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The DGD Podcast

Every episode on The DGD Podcast, Robert Reynolds and Juan Daniels analyze and discuss the biggest topics around the UGA program. Hear the guys give their thoughts, opinions, and hot takes that helps make this the go-to podcast for die-hard fans of the Georgia Bulldogs! Follow The DGD Podcast: Learn more about The DGD Podcast: The DGD Podcast is sponsored by La Touraine. Use code "DGD" at checkout to get 10% off your purchase.


Recruiting At UGA Is Changing
Show Details35min 8s
What's New With UGA?
Show Details45min 16s
Draft Recap
Show Details32min 41s
NFL Draft Night One Recap
Show Details1hr 9min
UGA gets commitment from Justyn Rhett & Night One NFL Draft Predictions
Show Details46min 42s
Barry Tate Exclusive Interview
Show Details22min 16s
Jamaal Jarrett Exclusive Interview
Show Details16min 50s
G-Day Recap
Show Details52min 31s
Building The Ultimate Program
Show Details22min 2s
First Scrimmage Takeaways
Show Details42min 26s
Arik Gilbert to Tight End?
Show Details24min 14s
Spring Camp Update
Show Details39min 13s
Weekend Recap
Show Details24min 43s
Pro Day and NFL Discussion
Show Details29min 7s
The Dawgs Own Indy
Show Details25min 6s
Understanding The Gamecocks
Show Details56min 29s
Who To Keep On Your Recruiting Radar
Show Details33min 10s
State Of The Program
Show Details48min 52s
Season Superlatives
Show Details36min 51s
Keep An Eye Out For Grimsley
Show Details29min 30s
Names To Know For 2023
Show Details30min 2s
Why We Love Georgia Football
Show Details33min 30s
Talking Oregon With The Quacked Out Podcast
Show Details46min 38s
Defensive Breakdown
Show Details31min 28s
2022 Recruiting Class Offensive Breakdown and NSD Recap
Show Details1hr 1min
Former Dawgs Back Between The Hedges
Show Details26min 14s
Dawgs On Top!
Show Details38min 31s
Natty Preview
Show Details37min 29s
Orange Bowl Preview
Show Details37min 19s
SECCG Review
Show Details46min 19s
SECCG preview and latest on OU coaching search
Show Details54min 12s
Regular Season Recap
Show Details48min 54s
Turkey Day Eve with a side of Hate Week!
Show Details46min 10s
UGA Senior Day game vs. Charleston Southern
Show Details38min 23s
Why Kirby Smart's Leaked Haltime Speech isn't a bad thing
Show Details49min 5s
Veteran's Day Special
Show Details1hr 49min
WLOCP Review
Show Details56min 50s
WLOCP Preview
Show Details55min 20s
The DGD Podcast: 5th Down CFB
Show Details36min 40s
UGA Recruiting
Show Details44min 3s
Recruiting Never Stops for UGA
Show Details53min 50s
Dawn Of The Dawgs: Kentucky
Show Details41min 58s
The Dawgs are #1
Show Details26min 41s
Dawn Of The Dawgs: Auburn
Show Details40min 15s
Arkansas Review
Show Details31min 39s
Vanderbilt Review
Show Details46min 46s
Dawn Of The Dawgs: Arkansas
Show Details43min 4s
Dawn Of The Dawgs: Vanderbilt
Show Details41min 55s
USC Review
Show Details27min 53s
Dawn Of The Dawgs: South Carolina
Show Details44min 45s
UAB Review
Show Details38min 47s
Dawn Of The Dawgs: Clemson
Show Details41min 42s
Juan Daniels Joins The DGD Podcast!
Show Details35min 57s
DGD vs. Pawcast
Show Details1hr 15min
Offseason review
Show Details30min 33s
What Is This Alliance You Speak Of?
Show Details31min 42s
La Touraine and Dawg Talk
Show Details40min 56s
All Things NIL
Show Details47min 15s
Greg Vandagriff
Show Details37min 25s
Biscuits and SEC Roundtable
Show Details1hr 2min
LSU Tigers
Show Details30min 58s
Joe Rigsbee
Show Details37min 3s
Show Details1hr 6min
J Boy
Show Details26min 19s
Texas and Oklahoma To The SEC?
Show Details39min 8s
Brandon Anderson
Show Details28min 20s
SEC Ranking Prediction
Show Details52min 59s
Juan Daniels
Show Details1hr
Jamey Goodman
Show Details49min 15s
College Football For The Kids!
Show Details2hr 14min
Top Dawg Blogs
Show Details52min 36s
This weekend is HUGE for UGA Recruiting
Show Details30min 14s
Brooks "The Film Guy" Austin
Show Details39min 14s
Jake "Jboy" Crain
Show Details53min 1s
Corey Burton
Show Details56min 51s
2022 Recruiting Class Prediction (Way too early)
Show Details46min 28s
Understanding The Enemy: Arkansas
Show Details43min 11s
Around the SEC: Alabama
Show Details43min 28s
Understanding The Enemy: Kentucky
Show Details33min 30s
The DGD Podcast (Trailer)
Show Details34s
NIL bills and the Transfer Portal
Show Details47min 27s
What Is UGA getting with Tykee Smith?
Show Details38min 27s
Understanding the Enemy: Florida
Show Details55min 21s
Dawg Talk: Draft Recap
Show Details35min 20s
Around the SEC: Ole Miss
Show Details46min 11s
Around The SEC: Texas A&M
Show Details56min 28s
Understanding The Enemy: South Carolina
Show Details1hr 1min
G Day Recap
Show Details27min 50s
G Day Special
Show Details54min 49s
Fifth Quarter Clemson
Show Details30min
Sedrick Granger
Show Details36min 59s
Tykee Smith Is A Dawg!
Show Details37min 3s
Malaki Starks Commits To The G
Show Details22min 15s
George Pickens Injured!
Show Details34min 45s
UGA Pro Day Recap
Show Details34min 11s
The Dawn of UGA Spring Practice
Show Details37min 51s
Facebook Friday
Show Details24min 21s
Recruiting, Recruiting, Recruiting
Show Details36min 59s
Offensive Line Preview
Show Details39min 52s
Running Back Analysis
Show Details35min 27s
Episode 7: Flashback Friday
Show Details49min 1s
2020 Special Teams Recap
Show Details28min 5s
Q&A Round 2
Show Details43min 48s
HOT take on the NCAA' possible dead period extension
Show Details55min 45s
Show Details45min 38s
KTG 13
Show Details1hr 5min
What made me a Dawg
Show Details21min 44s