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The Delly Podcast

Aussie Matthew "Delly" Dellavedova is a 7 year NBA veteran, 2016 NBA champion with the Cavs, and a 2x Olympian with the Australian Boomers. Outside of basketball he's a family man, an investor, and an avid reader who loves playing other sports like beach volleyball, tennis, and little bit of golf. Extremely curious by nature, Delly loves to learn from others at the top of their games, which is why he wanted to start his own podcast. Weekly episodes will feature interesting people across sports & entertainment, health & fitness, start-up and venture capital industries talking about everything from personal journeys, self-improvement & drive, pivotal career moments and much more!  Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss an episode. Thanks for listening!



#16 - Perth Heat
Show Details33min 8s
#15 - Jason Calacanis
Show Details57min 39s
#14 - Scott Greenberg
Show Details31min 36s
#13 - Jim McKelvey
Show Details46min 13s
#12 - David Locke
Show Details54min 5s
#11 - Spencer Dinwiddie
Show Details27min 27s
#10 - Ezi Magbegor
Show Details38min
#9 - Matteo Franceschetti
Show Details38min 49s
#8 - Anthony Pompliano
Show Details1hr 19min
#7 - Josh Clemente
Show Details55min 36s
#6 - Coach Rick Croy
Show Details1hr 23min
#5 - Nick Crocker
Show Details41min 25s
#4 - Coach Randy Bennett
Show Details59min 46s
#3 - Earl Pike
Show Details26min 52s
#2 - Judy Payne
Show Details15min 31s
#1 - Mitchell Young
Show Details1hr 26min
#0 - Welcome to The Delly Podcast
Show Details1min 22s