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The Doctorpreneurs

A podcast on health, aging & entrepreneurship.


S02.Ep.09. Mr. Matthew Holt. Founder of Health 2.0 and health tech guru!
Show Details53min 21s
S02.Ep.08. Jennifer Lagemann. Answering aged care questions for a US reporter.
Show Details34min 48s
S02.Ep.07. Mr. Tom Grape, Founder & CEO of Benchmark Senior Living, one of America’s largest assisted living companies.
Show Details45min 17s
S02.Ep.06. Dr. Jay Sanders. The Marcos’ of the Philippines, the Shah of Iran, Communist Party officials…and telemedicine?
Show Details1hr 3min
S02.Ep.05. Mr. Ben Baldanza, former CEO of Spirit Airlines. Pandemic safety, Airlines & More!
Show Details53min 11s
S02.Ep.04. Eugenia Shevchenko of Seedstars. A Ukrainian in Mexico with family still in Kyiv and Odessa. A must listen–listen until the end!
Show Details52min 29s
S02.Ep.03. CEO Mr. Phillipp Buhr. The Doctorpreneurs Goes Global! Home Care in Europe (Remastered)
Show Details52min 17s
S02.Ep.02. Dr. Ian Chik. Somehow we debated socialized medicine vs. private health insurance! Liver transplants. Getting COVID-19 and more! (Remastered)
Show Details1hr 5min
S02.Ep.01. Lim Zuan-Fu. Lung Cancer Research, COVID-19, Quarantine & More! (Remastered)
Show Details58min 33s
S01.Ep.08. William Lien, All about Crowdfunding!
Show Details1hr 8min
S01.Ep.07. Dr Nur Anita. “Post-Hospital Discharge”
Show Details52min 45s
S01.Ep.06. Logan Loh. Sound Therapy Could Help you Heal!
Show Details47min 27s
S01.Ep.05. Jenny Lim. Facts & Falsehoods about Dementia
Show Details54min 25s
S01Ep.04. Oretha Herrera. The Growing Trend of Companion Services for the Elderly
Show Details54min 37s
S01.Ep.03. Michelle Lum. “Obesity is one of those issues few people want to discuss,” says a notable fitness expert
Show Details56min 9s
S01.Ep.02. Mr. Sayama. "People with dementia walk the streets of Japan!”
Show Details58min 24s
Bonus Episode: The Origin of Species? Or.. the Origins of Dr. Lim & Andrew
Show Details51min 10s
S01.Ep.01. Fong Muntoh. Caregiving: Facts, Misconceptions and Ways Forward (Remastered)
Show Details55min 26s