The Deep End – 93.7 The Ticket KNTK | RedCircle

The Deep End – 93.7 The Ticket KNTK

Reagan Hinze and Audrey Coffey talk all things swim and dive.


Audrey's Last Show... - May 12th, 9:45pm
Show Details6min 16s
Best and Worst Moments - May 12th, 9:25pm
Show Details16min 48s
Recap of the School Year - May 12th, 900pm
Show Details22min 32s
The Hot One's Challenge (Wings 10) - May 9th, 9:45pm
Show Details6min 18s
The Hot One's Challenge (Wings 8-9) - May 9th, 9:25pm
Show Details12min 58s
The Hot One's Challenge (Wings 5-7) - May 9th, 9:00pm
Show Details19min 5s
Getting in Trouble with the Lifeguards - May 2nd, 9:45pm
Show Details7min 35s
A Tough Week at Practice - May 2nd, 9:25pm
Show Details15min
Reagan can Sing! - May 2nd, 9:00pm
Show Details24min 30s
Halloween - April 25th, 9:45pm
Show Details10min 6s
Choir Happenings - April 25th, 9:25pm
Show Details13min 10s
Cooking Mishaps - April 25th, 9:00pm
Show Details21min 15s
Participating in College Athletics...Post-College - April 18th, 9:45pm
Show Details7min 11s
Men's Gymnastics National Finals - April 18th, 9:25pm
Show Details18min 4s
Zach Peters Joins the Show! - April 18th, 9pm
Show Details20min 48s
Toes? - April 11th, 9:45pm
Show Details9min 46s
Answering Questions - April 11th, 9:25pm
Show Details13min 49s
Madesyn Ronquillio Joins the Show! - April 11th, 9pm
Show Details21min 20s
Weird Foods - April 4th, 9:45pm
Show Details10min 20s
A Very Hard Question and More - April 4th, 9:25pm
Show Details14min 15s
Catching Up on Life - April 4th, 9pm
Show Details23min 36s
Get Your Beauty Rest - March 28th, 9:45pm
Show Details9min 25s
Athletes, NARPs, and SARPs - March 28th, 9:25pm
Show Details15min 10s
Relationships and More - March 28th, 9pm
Show Details23min 29s
School, School, and more School - March 21st, 9:45pm
Show Details10min 26s
Addressing Controversy in the NCAA Tournament - March 21st, 9:25pm
Show Details15min 1s
Spring Break/NCAAs - March 31st, 9pm
Show Details19min 38s
Rachel Powers in for Reagan - March 7th, 9:30pm
Show Details27min 26s
Favorite Movies and More - February 28th, 10pm
Show Details9min 22s
Text Line Hall of Fame - February 28th, 9:40pm
Show Details19min
What's Up? - February 28th, 9:20pm
Show Details13min 52s
What's Next? - February 21st, 9:45pm
Show Details9min 40s
Wrapping Up B1Gs - Part 2 - February 21st, 9:25pm
Show Details15min 42s
Wrapping Up B1Gs - Part 1 - February 21st, 9pm
Show Details21min 11s
Biggest Fans - February 14th, 9:50pm
Show Details17min 2s
Event Specifics - February 14th, 9:35pm
Show Details11min 46s
Life of a Student Athlete - February 14th, 9:15pm
Show Details10min 14s
Qualifying for Nationals - February 7th, 9:45pm
Show Details9min 56s
B1G Tourney Preview - Part 2 - February 7th, 9:25pm
Show Details16min 42s
B1G Tourney Preview - Part 1 - February 7th, 9pm
Show Details22min 4s
January 31st, 9:45pm - Reagan and Audrey + Special Guest Zach Peters - Part 3
Show Details12min 24s
January 31st, 9:25pm - Reagan and Audrey + Special Guest Zach Peters - Part 2
Show Details11min 51s
January 31st, 9pm - Reagan and Audrey + Special Guest Zach Peters - Part 1
Show Details18min 59s
January 24th, Full Show - Nebraska vs. the Rest of the Big Ten
Show Details46min 3s
January 17th, Full Show - Diving outside and what to do when you mess up
Show Details45min 32s