When Your Allies Need You Most

Season 1 | Episode 18
14m | May 19, 2022

Since 2015, Canada had deployments of ground troops in Ukraine, working to reform the country's military after the invasion of Crimea. In light of Russia’s most recent invasion of Ukraine, Sarah Lawrynuik wanted to take a look back at what the Canadian Armed Forces did there and how the training it provided has affected the country's ability to hold off Russian advancements. 

It’s the long view on a story that is still developing and a war everyone hoped could be avoided. Lawrynuik is a journalist who has written for Foreign Policy, the Toronto Star, and New Scientist.

In this episode:

Sarah Lawrynuik talks about her family and where her interest in covering Eastern Europe and Ukraine comes from.

She then describes witnessing Russia’s recent invasion from Canada and contacting her sources in Ukraine as the war progressed.

Lawrynuik then talks about her desire to travel back to Ukraine and how hard it is to know that there is little she can do to help (something many of her sources describe feeling as well).

Finally, Lawrynuik describes why she wants to go back to Ukraine as a journalist when she gets the chance.


What Impact Did Canada’s Military Have on Ukrainian Resistance?


This episode of The Deep Dive was produced by Simran Singh and Angela Misri and edited by Angela Misri. Thanks so much to Sarah Lawrynuik for joining us this week.

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