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The Devin Hour

Welcome to "The Devin Hour" ! Join blogger DevinTooWoke for this weekly podcast while he addresses issues affecting society and highlighting content creators of color. Your Friday’s have suddenly gotten way more exciting! Stream Everywhere!


Eat The Rich (What's On My Timeline?)
Show Details59min 48s
F*ck Dababy
Show Details1hr 12min
Show Me Your Wild Side (What's On My Timeline?)
Show Details57min 43s
Call Me By Your Name (What's On My Timeline?)
Show Details1hr 13min
Friday Spotlight: Another Episode About Jersey City Part 2(ft. Ryan & Karen)
Show Details44min 20s
K.Michelle's New Face (What's On My Timeline?)
Show Details1hr 5min
Friday Spotlight: Another Episode about Jersey City Part 1 (ft. Ryan & Karen)
Show Details30min 25s
Don't Give That Baby Honey (What's On My Timeline)
Show Details1hr 21min
Matt Palmer (Friday Spotlight)
Show Details1hr 14min
Let's Get Into It (What's On My Timeline)
Show Details1hr 5min
What's On My Timeline?
Show Details1hr 17min
(Special Episode) Rupaul's Drag Race Season 13 Review!
Show Details53min 22s
Books Are My Social Life! Ft Sajid
Show Details36min 7s
Show Details1min 52s
7. Kingsley! Part 1 (with Kingsley)
Show Details46min 12s
6. The King of Reads & I ( with Justin J "The King of Reads")
Show Details1hr 8min
5. Fuck Your Fatphobia (with Da' Shaun Harrison)
Show Details56min 36s
4. The Queen Has Spoken (with JustLatasha)
Show Details59min 50s
3. The Episode About Jersey City (with Karen and Ryan)
Show Details1hr 9min
2. College In Reflection
Show Details1hr 13min
1. Please Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself
Show Details29min 22s
Interview With Kevan Kenney
Show Details48min 56s
Country Boy to Chicago Queen with Darby Lynn Cartwright | Drag Queen Extravaganza Finale
Show Details1hr 3min
Cardi B and Offset Divorce, White Chocolate, Apple i0S 14, and Steve Harvey| Too Woke Wednesday
Show Details10min 24s
Anitta, Cardi B Myke Towers, "Me Gusta", Sam Smith "Diamonds", Alicia Keys "Alicia",Durrand Benarr "Dur&", Ava Max "Heaven and Hell", etc. | Music Monday Ep. 2
Show Details16min 25s
Nick Gaga: The Russian Queen | Drag Queen Extravaganza Ep. 2
Show Details57min 23s
NBA Youngboy "Top" album, Usher "Bad Habits", Alicia Keys "Love Looks Better", etc |Music Monday
Show Details12min 8s
Spilling Tea with Alisha Day | Drag Queen Extravaganza Episode 1
Show Details1hr 12min
Monica Vs Brandy, Odell Beckham Jr., Atlanta Pride, Cardi B vs Candace Owens | Too Woke Wednesday
Show Details12min 13s
Kick Back and Chill with Dajour @daythrizzynyc
Show Details43min 12s
Tracy G: Journey to Radio | Interviewing the Interviewer Finale
Show Details1hr 4min
Rich Z from the "Garden State Hip Hop Hour"| Interviewing The Interviewer EP.3
Show Details59min 15s
Interview with DZH | Music Monday's
Show Details51min 49s
Interviewing the Interviewer Ep. 2: Ms.TeeTalk Tells All
Show Details57min 17s
Tynnelle "Complicated" Interview| Music Monday
Show Details37min 3s
Interviewing the Interviewer Ep. 1: Olijawn of "Champions Corner" Podcast
Show Details51min 31s
Music Monday's: Albums That Changed Our Lives ft. Brielle
Show Details46min 13s
Drag Race Review Finale! ft. Dee Will
Show Details1hr 17min
Mental Health and More with Robbie aka 'Robbie Rants"
Show Details41min 42s
Navigating #BLM While Being Queer ft. Torrian L. Baskerville
Show Details39min 34s
Get To Know: Torrian L. Baskerville (Part 1)
Show Details42min 9s
Drag Race Review: All Stars 5 Episode 4
Show Details47min 26s
Interview with @PhilayeFilms(Being Black and Queer in Entertainment)
Show Details1hr 18min
Drag Race Review: All Stars 5 Episode 3
Show Details1hr 13min
Drag Race Review: All Stars 5 Episode 2
Show Details1hr 9min
Drag Race Review: All Stars Five Episode 1
Show Details1hr 5min
All Black Lives Matter.
Show Details50min 51s
Interview with Sevndeep
Show Details37min 45s
Starting Out In Media ft. Kristen from "Black Talk Radio"
Show Details36min 52s
Sex Positivity with Zoe from "Shad3 With Your Tea" Podcast
Show Details54min 4s
Day 500 Of Quarantine
Show Details27min 7s
Fatphobia in the LGBTQ+ Community (Also "Tiger King", and Tik Tok)
Show Details26min 7s
Bye Ms Rona
Show Details24min 33s
Interview with Tyler Bryant
Show Details1hr 10min
The Black Creative Ft. TonySavv and the Host of "The Black Minds Podcast"
Show Details48min 22s
Black Women Deserve Better ft. Tasha Elaine
Show Details36min 43s
Hot Mess (Nicki Minaj Vs. Meek Mill, Kobe Bryant And Gayle King)
Show Details47min 10s
To The Grammys And Tyler Perry, Do Better
Show Details59min
Drag Queen Extravaganza Ft. Stella Luna, Kia Karr, and Slaylani
Show Details1hr 47min
Visibility Is Important! ft Ashley from PRISM
Show Details1hr 25min
Show Details1hr 27min
Bye Gina!
Show Details1hr 23min
Don't Be Offended + Interview with My Residents
Show Details1hr 31min
You Can't Sit With Us! + Interview with @TheGhostJay
Show Details1hr 54min
Cancel Culture + Interview with Tynnelle @tynnelle_
Show Details2hr 24min
The Modern Day Pop Star
Show Details1hr 28min
Body Image & Interracial Dating
Show Details1hr 11min
Lil Nas X, I Love You
Show Details1hr 16min
Black Community vs. LGBTQ
Show Details1hr 9min
The Pressure of Being of Successful and Queer
Show Details1hr 17min
How to Deal With Heartbreak.
Show Details1hr 38min
The Best Friend Tag ft. Nyah
Show Details56min 45s
Speak Up!
Show Details58min 4s
Show Details52min 20s
What The Hell Is Going On? (Coachella, 3LW,Wendy Williams, etc..)
Show Details47min 37s
Cancel Kodak + Interview with @Justhuas (Nipsey Hussle, Lauren London, Beyonce, etc)
Show Details57min 5s
I Like Trade and What About it? (ft. Julian Kennebrew)
Show Details1hr
State of Delusion (Iggy Azalea, JessHilarious, Raz B etc...)
Show Details52min 1s
Gay 101 ft. Dervens
Show Details35min 1s
LGBTQ Visibility(Billy Porter, Ariana Grande, Terry Crews)ft Patirck and Tasha
Show Details54min 21s
Jussie Smollet
Show Details45min 52s
Is Ariana Grande A Culture Appropriator? (Ariana Grande, Super Bowl, Jussie Smollet etc...)
Show Details49min 6s
Season Finale (Pete Davidson. Kanye West, Onika Maraj, etc)
Show Details1hr 11min
Y'all Won (Michelle Williams, Grammys, Cardi B, Kevin Hart, etc)
Show Details57min 29s
Cowboys and Indians (Rick Ross, Homophobia, Kevin Hart, 6ix9ine, Travis Scott)
Show Details48min 40s
Tiffany Haddish and Lawry's Seasoning(Cardi B, "Heterophobia",City Girls, Gender Roles)
Show Details52min 2s
Interracial Love (Michelle Williams, Stan Lee, Would Your Rather? etc...)
Show Details49min 21s
Entitlement (Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Omari Hardwick)
Show Details54min 36s
Show Details52min 9s
Questions and Answers
Show Details54min 56s
Taylor Swift Woke Up...... barely
Show Details1hr 3min
Back Again! (Kanye, Cardi B, Trump, J Cole. etc...).
Show Details1hr 4min