The Destiny Show Podcast

The Destiny Show Podcast, a weekly podcast about all things Destiny the game by Bungie. Join veteran Guardians and special guests each week discussing latest news, rumors, lore, crucible, raids, and all things Destiny. New episodes Fridays. Available on all podcast platforms.


085: Paul Tassi and Trials of Osiris Changes
Show Details2hr 4min
084: Happy 7 Years of Destiny with Mercules904, Protheon and D1 Alpha Vet
Show Details2hr 38min
083: Gammatrap and Season of the Lost
Show Details2hr 12min
082: The Witch Queen Panel with Jarv, Benjjjyy, King Allan, Rowan Rowden, and Alpha
Show Details2hr 27min
081: Emily Megan Art - Season of the Redacted and Reveals
Show Details2hr 28min
080: GrayLIVE and Doctor Zol - The Destiny Community
Show Details1hr 56min
079: Amber Alexander - Women at Bungie Inclusion Club
Show Details2hr 18min
078 - Sean Bartley - Old Chicago and Halo Infinite
Show Details2hr 25min
077: Bcube and seasons in Destiny 2
Show Details1hr 53min
076: The Home of The Vibes with Uhmaayyze
Show Details2hr 23min
075: Happy Bungie Day with Mark Turcotte from Guardian Radio
Show Details3hr 22min
074: Silverspeare - Solstice of Heroes Return
Show Details2hr 18min
073: Cruz - Guardians Make Their Own Fate
Show Details2hr 5min
072: Crucible and BBQ with Hathematics
Show Details2hr 42min
071: Iron Banner and VOG Challenges with Skarrow9
Show Details3hr
070: Season of the Splicer Impressions and Stasis Nerfs with D Flawless
Show Details2hr 5min
069: Vault of Glass with Mod Sherpa
Show Details1hr 53min
068: The State of Destiny with Remy from Guardian One
Show Details3hr 12min
067: Season of the Splicer with Wilhe1m_Scream
Show Details2hr 56min
066: The Future of Destiny 2 with KobOneArt
Show Details2hr 31min
065 Destiny 2021 predictions with WykidJestr
Show Details2hr 24min
064 The Cyberpunk episode with Robots Tom
Show Details1hr 39min
#63 – DSP 063 The Developer Update with Shlumped
Show Details1hr 42min
#62 – 062 DSP Deep Stone Crypt with Zoe
Show Details2hr 21min
#61 – DSP 061: Season of the Hunt with Victoria Rosenthal
Show Details2hr 16min
#60 – DSP 060: Destiny 2 Beyond Light with Cozmo
Show Details1hr 57min
#59 – DSP 059: Destiny 2 Beyond Light Predictions with Pause Reset Play
Show Details3hr 4min
#58 – DSP 058: Beyond Light ViDoc Reveals with Travis Northup
Show Details3hr 9min
DSP 057: Destiny 2 Beyond Light Lore with Guardians of Lore
Show Details3hr 4min
DSP 056: The Farewell DeeJ Episode with An00bis
Show Details1hr 53min
#55 – DSP 055: Destiny 2 Beyond Light Reveals with Lord Cognito
Show Details2hr 31min
#54 – DSP 054: Festival of the Lost with nathINSANE
Show Details2hr 2min
#53 – DSP 053: Europa and Technical Changes with Yung Khan
Show Details2hr 42min
#52 – DSP 052: PlayStation 5 Pre-Orders and Ghost Shell Mods with Danfinity
Show Details2hr 52min
#51 – DSP 051: Destiny Turns 6 with Mr BoopCannon
Show Details3hr 9min
#50 – DSP 050: Best in the world with Gladd
Show Details2hr 39min
#49 – DSP 049: Stasis Reveals and the future of comp with Enigma and Anthrax455
Show Details3hr 3min
#48 – DSP 048: Destiny Content Vault and Solstice Review with Sin and ILuvUrMovies
Show Details3hr 29min
#47 – DSP 047: International Solstice of Destiny with King Allan, Jarv and Bushman Bob
Show Details3hr 24min
#46 – DSP 046: PlayStation State of Play and Solstice Previews with Princess Goose
Show Details2hr 22min
#45 – DSP 045: Destiny Podcasting and Prophecy Dungeon with ManAtArms
Show Details2hr 4min
#44 – DSP 044: Bungie Partners with Xbox with IRL Guardian
Show Details2hr 31min
#43 – DSP 043: Destiny 2 Beyond Light Delays and Destiny Art with Brian Moncus
Show Details2hr 38min
#42 – DSP 042: Triumphs and Bungie Day with Critbuff
Show Details2hr 24min
#41 – DSP 041: Iron Banner and Streamer Life with Robotic Adi
Show Details3hr 25min
#40 – DSP 040: The Destiny Content Vault of Glass with Grace and Lady Lucida
Show Details2hr 53min
#39 – DSP 039: The Reveals with Battle Jitney
Show Details2hr 48min
#38 – DSP 038: The next generation of gaming with Dave Hunt
Show Details2hr 34min
#37 – DSP 037: Festival of the lost with Danfinity
Show Details2hr 51min
#36 – DSP 036: Shadowkeep raid prep with Carolina Gamer
Show Details3hr 31min
#35 – DSP 035: Shadowkeep Preview and Vidoc with GSXRClyde
Show Details3hr 42min
#34 – DSP 034: The State of Crucible in Shadowkeep with One Actual
Show Details3hr 49min
#33 – DSP 033: Seasonal changes in Destiny 2 Year 3 with Sentinel Gray
Show Details3hr 29min
#32 – DSP 032: Directors Cut Part 3 and Cross Save with Nico and Arkane Ulfr
Show Details3hr 6min
#31 – DSP 031: Directors Cut Part 1 and Armor 2.0 with Welfare
Show Details2hr 11min
#30 – DSP 030: The Future of Destiny 2 with Ebontis
Show Details2hr 22min
#29 – DSP 029: Solstice of Heroes and Shadowkeep delay talks with RedQueen
Show Details2hr 8min
#28 – DSP 028: Solstice of Heroes and Bungie updates with Moonvald
Show Details2hr 16min
#27 – DSP 027: Destiny News in 2019, Big Bungie Changes and This Week at Bungie with Jamie from Destiny News Hub
Show Details2hr 13min
#26 – DSP 026: Eris Morn Lore with Blue from Focused Fire Chat
Show Details2hr 21min
#25 – DSP 025: Communities in Destiny and GuardianCon with Destiny Reddit Discord Team
Show Details3hr 3min
#24 – DSP 024: The Destiny Community discussion, Destiny 3 and This Week At Bungie with Fuzzle
Show Details2hr 34min
#23 – DSP 023: Season of Opulence, Shadow Keep and E3 Discussion with CJ Gibson
Show Details3hr 23min
#22 – DSP 022: The Houndish Interview, Future Of Destiny 2 revisited And Season Of Opulence discussion
Show Details2hr 20min
#21 – DSP 021: The Future of Destiny Episode with JamesWerk, Crown of Sorrows Chat and TWAB
Show Details3hr 18min
#20 – DSP 020: The E3 Predictions Episode with SuperMetalDave64, Season of Opulence Trailer and TWAB
Show Details3hr 5min
#19 – DSP 019: The Annual Pass discussion with JoPaWrites, Nerfs and new Raid Contest Changes
Show Details2hr 32min
#18 – DSP 018: Destiny app development, Crown of Sorrows prep guide, and major sandbox changes with Josh Hunt from Destiny Sets
Show Details2hr 16min
#17 – DSP 017: NemPlays Interview, an Outbreak Perfected suprise and new Crown of Sorrows raid
Show Details3hr 4min
#16 – DSP 016: The Bushman Bob Interview and The State of Destiny 2
Show Details2hr 38min
#15 – DSP 015: The Revelry, Crucible struggles and the YouTuber life with Jarv
Show Details2hr 54min
#14 – DSP 014: Thank a game dev Episode with Rami Ismail, New Playstation, TWAB and more.
Show Details3hr 18min
#13 – DSP 013: The Music Episode with Ro Panuganti, TWAB, The Revelry, and Exclusivity.
Show Details2hr 41min
#12 – DSP 012: Destiny 3 Rumors, Annual Pass and Arc Week discussion, Borderlands 3 news with Protheon
Show Details2hr 4min
#11 – DSP 011: The Drifter Lore with Green from Focused Fire Chat
Show Details3hr 1min
#10 – DSP 010: The Reckoning Tier 3, Enhancement Cores, RNG and Google Stadia discussion with Siva Tech
Show Details2hr 32min
#9 – DSP 009: The fan episode: Thorn impressions and our top 10 favorite moments in Destiny with MrHeadshot811
Show Details2hr 18min
#8 – DSP 008: Season of the Drifter Impressions episode with TheDestinyDave from PSNation podcast.
Show Details3hr
#7 – DSP 007: Season of the Drifter reveal episode with creator of Octodad PTibz
Show Details3hr 4min
#6 – DSP 006: The Dreaming City Lore episode with special guest TheDarkAngel98
Show Details3hr 35min
#5 – DSP 005: The Crucible episode: Luna's Howl review, trials news and the state of Crucible with Rebuken
Show Details3hr 16min
#4 – DSP 004: The clan episode: The Last Word review, book of unmaking lore and more with ILuvUrMovies
Show Details2hr 18min
#3 – DSP 003: Major Sandbox Changes, The Last Word Quest with special guest, Ralks (raid sherpa).
Show Details2hr 28min
#2 – DSP 002: Luke Smith speaks out on the future of Destiny, sandbox weapon changes and Jotun review.
Show Details1hr 29min
#1 – DSP 001: Iron Lords, Bungie goes indie, and Gambit feedback with Anthrax455_m
Show Details2hr 41min
DSP 000: The Pilot episode: Bungie and Activision break up
Show Details50min 15s