James Pinkel
Show Details51min 51s
28 | The Hidden Magic of the Aquarian Age with Carolina Parnell
Show Details54min 18s
27 | How To Build a Powerful Spiritual Practice
Show Details22min 20s
26 | Psychedelics + Paradigm Disruption with Nicolas Walker
Show Details1hr 3min
25 | Cosmic Consciousness of 2021 with Astrologer Shannon Hugman
Show Details1hr 19min
24 | Spirit Babies Pt. 2 + Guided Meditation
Show Details1hr 3min
23 | 2021: Numerology, Themes, & Intentions
Show Details43min 13s
22 | Astrology: The Energy of 2021 with Dr. Michael Lennox
Show Details1hr 4min
21 | Aura Paintings: Understanding Your Energy with Lily Romanowski
Show Details1hr
20 | Spirit Babies: Connecting to Your Past, Present, or Future Child
Show Details50min 47s
19 | Conscious Communication + Reframing Narcissism with Stephanie Churma
Show Details56min 45s
18 | How to Call in Your Spirit Guides
Show Details48min 17s
17 | Astral Travel + 2020 Motherhood with Arielle Coree
Show Details49min 37s
16 | Spirit Guide Intimacy and Flexibility in Beliefs with Danielle Searancke
Show Details1hr 2min
15 | Q+A: The Experience of Spirit, The Afterlife, and Supporting Intuitive Children
Show Details57min 27s
14 | Grief as the Catalyst for Psychic Awakening with Janet Parsons
Show Details1hr 24min
13 | Grounding Yourself in the Beginner Mindset
Show Details28min 49s
12 | Waking Up to The Call of Spirit with Makena Sherwood
Show Details48min 18s
11 | You Are More Psychic Than You Know
Show Details43min 49s
Emily The Medium - The Trailer
Show Details7min 31s
10 | Energy Imprints, 2020 Energy, and Mini Reading
Show Details39min 39s
9 | Psychic Dreams, Health Scare, and Q+A
Show Details41min 47s
8 | Master your Intuition with Kristen Hinman
Show Details48min 37s
7 | The Auric Field: Building Magnetism and Prosperity
Show Details31min 28s
6 | Subconscious Reprogramming and Following your Inner Compass with Nadia Gabrielle
Show Details59min 14s
5 | Mediumship and Animal Communication with Thea Strom
Show Details1hr 11min
4 | Q+A and Announcements
Show Details32min 40s
3 | Signs from Spirit, and Connecting to the Other Side
Show Details24min 57s
2 | Surrender and Releasing Control
Show Details19min 16s
1 | Welcome, About Me and Q+A
Show Details34min 12s